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Garrettsville, OH Facility  - Thoroughbred Available for Adoption

Ten Martinis - 7 yr old, 16hh gelding          Adoption Fee: $600

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This competitive racehorse deserved 10 or 20 martinis to let down from his long racing career! Perhaps his sire, Tenpins, a five-time graded stakes winner and a millionaire grandson of Mr. Prospector out of a Deputy Minster mare, had more than a little influence on his exuberant personality.

Ten Martinis, or “Dino as he is affectionately called around the barn, has now enjoyed some well-deserved relaxation and pasture time. Turnout is fine with others, but be sure he’s not following you back to the barn – this horse wants to be around people all the time!
A gamey little sport horse, he’s a forward ride, but easily comes back and has a lead change. We hope to see how he accepts a polo mallet in the coming days. When cantering down to a jump, just let go and say “whee!” The sport of eventing would be perfect for this brave fellow as he doesn’t say no to anything! He’s very smart, quick to learn and inquisitive. For this reason, we suggest an experienced rider and a previous Thoroughbred owner as an adopter. Because of his slight build, a petite rider is also recommended.


Dino can be a prankster and is smarter than the average horse–but don’t be deterred! If you love a free spirit with the heart to take you above and beyond, Dino will take you there without limitations.
Dino has had a devoted woman who comes in weekly to work with him. He’s done carrot stretches, lunging, and been in the bitting rig—all while receiving treats and more treats! Don’t even attempt to open the peppermint jar at the other end of the barn–he’ll be whinnying and pawing while the others haven’t even noticed!

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Marysville, OH Facility - Thoroughbred Available for Adoption

See Me Sometime - 4 yr old, 16hh mare          Adoption Fee: $700
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Another very smart mare.  The video was of her 6th ride overall, but her 1st ride outside and she loved it.  What a good girl as there were neighbors dogs barking, noisy geese flying overhead, horses playing in nearby pastures and a car honking it’s horn out on the road and she saw and heard everything but didn't react to any of it.  She just kept trucking forward with an even rhythm and was very respectful about all of it.  Since she is an extremely curious mare, she loved riding down the driveway and playing in the mud puddles when she went for a short ride outside of the ring.  It was too muddy to go off the stone driveway, but she wanted to!   She has a wonderful work ethic for a young horse and really swings from behind creating a ground covering stride.  Once she has had more time to satisfy her curiosity of what’s around her, she will start to drop her head and work in more of a frame.  See Me is also a very proud horse and she should be.  She is nice to ride and just as nice to be around.  When you walk in her stall she will check you over from head to toe and loves to be groomed which is a nice way to spend time with her.  She has no vices and should be suitable for anything.

On the days she has indoor turn out she goes right over to the barrels at the end of the ring and checks them out, even knocking one down and pushing it around with her nose.  She then moves onto the wooden bridge to see what that is all about.  In the meantime her turn out buddy was all too happy to join in, but is definitely the follower.  The 2 girls get along well and like running and playing any time they get to go out together.

Her sire Stanislavsky was MGSP with 6 starts, a record or 1-2-2 and earned $75,000.  Her dam Miss West had 22 starts with a record of 2-1-2 and earned $71,000.  Western Expression was Graded Stakes Place with 16 starts and earned $140,000.  Gone West was a MGSW placing in 12 of 17 starts and earned $682,000.  Deputy Minister was the 1981 Champion 2 year old Colt and Horse of the Year in Canada.

See Me Sometime came to New Vocations via NYTHA’s TAKE THE LEAD program.  We are very thankful for their continued support!

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Marysville, OH Facility - Thoroughbred Available for Adoption

Sporting Boy - 9 yr old, 16hh gelding          Adoption Fee: $600
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Sport is an old soul.   When you first meet him he seems like an unassuming guy, but Sport is really very smart.  Once  you get to know him you realize he analyzes everything, giving him the ability to sort people out very quickly.  He will carry on a conversation with you if you ask him questions and knows how to communicate well by begging the right person for turn out, the person who feeds him for food and treats from the people who he knows carry them in their pockets!

Everyone here enjoys riding him and you can see his good brain in action again as you watch him jump.  He is rateable approaching the fences and going away and basically makes it all look so easy.  But with all of that said, he is not for beginner through low intermediate riders. He is known to occasionally test his riders because he again, sorts them out quickly, so he is better suited for a confident, knowledgeable, experienced rider that can laugh at that part of his nature and go on.
In turn out he quickly told his pasture mate whose boss and then never had to tell him again.  They both get along well and play together well, but Sport would rather spend his day grazing than playing.  Sport’s calling would be as a pleasure horse or Hunter, but he is suitable for any discipline.  He is a cribber but can be controlled with a strap.

His pedigree is a mix of under performers to superstars and everywhere in between.  His sire, Lasersport, was a GSW with 4 starts, a record of 3-1-0 ad earned $135,000.  His dam, Tactical Charm was unplaced in her 3 starts as was her dam, Unforgetable Charm.  Tactical Cat was a GSW and earner of just under a half million.  Gilded Time was the 1992 Champion 2 year old Colt and earned $975,000.
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Lexington, KY Facility - Thoroughbred Available for Adoption

Well Versed 
- 5 yr old, 16.1hh gelding          Adoption Fee: $700
Well Versed is a lovely gelding whose kindness is evident with one look in his eye. He is an almost lanky, uphill build.  Verse is low on the totem pole in the field and is currently thrilled with his two middle of the pack personality buddies. He is kind to handle but can get a little rattled without his routine. He does best with consistency which gives him security. Verse is happiest when he lives outside coming in to eat twice daily, but has been in a full board situation as well.

His wonderful temperament is really on display under saddle. He is generally not a “looky” horse even though during his video he was mildly surprised by a purple flower that fell off a flower box and was hidden in the grass. He has a bit of a lazy side so he can try evade really having to use himself by raising his- its hard to be a big horse! His canter is so smooth and will be even more fun to ride when he is strong enough to move forward without as much assistance from the rider. He has flying changes which will be automatic in no time. Verse is generally unphased by outside distractions. This guy is sure to be a much loved partner for an intermediate rider with his sincere desire to please. He will be suitable for all disciplines including low to mid level jumping disciplines, probably in the 3′ range.


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Lexington, KY Facility - Thoroughbred Available for Adoption

Dolan's Joy 
- 4 yr old, 16.1hh gelding          Adoption Fee: $700
Dolan’s Joy is a solid 16.1hh son of Kitten’s Joy, who’s offspring are becoming increasingly popular in the sport horse world. Dolan is shy at first but loves treats so once you offer him a few you have a friend for life! He is an even tempered boy which puts him in the middle or towards the bottom of his herd. He is great to handle and work around. Dolan is a bit leery of quick movements and he feels more secure if you are slow and deliberate. He does not have any stable vices.

He may be a bit shy on the ground but he is confident under saddle. He is very honest and willing to attempt the task at hand. Dolan really loos to his rider for guidance and trusts you to try anything you ask. He has started jumping and is quickly getting the hang of it. His nice rhythmic canter would look lovely in the hunter ring (3′-3’3″ hunters, anyone?) and he seems to have some scope. He is suitable for intermediate and advanced riders  Dolan is suitable for hunter/jumper, dressage, and pleasure careers.

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