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ACDEC Newsletter - September 11, 2019 
Cynthia Moore Chestnut, Chair

Democratic Party Center
901 NW 8th Avenue, Suite A-3, Gainesville, FL
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Deadline to register for Chiles Gala is September 15th
Register at the link below


The Alachua County Democratic Executive Committee invites YOU to the 21st Annual Lawton Chiles Gala and Silent Auction slated for October 27th. This event puts the “fun” in fundraising; prepare for an evening of excellent food, auction items- some luxurious, some practical-, and a thrilling line-up of speakers composed of prominent local, state, and national Democrats!

If you are considering joining us, time is of the essence. In order to cement our preparations with the venue, caterer, and our donors, it is important that you purchase your ticket on or before SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 15TH, 2019. Do not wait! You won’t want to miss out on our Gala this year- we are planning an unrivaled evening of regale, revelry, and relaxation for you, our loyal Democrats.

Now that last part, “relaxation,” is an imperative. We need you all well-rested as we head into 2020. I cannot remember an election, besides maybe 2016, where the stakes are as high as they will be next year. And have we got our work cut out for us!

Already, several Democrats have announced their intention to seek local offices. Friends of the party, names you would recognize. Though we are not ready to make any endorsements, especially before the primary, we are committed to these hopefuls. Our 2020 Democratic candidates need your help. They need you to support their campaign coffers by purchasing a ticket to the upcoming Gala. The funds we raise this October are the same funds we will use to compete in the 2020 election, so your attendance is crucial!

Help us start the election season boldly and confidently. We need to keep Democrats in our local offices and send Democrats to represent us in Tallahassee and Washington. We need better and bigger voter outreach efforts. Your attendance at the Gala enables us to translate our vision into reality.

Won't you join us for the Gala October 27th? 

Donate to the Bahamas Relief Project  

Damon Veras is an intern for the Alachua County Democratic Party, as he watched the news coverage of Hurricane Dorian he felt a deep sense of empathy for our southeastern neighbors. While some might ask how the situation in the Bahamas has any impact on us here in Gainesville, he believes that it’s very important to remember that we are all directly or indirectly affected by the natural disasters that form around us regardless of who experiences a direct hit. Damon is leading a campaign here in Gainesville, hoping to gather supplies that can help the residents of the Bahamas. 

The following items are being collected: tarps, toiletries, non-perishable food items, first-aid items, clothes, and water bottles. 

Gainesville Mayor Lauren Poe is teaming up with UF and Tau Kappa Epislon to help the Bahama Relief cause. So much is needed to help those affected by Hurricane Dorian. All donations to the Mayor's office (200 East University Ave Gainesville FL 32601) will be consolidated with the ones at DEC office: 901 NW 8th Ave, Suite A3. 

There will be a donation box for anyone wanting to drop off items there. Please contact the Mayor's office with any questions regarding their collection box. 

Betsy L. Byrne, Executive Assistant to Mayor Poe

(352) 393-8673;

Upcoming Voter Registration Training  

Data Digital & Voter Registration Training

When: September 28th, 10:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. 
Where: Santa Fe College CIEd 
Sign up at the link below

You Spoke, We Listened
By Zach Anthony 

Back in February, Mary White of the Chiles Gala Silent Auction Committee (SAC) polled our attendees on their interest level in participating in a digital silent auction. Specifically, the SAC was exploring a smart-phone “app” that would enable auction-goers AND absentees to explore auction items through pictures and descriptions. Additionally, voting would take place on the app, allowing for remote bidding.
The results of that survey are in; 23 respondents weighed in, with only 6 in favor of implementing a silent auction app. The 2019 21st Annual Lawton Chiles Gala Silent Auction will be following a traditional, written-bid format.
Now, there did seem to be a bit of confusion on the part of a few of our respondents. Some of those who did not like the app idea seemed to believe that the auction items would not be present for review at the Gala. The truth is that the items would be present at the Gala AND viewable on the app. Some respondents made the suggestion that Gala-workers with smart phones could aid our attendants who do not have smart phones or have problems bidding on the app. Others suggested that we incorporate both app-enabled bidding and traditional, written bidding. The SAC has taken your concerns to heart and continues to explore options for future Galas.
Thank you for participating in our survey! The consensus of- and convenience to- our auction-goers is important to the SAC and the DEC. Please continue to share your thoughts with the committee so we can continually improve the silent auction experience.
Points of Contact for the 21st Lawton Chiles Silent Auction Committee:
Sylvia MacIntyre-Crook, phone: (352)-256-3529
Suzanne Kiker, phone: (352)-378-4966
Mary White, phone: (352)-373-1618
Zach Anthony, phone: (850)-348-2315, email:

Join us for these Upcoming Events 

September 15, 2019:
Event: Folk in the Springs 

11 AM - 7 PM
High Springs, FL 

September 20, 2019:
Green Dot "Fading Out Violence Expo"
9 AM - 2 PM 
Bo Diddley Plaza
*Tabling Event* 

September 20, 2019:
Gainesville Youth Climate Strike
5 PM - 6:30 PM
Gainesville City Hall
*Tabling Event* 

September 21, 2019:
Event: Dance of Perú
(Latino Film Festival Gainesville)
10 AM-12 PM
Bo Diddley Plaza
Volunteer Sign up: 


September 21, 2019:
Event: Day of Peace

12 PM - 6 PM
Depot Park
Volunteer Sign Up: 
*Tabling Event* 

September 29, 2019:
Event:  National Voter Registration Day
11 AM - 2 PM
Plaza of the Americas (UF)
*Tabling Event* 

October 2, 2019: Hispanic Heritage Month
Event: Health and Legal Fair

Reitz North Lawn
12:30-3:30 PM
Team Leader: Marcie Stefan / M: 786.271.9503
Volunteer Sign up:
*Tabling Event* 

October 4, 2019:
Event: University of Florida Homecoming After Jam (Gospel Rally)
2 PM (After Parade) 
Citizen Field Park

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