Veselka Restaurant

You're Invited!

John Glenn once said that "There is still no cure for the common birthday."

So we say, "Celebrate it!"
On Monday, November 3rd Veselka turns 60 years old and you're invited to our 60th Birthday Bash!


Free Food!

No Tables!

Mirth and Mingling Strongly Encouraged!


A house cost $10,000, rent was $85 and a movie ticket was 70 cents. Father Knows Best was the top-rated show and everybody was ready to Rock Around the Clock.
And one of those fathers rocking around the clock was Wolodymyr Darmochawal, who, with his wife Olha, opened a small newsstand, candy shop and lunchonette that they named after the Ukrainian word for "rainbow."

Over the next 60 years, the great people of the East Village have made Veselka their home, their artist colony, their movie set, their hangover treatment and -- we suspect -- their only source of solid food. And we've enjoyed every minute of it. (Well, almost every minute.)

We want to recognize this milestone birthday by saying thanks - and there's no better way than a party! So come by for some food, some drinks and some smiles. And don't leave your colorful personalities or party hats at home!


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