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ACDEC Newsletter - September 25, 2019 
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P.K. Younge Junior is “Making an Impact”

By Will Bullen

P.K. Younge Junior Adelyn Gilmartin couldn’t legally drive a car until recently and yet she has begun a campaign at her school to make an impact and inspire a generation of new voters. Gilmartin is the founder of the P.K. Younge High School Democrats Club. The 16-year-old has already made an impact, working with Gainesville Mayor Lauren Poe to plant trees on her school’s campus and throughout the Gainesville community.

Gilmartin has a passion for the environment. After viewing the destruction of the Amazon rain forest she realized she could no longer remain idle. She is committed to one goal, making an impact.

“If we don’t cut our carbon emissions in half by the year 2030, there is no going back,” Gilmartin said. “Everyone should be doing their part to prevent this.”

The purpose of the club is to provide a safe space for people to discuss political topics and increase young people’s involvement in politics and the community.

“Everyone should try to give back to the community,” Gilmartin said. “it is where we all live, we use its resources and we should to our part to make it great.”

The High School Democrats have held five meetings with an average of 15 members per meeting. The club is led by Gilmartin and a cabinet that includes a member of the LGBTQ community as well as the child of immigrant parents. Gilmartin and her peers have reached out to others to increase membership, but she admits that sometimes it is challenging.

“You cannot find people my age that want to participate in politics,” Gilmartin said. “they don’t want to offend people.”

However, Gilmartin has summoned her peers that wish to make an impact and has begun the work of making her “ambitious” goals a reality. She has been busy contacting local officials and applying for grants. Additionally, she has reached out to the Democratic Party of Alachua County for support. Support both in the form of resources and events/opportunities. She is committed to increasing her generation’s voice in politics.

“I want all the students to be excited about the community and about politics,” Gilmartin said.

A Democratic Blue Wave has ascended upon P.K. Younge

Deadline to register for Chiles Gala is now September 30th

Due to a malfunction on the website that said registration was closed, we will be extending the registration deadline to September 30th. 
Register at the link below

The Alachua County Democratic Executive Committee invites YOU to the 21st Annual Lawton Chiles Gala and Silent Auction slated for October 27th. This event puts the “fun” in fundraising; prepare for an evening of excellent food, auction items- some luxurious, some practical-, and a thrilling line-up of speakers composed of prominent local, state, and national Democrats!

If you are considering joining us, time is of the essence. In order to cement our preparations with the venue, caterer, and our donors, it is important that you purchase your ticket on or before SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 30TH, 2019. Do not wait! You won’t want to miss out on our Gala this year- we are planning an unrivaled evening of regale, revelry, and relaxation for you, our loyal Democrats.

Won't you join us for the Gala October 27th? 

Silent Auction 

The silent auction raised a record-breaking $10,000 last year for the ACDEC, thanks to all of our dear donors’ generosity. The deadline to donate items to the silent auction is October 16th and is quickly approaching. The money raised at this year’s Gala are the very funds that will fuel our local campaigns going into the 2020 Presidential election. This year’s fundraising drive is the most critical one yet. That cannot be overstated. So please, please consider making a donation to be auctioned off in support of your local Democratic Party. Some guidelines for donations and the contact information for the individuals on the Silent Auction Committee follows:

Guidelines for donating:

  • Business owners: gift certificates, products, and services all make popular auction items! As a donor, your business’ name will be printed as an official sponsor in the event program; your business and product will receive exposure to over 500 Gala attendees. 
  • Individuals: past popular items have been unique experiences (one donor who enjoys deep-sea-fishing donated an exclusive fishing getaway on his boat last year), gift certificates, jewelry, art, baskets of theme-based items, and time from your profession- an hour or two of professional consultation or a lesson on something you’re an expert at. Your name, too, will be featured in our souvenir program as an esteemed donor.
  • In keeping with our theme of acting LOCALLY, a unique gift that represents our Alachua County culture or a gift certificate from one of your favorite LOCAL businesses would make a terrific gift.
  • We encourage donations of $50 or more (these items seem to do best at the auction) but can accept items of lesser value.


Points of Contact for the 21st Lawton Chiles Silent Auction Committee:

Sylvia MacIntyre-Crook, phone: (352)-256-3529 email: sycrook1@cox.net
Suzanne Kiker, phone: (352)-378-4966
Mary White, phone: (352)-373-1618
Zach Anthony, phone: (850)-348-2315

Alachua County Democratic Party Merchandise      
Additionally, we will be offering wine glasses. For a donation of $15 you will receive one wine glass and for a donation of $25 you can get two wine glasses. They will be available at the Chiles Gala and you can reserve your wine glasses by emailing acdecchair@gmail.com.

We're now offering shirts for you to show your Democratic pride! We will be accepting donations of $20 for a T-shirt. The donation may be made via debit or check, no cash donations accepted. To reserve one, simply email your size and name to acdecchair@gmail.com.

Get in the holiday spirit with the ACDEC!!

New YouTube Channel

The interns have been hard at work and are ready to unveil their new ACDEC YouTube Channel. The purpose of this channel is to help educate, interact, and inspire new, hesitant voters. They will offer educational videos that help to explain things like Open and Closed primaries, Voting by Mail, and Provisional Ballots. 

You can access the channel at the link below
Please Like and Subscribe.
Please share ideas that you have for future programs. 

Data Digital & Voter Registration Training

When:September 28th, 10:30 a.m. 
Where: Santa Fe College CIED, 406 NW 6th Ave 
Training provided by Brittney Geathers 
To register email acdecchair@gmail.com.

"Don't BOO Vote"

Due to other events on National Voter Registration Day, we've decided to instead hold a "Don't BOO Vote" event on October 31st in Turlington Plaza. If you'd like to table with us, please email acdecchair@gmail.com to volunteer.

Join us for these Upcoming Events 


October 2, 2019: Hispanic Heritage Month
Event: Health and Legal Fair

Reitz North Lawn
12:30-3:30 PM
Team Leader: Marcie Stefan / M: 786.271.9503
Volunteer Sign up: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/4090D4FAFAA28A3FA7-dhcf2
*Tabling Event* 

October 4, 2019:
Event: University of Florida Homecoming After Jam (Gospel Rally)
2 PM (After Parade) 
Citizen Field Park

October 9, 2019:
Event: Alachua County Democratic Party General Body Meeting
6 PM - 8 PM
Alachua County School Board, 620 East University Avenue

October 12, 2019
Event: Downtown Latino Festival
10 AM - 6 PM
Bo Diddley Plaza

October 12, 2019
Event: Butterfly Festival

10 AM - 4 PM
Florida Museum of Natural History 

October 12 - 13th, 2019
Event: Thornebrook Art Festival

10 AM - 5 PM
Thornebrook Village Shopping

Get Involved - Turn Florida Blue 
Help the Democrats in 2020 and Join the "Blue Wave" 

Interested in volunteering with the Alachua County Democratic Party? Want to participate in canvassing, registering voters, text banking or tabling? Fill out the form at the link below! Upon filling out this form, you will be contacted by the Alachua County Democrats for scheduling. Help us engage with voters in your community and help us win in 2020. Join the team. 


Get Involved with our Clubs and Caucuses 

Black Caucus

2nd Tuesday, 6:30 p.m. |  G-TEC 2513 SE Hawthorne Rd  |  Juanita Miles-Hamilton (352)-538-6502

Hispanic Caucus

2nd Tuesday, 6:00 p.m. |  ACDEC Office 901 NW 8th Ave  |  Marcie Stefan(786)-271-9503

Women’s Club

3rd Monday, 11:30 a.m. | Santa Fe CIED Bldg 530 W University Ave  |  Linda Williams (352)-222-9382

Stonewall Democrats

2nd Thursday, 5:30 p.m. |  Pride Community Center 3131 NW 13th St  |  Carol Gordon (352)-682-1883

College Democrats

Every Monday, 7:00 p.m. |  Weil Hall, Room 270 1949 Stadium Rd  |  Matt Barocas president@ufdems.org

Young Democrats

1st Wednesday, 7:00 p.m.  |  ACDEC Office 901 NW 8th Ave  |  Casey Wilits        (722)-985-4540

Democrats Veteran’s Caucus


Democrats with Disabilities


Campaign Committee

4th Thursday, 12:00 noon  |  Santa Fe- Downtown Board Room 401 NW 6th St  |    Cynthia Chestnut (352)-317-8291

Membership and Credentials Committee 

3rd Sunday, 3:00 p.m  |  ACDEC Office 901 NW 8th Ave  |  Doris Harvey (352)-214-0693

History Committee

3rd Wednesday, 4:00 p.m.  |  ACDEC Office 901 NW 8th Ave  |  Jake Gordon     (352)-727-7510

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