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 The Weight Loss Insider

 Don't miss our last support group meeting of the year: Wednesday, December 16th at 5:30pm with Bianca Milliern, mental health specialist. We're looking forward to seeing everyone there before we come back for the new year.

Just a reminder that Dr. Vaughan will be out of the office starting December 16th until the 1st of the year!

From everyone here at Dr. Vaughan's we
wish you a very Happy Holiday!


While this holiday season is meant to bring feelings of love and cheer, it’s also the pioneer of holiday stress for many. The assortment of dinner planning, family gatherings, and gift shopping tend to provoke a looming sense of dread and psychological stress. For most of us, dealing with this emotional reaction turns into a calorie overload for comfort and stress relief. Unfortunately, emotional eating doesn’t fix emotional problems. It usually makes you feel even worse. Here are some easy ways to dial it back- without the extra calories, during this ultra busy season.
Breathe it out: When we get stressed, we tend to breathe very shallowly or hold our breath. Deep breaths increase your oxygen intake and create a sense of calm.

Step outside: Taking a walk can increase your levels of norepinephrine, a chemical that helps the brain deal with stress. Doing light activity outdoors has been shown to great boost a person's mood and energy.

Do not over do it: Do not over commit, over spend, over eat, over stay, over drink, etc. Paying attention to your body will help you stay true to yourself. Take a walk, do yoga, or go for a run.


Set aside some time for yourself every day: This is a big one, especially if you’re the type who has to do everything. Spend a little time each day relaxing and enjoying yourself, without thinking about your to-do list. You could read a book, take a bath, or even just take a nap. If you haven’t had time to watch TV for a while, allow yourself one program. If a few minutes of quiet time at home doesn't do the trick, buy yourself a holiday gift.

Be smart with holiday eating in general: This year, plan ahead by being aware of your triggers, do what you can to have some healthy food at hand for each meal, be aware of your intake, and practice mindful eating.
The holidays are meant to be a fun, joyful time shared with friends and family. With a little planning and a few minor but significant changes, this holiday season can bring the love and joy it was meant to bring, and leave you feeling fulfilled rather than drained.

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Weight loss surgery is a wonderful tool that helps patients with clinical obesity lose weight and gain their lives back. Exercise is recommended for success in achieving and maintaining weight loss. Developing and maintaining a consistent exercise program can strengthen your heart and bones, burn calories, develop muscles, increase your metabolic rate, improve your mood and relieve stress. Jupiter Medical Center's Rehab and Wellness exercise specialists will work with you to develop an exercise plain to meet your needs.

We are happy to announce the re-opening of the
Jupiter Medical Center's Cary Grossman Health & Wellness Center! Our team is excited to show off this gorgeous facility and It's so much more than your average fitness center. Schedule a tour and learn about their special Bariatric membership services by calling 561-263-2969.

Tell us your success story: Be an encouragement and inspiration to other patients by sharing your weight loss journey. This could be a story that is funny, about people's reaction when they see you now, about how people treat you differently, or your new found sense of self-esteem. If you do not want to mention your name, we can change your name in the story.  We'll feature your story in one of our monthly newsletters. If you have a great story to tell, please e-mail us directly at or expressing your interest in sharing your story




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Dr. Vaughan's Tip of the Month
Following up is extremely important throughout your weight loss journey. Your nutritional surveillance handbook is your go-to guide for your most successful outcome.

Our recommended vitamins are WLS Vitamins. They have been personally formulated by Dr. Vaughan especially for the needs of the bariatric anatomy. Visit our website and make an order today:

Upcoming Events

Wednesday, December 16th 2015
Bariatric Support Group Meeting
Bianca Milliern - Mental Health Expert
Raso Educational Building, 1st floor. North Clarke Room
Just East of the Main Entrance of Jupiter Medical Center

Happy New Year!!
Please call or e-mail us with any tips and/or suggestions on who you'd enjoy hearing from at these meetings! Please don't be shy we would love your feedback, good and bad.

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