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Back in the eighties the first neodymium magnets were devised by companies in both Japan and America. They are enormously strong compared to ferrite magnets and have found themselves at the heart of many aspects of modern technology, from hard drives to hybrid and electric cars. Sugatsune likes them because the density and strength of magnetism allows incredibly thin magnetic catches to be produced like the MC159.
This is the stainless steel version of the MC-159 Catch - corrosion resistant and strong
As it's less than 3mm thick it is an easy to fit closure device which does not disrupt the integrity of a design. Perfect for sheet metal applications it can also be used in furniture production where the ample 4kg force will keep large doors closed. A lower strength version, the MC-158 looks the same but has a weaker 1.5kg magnet where required and an 8kg force version has also been recently introduced.

Incidentally, neodymium magnets can be so strong that executive toys using them have been banned in Canada for safety reasons!
Whilst Neodymium magnets have their strengths they are susceptible to corrosion so Sugatsune nickel plates them for general use and for corrosion resistant catches like the MC-159SUS, coats the magnet with an acrylic resin.
Even thinner is the MC-YN0015
At 2.2mm thick the MC-YN001 catch family is even thinner and smaller and comes in nickel plated or corrrosion resistant stainless steel versions. Neodymium will retain its specified magnetic force indefinitely but as temperature rises the force is diminished so for temperatures above 80°C and up to 250°C the MC-YN001HP is recommended with samarium cobalt magnets.
Sealed magnetic catches like the MC-MSH above are used in the food industry.
Whilst the satisfying click of a magnetic catch closing might reassure in some applications a quiet close is also desirable and sealed catches offer this feature. The MC-MS45 is covered in silcone rubber to deaden sound but catches like the MC-JM45 are completely sealed in polypropylene making them NSF approved for clean room use.
Completely sealed, the MC-JM45 is a strong magnetic catch suitable for clean room use.
Neodymium has many advantages but the Sugatsune catalogue also has pages of magnetic catches using ferrite and alnico magnets all of which are ideal for their particular purpose. If you don't have a catalogue to browse through ring up the customer services team at Sugatsune and they will get one off to you and answer any questions you have about Sugatsune's products.
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Translation: A man who chases two rabbits, doesn’t deserve one

Meaning: Focus on one thing at a time or you'll achieve nothing
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