Some startling solutions for shopfitters from Sugatsune
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Hardware to be used in retail or hospitality has a tough job to do. It has to be rugged and practical, easy to fit and maintain and of course if you can see it, it has to have style. Sugatsune hardware ticks all of those boxes but it can also be relied upon to go further. A Sugatsune design will always have a unique feature or quality to separate it from the rest making it enduringly popular with shopfitters.
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Concealed Hinge J95
The J95 - like a standard concealed hinge but bigger and stronger and works with glass doors
Take the J95 hinge above. In terms of design it's a concealed hinge, the surprise is that it is much bigger and strong enough to support a door up to 25kgs on just two hinges or up to 40 kgs with three hinges. With the glass face-plate it's a fine solution for hanging glass doors, that's it up in the header picture to this email.
Hinge XL-GC with Lock
The good looks of the XL-GC hinges are reflected in the design of the accompanying locks.
Sugatsune makes other hinges for glass, in particular the XL-GC range is often used for display cases. Unlike many display cabinet fittings the XL-GC is a complete range including the all important locks. It looks fab with a simple rectilinear design and a bevel which catches the light and adds a bit of bling.
XL-GC Intrusive and Classy
The XL-GC is inobtrusive and classy
Another lock which can be used for display cabinets is the 7810W. It's stainless steel and it's unique feature is that it has two deadbolts so that it can be used to lock double doors, a door and a drawer or two drawers all in one. The lock uses high security dimple keys with a master key option.
Lock W
The 7810 has two deadbolts making it handy for double doors or two drawers with one lock
Display cases are great for protecting products but sometimes you want the customer to interact closely and shelves are one of the best ways of placing product at the right height to encourage a pick up. Flexibility is the key and shelf standards fill this slot well. The Sugatsune APDM system is exceptionally low profile, looks smart and is easy to cut to size.The surface mount version is only 3mm deep and has a thought-through design for the holes to stop supports popping out just when you don't want them to. A mortise version is also available and they both come in a range of finishes.
Standard shelf AP-DM
The AP-DM is a shelf standard with a really low profile that looks good and can be easily cut to size
Many retail spaces rely upon a counter as the interface between the staff and customer. Popular these days are island counters where the staff can simply walk around but sometimes a counter flap is required. The problem with counter-flaps is that they are a a hazard, likely to slam down or even trap a finger when operated casually. Sugatsune produces a damper for counter-flaps which fits at the hinge end of the flap and prevents it from slamming shut. It is called the LAD and it also has a lift assist feature to make the flap very user friendly.
Counter flap damper LAD
LAD - counter flap damper, can be retrofitted and comes in varying strengths
Counters and bars can be enhanced by having hooks installed beneath them to hang items on and keep them to hand. It's not unusual to find them beneath the bar at a cocktail bar for people to hang a jacket or handbag from. Under-counter hooks are harder to find but Sugatsune has a good range including the new HK-CH35 series below.
Counter hook HK-CH35
Under counter hooks are so handy - like somewhere to hang a handbag while having a makeover
The PXB hooks below don't want to be hidden away beneath a counter. They are fun and bright and definitely designed to be on show.  They are rubber coated so they are also suitable for use with young children.
PBX Hooks
PXB Hooks are just plain fun - rubber coated for safety they add value wherever you use them
Hanging hooks on a panel or door can impose extra stresses on the materials making it more likely for the substarte to distort. Rather than using heavier materials the smart solution is to use door tensioners like the ones from OMM below. Sugatsune supplies these because in their view they are the best you can get. They can be installed within the door to increase performance and keep weight down.
Hidden wardrobe adjusters TN401
Door straighteners like the let you use lighter materials yet maintain stability
As you probably know, Sugatsune has a huge catalogue many of which are used in shopfitting and many which could be with a little creative thought. Why not ring up our customer services team to discuss your projects and see how Sugatsune innovation could enhance your profile.
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