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41 Ex-Racehorses Adopted in December

At New Vocations we are constantly looking for ways we can help more horses. It’s an ongoing drive that is part of our team’s culture.  In order to take in more horses each year two things have to happen.  We have to raise more funds and we have to find more homes.

Thoroughbred Sky Tiger adopted for pleasure riding in Connecticut

In late November during one of our weekly team meetings the topic of our traditional December adoption fee discount was the main discussion.  For over seven years now we have offered ½ off adoption fees in December on all horses adopted and shipped by January 1st. The promotion has been very successful over the years and has drawn a lot of interest to both our horses and racehorse adoptions in general.  Our screening process for adopters remains the same as our main goal is always to find the most suitable home verses just letting the first person who shows interest take the horse. During the team meeting we reviewed last year’s December adoptions and decided that we would set a program wide goal to do more.  December 2011 we adopted 39 horses so we set out to adopt 40 in December 2012!  I’m happy to report that we were able to exceed that goal and 41 retired racehorses found homes in December.  That’s 41 horses with 41 different stories and backgrounds that went through New Vocations program, many rehabilitated, all received transitional training, and all were rehomed to carefully screened homes.  Some were with us for only a month like Technique and others like Sky Tiger were with us for nearly 6 months. Thanks to a huge team effort there were many happy horses and adopters during the holiday season.

  Thoroughbred Technique adopted for Eventing in South Carolina

At New Vocations we will continue to strive to do more in the new year.  Due to the high volume of retired racehorses needing homes every day we must continue to set our goals high.  Our goals for 2013 will be the same as last year, raise more funds so we can help more horses.  We thank all of our adopters, donors, volunteers, veterinarians, farriers, facility owners, staff, trainers, and interns for their continued hard work, dedication and passion. When we all work together we are able to do so much more!

There are a lot of new opportunities on the horizon for New Vocations in 2013.  Thankfully with the industry’s support we are looking to continue to grow our efforts.  We are anxious to see what the new New Year brings as currently it appears that more horses will be finding homes very soon.

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