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We won't say Happy New Year as the general consensus is  - that phrase is done and dusted for 2014! We will however say that we're at the beginning of a new year and therefore we all have the perfect excuse to start a fresh! This doesn't have to just apply to our personal lives, give your business a 2014 kick start with our help. Make social media marketing the thing that you take up this year. Get started with some of our tips and advice for February.  

With Valentine's Day Around The Corner - Share The Love

There are 5 copies of the Business Of Being Social on offer to the first 5 people who can tell us 5 things they love about social media.

Come and share the social media love - all you have to do is email with your reasons.


New Social Media Coaching Programme 

Are you an exec looking for coaching in social media? Do you want to get to grips with social media yourself?

If so, please give us a call on 01628 634066 - to discuss a programme that is tailored specifically for your needs

For more information about the rest of our services please click here.

Are The Social Media Icons On Your Website Sharing Rather Than Connecting

Whilst social sharing buttons on blogs and on certain website content make total sense, having those icons on your homepage is usually an indication that you have social networks - and that's how people connect with you.

This week our blog shows you what you need and and where you need to showcase your social media presence - for more info click here 

Where Are You Heading in 2014, What's Your Vision?

The Visioning Process is really the critical starting point for any business

Visioning is an important strategic process – which whilst may take a bit of time to implement, it is certainly worth doing –  ensuring that you are 100% clear on where you are heading.

There’s a great saying; “People who set out without a target hit it with remarkable accuracy!” – this blog takes a look at a step by step framework for the Visioning Process - click here 
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