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Lexington, KY Facility - Thoroughbred Available for Adoption

TAPAWAY- 7 yr old, 16.1hh gelding          Adoption Fee: $700
Tapaway is by one of the hottest sires in racing currently, the venerable Tapit! Tapit is currently standing for $300k and was undefeated as a 2 year old race horse. Certainly, Tapaway is destined for great things like his sire. Although he did not achieve greatness on the track, he was a solid performer. Perhaps he will find his greatness in his second career?
Tapaway is the crotchety old man of his field(even though technically not the oldest), he doesn't care for the carousing in which the other boys partake. I think he will loosen up as more time passes away from the track. He will probably be happiest in smaller groups of 2-4, though he is currently in a group of 5 and is fine. Tapaway is a bit of a dichotomy. On one hand, he loves face rubs (who doesn't love that face?!) and is perfect gentleman for photo shoots or whatever promo video he has been chosen for as a model…not matter how many times you have to re-shoot the video! On the other, he could really do without grooming and tacking. Some of this may simply result from the sensitivity of having been body clipped, so without hair every touch is magnified. Under the tough shell there is a lovebug and the right person will undoubtedly coax it out of him. Tapaway does not have any stable vices.
His time to shine comes under saddle. Tapaway is a solid citizen who has yet to put even a single foot wrong under saddle. Thus far, he has been unflappable by outside distractions and is so focused on the task at hand. He is working on loosening through his body as he is still pretty tight. Tap is balanced and level, so he would be great for someone who wants a smooth ride. Tapaway is a steady ride for an intermediate rider who is a patient, experienced handler. Tapaway will best be suited for flatwork careers such as dressage, pleasure, and trail riding with a side of low level jumping too.


Lexington, KY Facility - Thoroughbred Available for Adoption

SUDDEN WAR - 10 yr old, 16.1hh gelding          Adoption Fee: $450
This classy guy wants love not war! Sudden War is far friendlier than his name would suggest. A 10 yr old with a racing career which spanned 6 years, was no doubt the tough battle hardened competitor on the track but now he loves people and other horses alike. Stan is endlessly entertaining with his quirky personality. He loves to have attention showered on him. He gets so excited he can hardly stand still and tries to show you where he really wants you to curry. He plays in the field as much as the youngsters! When he is really full of himself you will catch him being the chief perpetrator of pestering, picking at his field mates one by one until someone finally spars with him. Other days, he is content to graze leisurely with his buddies, especially now that the spring grass is coming in. He has been completely let down and does not have any stable vices.
Under saddle he is like a corporate executive. Imposing in his stature and all business. Stan is very uphill and balanced already. He needs to work on impulsion and fluidity, along with becoming supple, in his movement but that’s pretty advanced stuff for the level of training horses are typically at in this stage of transition. Stan is in the early stages of his trail exposure and is fascinated with the wide open world so far. He has led the life of a racehorse for so long that he finds mucky ground almost an insult and I would assume he will probably request an ear bonnet for flies in the summer. He will be limited to flatwork careers such as dressage, trail riding, and all around pleasure. He is best suited for an intermediate rider.
Marysville, OH Facility - Thoroughbred Available for Adoption

TANNER ME BOY - 8 yr old, 16.1 1/2hh gelding         Adoption Fee: $700
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Tanner is such a sweet horse to be around and is very engaging with the person  that  is giving him attention or handling him.  He will talk to you when you call his name and always seems happy to see you.  You can tell that he was a homebred and lived at one farm all of his life because he acts like a pet and farm favorite.  As quiet as he is to handle on the ground, under saddle his demeanor changes to a forward thinking, forward moving horse with a little bit of showman to him.  He is a smooth horse to ride and tries hard to please, but has his moments of showing off and then back to work he goes.  He seems very happy to have a job again.  The video is of his third ride and first canter after having almost a year off and he is pretty well behaved, but with his forward nature he will be suitable for at least an intermediate level rider and up.  Tanner is a very sweet boy and will make a nice partner and friend for someone.


After having 9 months of turn out, he is comfortable fitting into any turn out group and gets along well with his current buddy.  He might make a good babysitter for quieter geldings as well.  Tanner will sway back and forth in his stall occasionally when he is very worried or when excited to go to turn out.

Tanner’s sire Changeintheweather was a GSW placing in 11 of 15 starts.  Gone West, and Furiously were also MGSW horses as was Pleasant Colony who was named 1981 Champion 3 year old after winning the Kentucky Derby and Preakness and placing 3rd in the Belmont.

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Marysville, OH Facility - Thoroughbred Available for Adoption

SPITE THE DEVIL - 15 yr old, 16.1hh gelding          Adoption Fee: $700
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Diego is a Multiple Graded Stakes winner and with that you expect him to have a strong work ethic, but what is surprising is that for all his accomplishments, he is a rather timid horse.  He truly needs his rider to be the leader of the team in order for him to perform at his best.  When you think about it though, the jockey played the same leadership role for him and that is what he is most comfortable with.  Diego  is very smart and learns quickly when the rider is confident, quiet and precise. Diego has a good, solid build and with a soft, rhythmical canter and good collection, he would do nicely in a dressage or hunter ring.  (Rider pictured is 6ft)
Right now Diego is getting back in shape after having a year off of just hanging out and enjoying himself.  He tolerates his pesky pasture mate well and will spend his turn out time between just hanging out and quietly grazing.  For the past several years Diego has been with his adopter mainly as a pleasure horse with occasional work over trot poles and small 2’3" fences with the focus on being a Hunter.  Diego has no known injuries and is a cribber in his stall.
Diego came from a hard working line of horses.  Starting with Diego and going back three generations, 13 horses had a total of 405 starts with a combined record of 109-80-61 and with total earnings of over 10 million.  Devil His Due had 41 starts with a record of 11-12-3 and earned 3.9 million.  Devil’s Bag was named the 1983 Champion 2 year old Colt, winning all but one of his starts.  Cryptoclearance had 44 starts with a record of 12-10-7, earned 3.3 million and placed in both the 1987 Preakness and Belmont.


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Hummelstown, PA Facility  - Thoroughbred Available for Adoption

BOMBAST - 8 yr old, 16.3hh gelding          Adoption Fee: $750

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Bombast, more affectionately called Bomb, came to us in the fall of 2014 from Second Call Thoroughbred Adoption Program where he was rehabbing from a right front fractured pastern bone. He was a perfect patient for his stall rest and has transitioned into our turnout and riding program with ease. He has been turned out with other geldings and LOVES to play. He prefers to have a toy in his stall to occupy his time but when it is time to have his stall cleaned, he is all about trying to help by grabbing the end of the pitch fork or trying to tip the wheel barrow. Bomb also loves a good neck scratch and will stand for hours leaning into the attention while curling up his lip.

He has impeccable manners on the ground, stands well for the farrier, grooming, mane pulling, tacking and mounting. We were pleasantly surprised by his willingness to return back to a riding program after a hiatus. We have been mostly working on walk/trot exercises in the indoor arena and have just started cantering. He has also been ridden in our outdoor arena (as seen in the most recent video) and is not fazed by the change of scenery at all! His floating trot and ease of accepting the bridle will make him a lovely dressage prospect. He will be suitable for an intermediate rider with a trainer. 


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