15% off ~ benefit sale.
big kitty and little kitty napping in the morning sun

hello, friends

meet big kitty, pictured above, on the left. (his friend and brother, little kitty, is shown on the right). big kitty has many wonderful attributes, including laser and feather toy proficiency. he is also particularly expert at under-the-covers snuggling, receiving belly rubs, and cackling at fake birds in his dreams. unfortunately, big kitty also likes to eat everything he finds. during the night on saturday, he appears to have consumed a large portion of polyester thread that he pulled out of the bobbin casing on my sewing machine.  this has landed him in the kitty hospital, and he faces possible surgery later this morning. 

it has been difficult for me to decide what to do, since surgery comes with a big price tag. i've decided to host a big kitty benefit sale in my etsy shop, in order to be able to pay for his treatment. i am offering a 15% discount on everything in my etsy shop.** i will be offering this sale through 6pm wednesday june 8. i will be listing as many new items as i can for you to choose from during the day today. if you decide to take advantage of this sale, please use the cupon code BIGKITTY when you check out from my etsy shop. your discount will be automatically calcuated before you checkout. 

i will get your order shipped as soon as possible.  thank you, as always, for your support. 

*big kitty and little kitty both do have real names. however, we've reverted to the more affectionate nicknames mentioned here for everyday use.
**this special discount is only available for in stock items. because of my schedule constraints right now, i cannot offer it for custom work.

one more item of business

beginning in the fall, i will begin offering classes locally in bellingham, washington. i know that many of you have asked about this possibility, which until now has not existed.
however, i have discovered a great space that i can use for this purpose, and will begin designing courses and projects for the fall, when i return home from fishing. if you are interested in receiving updates about my classes, please respond to this email and let me know. i will make sure that you get information about these opportunities!! 
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