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How a bit of smooth torque keeps you in control
The HG-TB for edge mounting
HG-TA Torque Hinge

The HG-TA for front mounting

HG-IT Torque Hinge
 can exert up to 70kgf-cm torque

HG-S Torque swivel hinge
HG-S Swivel Hinge, ideal for monitors
HG-T70S30 can swivel and tilt

SFTH Torque hinge
The SFTH has a wide range of torque values

HG-JHM20 Torque hinge
Soft closing with the HG-JHM20

Sugatsune recently developed a torque hinge for a national airline to hold video monitors in the back of passenger seats at the best angle for viewing. These hinges allow the monitor to be tilted with minimum effort whilst also restricting movement, holding the screen in the desired position. Torque hinges also known as Friction and Free Stop hinges are all part of the Motion Control concept, as mentioned in our previous newsletter

The newly developed hinge is based on the existing HG-TB and HG-TA range of hinges. These hinges are suitable for applications where torque in the range of 20kgf-cm to 45kgf-cm is required in both edge and front mounted installations.

Where vibration is an issue, say on machinery or in transport applications, the torque hinge is invaluable. You may choose to use a torque hinge on an inspection hatch for example, where a stay would be in the way. So long as it is correctly toleranced the hatch will stay where it has been left. A hinge such as the HG-IT can exert a torque of up to 70kgf-cm which will keep a fairly hefty hatch safely positioned.

For control panels or visual display units on machinery the correct torque hinge will allow the unit to be adjusted with one hand for optimum visibility. The HG-S is a swivel hinge that fits at the base of the monitor or panel so that it can be rotated freely. The HG-T70S30 allows both swivelling and tilting allowing the user to monitor the machinery from a variety of positions.

Doors and hatches are often fitted with a simple butt hinge and where the free swinging door is a hazard these can be fitted with a hinge like the SFTH with a range of torque form 5kgf-cm to 58kgf-cm per piece. A door or panel fitted with a pair of SFTH-05-58s would require over 100kg force to shift it making it useful for substantial units where safety is important.

Constant torque hinges will all prevent doors and panels from slamming however if this is your chief concern it may be worth considering using a soft-close hinge such as the HG-JHM20.  Constant torque hinges are the safest form of motion control, safely handling the lid in question throughout its orbit without requiring priming as the door is opened. They can however, by their very nature make the door stiff in operation, but it is this stiffness that holds the door securely in place.  This is no disadvantage where safety or stability are the primary objective.

Sugatsune constant torque hinges apply torque from 5kgf-cm up to 90kgf-cm giving a solution for practically any conceivable human operated door or panel. The hinges are made from stainless steel for long and reliable service in industrial environments.

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