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Only Sugatsune concealed hinges give you this

Shoji screens gave Japanese interiors flexibility, essentially they were sliding doors

Modern sliding doors are technically more sophisticated, no longer requiring tracks on the floor

The FD-50 in a three door telescopic configuration can close a gap of 3.36m and all with soft closing

A more traditional feel is evoked here using the heavy duty FD-80 but still the floor is clear.

Hawa's Concepta

The ALT-F a folding pocket door system, still no floor track.

Who would you trust to design a sliding door?

Traditional Japanese homes would be divided by translucent paper Shoji screens and Fusuma, opaque room dividers. They provided a flexible living space that could be adapted quickly to different contingencies working pretty much like removable sliding doors.

So it should come as no surprise that Sugatsune not only has a heritage in sliding door design but is one of the leading innovators in the field. Indeed complex sliding door mechanisms have always been a mainstay of the Japanese domestic market for them.

In the modern western home and commercial space sliding doors are becoming more attractive too. They are intrinsically space saving and can also be used as room dividers and they have a clean uncluttered style to them which suits the spirit of the times.

A door that slides to one side or the other is the basic concept but with time it has become elaborated. Soft-closing has become a standard and multiple doors can be synchronised so that wide gaps can be closed. Whilst early designs would have a track at top and bottom the lower track is now dispensed with.

The FD-50H, a classic sliding door system can be surface or recess mounted with or without soft closing. It has a thin profile and no requirement for a lower track, just a small guide situated at the leading edge of the door in it's open position where it will never be in the way.

It can also be configured as the FD50-HRP which has two or three telescopic synchronised doors. As a room divider the three door installation can span 3.36 meters and each door can weigh up to 50kgs

For larger doors the FD80 has similar functionality but supports doors of up to 80kgs  and can be ordered as the FD80-AF which is a complete aluminium frame door system supplied without the glazing.

Further refinements to the idea include the Hawa Concepta, distributed by Sugatsune, which combines conventional and pocket door into a slick package ideal for tight spaces. The door opens then slides around and into a space beside the cabinet. It can be room height if desired.

For further coverage the Alt-F is a folding pocket door where the cabinet door first concertinas and then slides into a pocket beside the cabinet. Great for giving unfettered access to a wardrobe or task area which can then be discreetly hidden behind multiple doors.

All of these sliding doors are mature products that have been in use for decades in Japan, they just work and work well. No rattling, banging or flexing, just quiet sophistication.

So who would you trust to design your sliding door system?

Japanese Saying

Jigou Jitoku
Literally: One's Act, One's profit/Advantage. 
Meaning: You reap what you sow.


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