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As the nation's largest racehorse adoption program, New Vocations has been standing in the gap for retired racehorses providing a safety-net, through rehabilitation, education, and placement into qualified, caring homes for more than 18 years. We work to provide non-competitive, often injured racehorses with a peaceful environment and skilled hands to assist in their development as pleasure mounts and therefore, a future. Our continued efforts will be made possible with the support of people like you.
Please consider making an end of the year tax-deductible donation today. 
Donate funds toward our monthly board, feed, veterinarian, blacksmith, and shipping needs.
Donate to our endowment fund.
Donate stocks, bonds, real-estate collectibles, vehicles, or other items of value that can be sold or invested.
Donate cold-weather blankets, stable sheets, coolers, fly sheets, halters, or other necessary stable items.
Host a Charity Event
Choose New Vocations Racehorse Adoption Program as the designated charity of a special event.
Companion Homes
Open your heart and home to a companion horse for the holidays! We desperately need homes and sponsors for aged and physically limited horses.
Please contact Dot Morgan at or call 937-947-4020 to give your donation or charitable support today!

Discreetly Mine's Generous Christmas Gift!

Lifetime Breeding Right to Discreetly Mine Donated to New Vocations.
It was announced last week that the fasted 3 yr old of the year Discreetly Mine will stand at Lanes End Farm for $15,000. 

Discreetly Mine bred and raced under E. Paul Robsham Stables. The Robshams were founding supporters of New Vocations and have continued their support over the years.  With the retirement of Discreetly Mine a lifetime breeding right was written into the stallion deal with Lanes End.  “Donating stallion seasons is common but donating a lifetime breeding right is something very new” explains Program Director Anna Ford.  “I hope this will encourage other owners retiring their racehorses to stand at stud to consider earmarking a lifetime breeding right to New Vocations.  This is a great fundraiser for us. Not only does it have the opportunity to grow and is guaranteed to be available each year”. 

To learn more about donating a season or lifetime breeding right contact us at 973-642-3171 or

A Home For The Holidays!

Please help us get our retired racehorses in homes for the holidays!
If you are considering adopting a Thoroughbred or a Standardbred as your next riding companion, now is the perfect time because:
For the month of December all of New Vocations' retired racehorses are Half Off!
Visit our website to view all the horses that are currently available for adoption. If you do not see one that fits your need, then please contact us about horses that might not, yet, be posted.
Both Thoroughbreds and Standardbreds can be successful show and/ or pleasure mounts beyond the track. With proper care and training there are no limits to what these talented horses can do. Many have excelled in: hunter/ jumpers, dressage, eventing, competitive trail riding, foxhunting, 4-H, barrel racing, carriage driving, pleasure/ trail riding, and as broodmares. These highly athletic and intelligent horses have a lot to offer individuals that take the time to teach them. Make your next horse an ex-racehorse!
For further information on how you can adopt a retired racehorse today, please email us at or call 937-642-3171.

Please consider making an end of the year tax-deductible donation. New Vocations appreciates your support and contributions.

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