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Thoroughbred Pleasure Riders Wanted!

Garrettsville, OH Facility  - Thoroughbred Available for Adoption

Lucky River - 5 yr old, 15.3hh gelding          Adoption Fee: $450

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River is more like Old Man River, wise beyond his years. You wouldn’t suspect he’s just a baby turning five years old. He has seen and experienced so much in such a short time. Having been very well bred to run, his sire being graded stakes winner Broken Vow sire of numerous graded stakes winners (Lucky River not one of them) and his grand-sire couldn’t have been better, Kentucky Derby winner, Unbridled. Oh well, stardom isn’t everything.
Standing endlessly in the cross-ties being groomed, vacuumed, clipped, bathed, polished is more his bag. Horse Spa definitely more appealing.  He gets along with all the other horses. No problem turning out with old as well as new pasture mates.


River would be a good trail riding partner or for an intermediate or learned horseman who wishes to remain on the flat ground. Natural Horsemanship would be ideal for River considering he is so people oriented. Knee deep in freezing snow through a long cold winter has refreshed River and he’s more than ready to partner up and get on with his future. Coming out of winter hibernation, spring trail riding has become River’s forte’ . He loves to take the lead over the many plank bridges on our trails. he has become a very steady and reliable trail partner. Now that our Gallop On interns are finishing their college exams they have discovered River has a second hidden talent. he is responding by leaps and bounds in his dressage training. Goes right into a frame and tracks up. His super sweet personality is just begging for his special partner.

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Marysville, OH Facility - Thoroughbred Available for Adoption

Spite The Devil - 15 yr old, 16.1hh gelding          Adoption Fee: $700
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Diego is a Multiple Graded Stakes winner and with that you expect him to have a strong work ethic, but what is surprising is that for all his accomplishments, he is a rather timid horse.  He truly needs his rider to be the leader of the team in order for him to perform at his best.  When you think about it though, the jockey played the same leadership role for him and that is what he is most comfortable with.  Diego learns very quickly when the rider is confident, quiet and precise, because he relies on that and he is very happy not having to make decisions for himself. 

Right now Diego is getting back in shape after having a year off of just hanging out and enjoying himself.  He tolerates his pesky pasture mate well and will spend his turn out time between just hanging out and quietly grazing.  For the past several years Diego has been with his adopter mainly as a pleasure horse with occasional work over trot poles and small 2’ fences with the focus on being a Hunter.  Diego has no known injuries and is suitable for all any flat disciplines and jumping under 2'6". He is a cribber in his stall.

Diego came from a hard working line of horses.  Starting with Diego and going back three generations, 13 horses had a total of 405 starts with a combined record of 109-80-61 and with total earnings of over 10 million.  Devil His Due had 41 starts with a record of 11-12-3 and earned 3.9 million.  Devil’s Bag was named the 1983 Champion 2 year old Colt, winning all but one of his starts.  Cryptoclearance had 44 starts with a record of 12-10-7, earned 3.3 million and placed in both the 1987 Preakness and Belmont.

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Lexington, KY Facility - Thoroughbred Available for Adoption

Desert Doc 
- 6 yr old, 16hh gelding          Adoption Fee: $500
Desert Doc is a 6yr old 16h stocky gelding who has adjusted very well to the slower pace of life after racing. He has a “go-with-the-flow” personality so he is wonderful to have around the barn. Doc will stand patiently while he is groomed, has his mane pulled, brush his tail, whatever you like to do. He just loves the attention!  He is very adaptable in his turnout schedule. Doc is used to day turnout, night turnout and has even lived outside.

Doc is a very special case in that we have found he has special needs. We believe that Doc wants nothing more than a person all to himself. In this, we would like to find a home with flexible turnout situations, possibly even as an only horse. He does well in groups at our facility, however in situations where an adopter has another horse whom they shower love and attention on as well, he becomes unsettled. He is extremely observant and perceptive. He could have the potential to be a lesson or therapy horse in a home with the right turnout situation.

Doc loves to be ridden since that means more attention! If you are tacking up one of his neighbors, expect to see his nose pressed up against the bars and his hopeful eyes watching. He gets jealous and wants to be the one you spend your time with. Once on his back, he prefers to stay in the lower gears. He will mosey along the trails, through water and even bravely crosses our mini wooden bridge! We have trailered Doc with another horse to a nearby park where he was the same trooper he always is. He is also very polite for mounting. He knows he is supposed to stand until his rider is adjusted and patiently waits to be told to move forward, even if he missed a day of turnout the day before. Don’t let his laid-back demeanor fool you, he is a nice smooth mover who can impress in the show ring too. He is the type of horse people refer to as a “husband horse”. He is suitable for low intermediate riders of all flatwork and under 2’6″ jumping disciplines. If you are looking for Mr.Reliable, Doc is your guy!

In his flat video, when trotting to the left I let him do his own preferred slow pace for the first bit then ask him to extend the last lap to show what he can do when asked!

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