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Tennessee Tea Party


As many of you likely know, Tennessee Tea Party has been a stalwart defender and leader for the cause of liberty since May 2009, when she received her charter. One of the first acts of this state tea party was to throw one of the largest tax revolts since the tea party began in Tennessee at Tennessee State Legislative Plaza….10,000+ citizens joined in unity on that April 15, 2009. This was a sight and sound heard around the state and the country. 

After nearly three years, we have arrived at an important crossroads that requires a final and difficult decision.  As some of you likely know, my husband Robert and I, have attempted to steward this machine for the past two years. It has been a grand and, at times, agonizing experience….for us and you. You may also know that we began another organization, Black Robe Regiment, in April 2010. This website was created out of a desire to meet with and discuss in a safe zone, concerns that confront the church, its leaders, and congregations, and the church’s relation to issues of politics, society and culture at large. Out of our initial concerns (when first joining the tea party movement) for the obvious declines we observed in our country and world, the level of depravity we were witnessing in all aspects of our culture, the tea party did not seem to be, in its initial phases, the vehicle that would move our country where it needed to be moved…..back into a healthy relationship with God the Father, the Lord God who led this country in the beginning and who remains to lead her now.  As witnesses to all that has transpired over the past three years, we feel certain that the tea party is not the vehicle to take us where God intends to take us, not for Robert and I, and not for many, as will become evident below. Further, some of you may feel that the tea party movement has no place to include God and religion in it…that is perfectly acceptable, but not for many of us. The issues confronting our country are only symptoms of our rebellion against God and His will for us. Those symptoms will remain while we remain in rebellion and while the guardians of our culture (Christians) do not guard the wall and refuse to take a stand.

For some time now, Robert and I have been in prayer and struggling with the Lord privately (and with close friends and associates) as to what to do with this massive enterprise that is Tennessee Tea Party. We have all worked hard in all we have endeavored, to bring to you the best information, research, practices, and labor, (and many other things too numerous to count here). It has been our pleasure and blessing to serve you to the best of our abilities. The sheer number of people who have worked behind the scenes to make this one of the most influential political entities in the state of Tennessee, is beyond my capabilities to enumerate here.  For any of you who have given all you are to make Tennessee Tea Party a reality over the past three years, God bless you all. You have been patriots and defenders on the wall protecting us and guiding us through these horrible and odious straits we presently find ourselves in.

I had notified many of our closest friends four months ago of my desire to step down as President of Tennessee Tea Party; I am now making this publically known to all of you. Further, after much agonizing and prayerful consideration, we are hereby informing our members and followers that we will be closing Tennessee Tea Party down.  Please know this has been a most painful and difficult process. Because of the position this Tea Party has held over the past three years, we had desired to turn her over to someone who would take the helm; God appears to have other plans.

Several months ago, God revealed to us a plan he had for Robert and I. He first had to lead us through all of the past three years to more fully inform us what we are truly up against; the utter depravity that all levels of government and society has truly sunk to. When the door finally closed for us on the tea party movement (four months ago, and really longer), He opened another. The magnitude of all He has revealed to us (in the past three years and especially the past four months), is beyond comprehension.  (Please understand that we have not turned our backs on this massive swelling of grassroots involvement and interface with culture and politics. What we do turn our backs on is the growing sense that government can make the enormous sea-change required now, all the perceived mini-kingdoms popping up, and the buy-in of many tea parties to a Republican Party that has not held to its conservative principles and continues to abuse its privileges and place in our government.  The tea party is the American People…it should not be another pyramidal maze of yet another structure and system that so easily falls prey and victim to all that power can bring.)

Who would know that when starting Black Robe Regiment that folks would come flocking to that website from all quarters of the United States and now from all around the world? The folks who make their way there are those who have experienced depravity at its worst, disgruntled completely with the state of our world and culture, our churches, and yes, our tea party organizations. Many who have made their way to Black Robe Regiment see no other way out of this horrible state we find ourselves in except by the economy of the Lord. We all (at BRR and others who have been on the frontlines) get it that WE cannot fix this problem we have. We are in the spiritual battle of all times….no one more piece of legislation, one more election, will ever fix this.

Who would know that at our last rally a stranger would place a business card in Robert’s hand and encourage him to call a phone number? That this stranger believed completely in what Black Robe Regiment was all about? Who would know that the Lord would shut all doors around Robert and I, and at the same time move us into a new and deeper relationship with Him? Who would know that out of all the suffering our family has encountered, that when all the doors finally closed, one enormous door would fling wide open?

That door is Black Robe Regiment, Salt and Light Institute, and Genesis Events. Through the vehicle that is BRR, we have begun a new enterprise that is Salt and Light Institute, a not-for-profit entity that will provide ongoing weekly, monthly, and annual educational course offerings, seminars, and events operated by the founder, Robert Kilmarx, and governed by our board at BRR. Genesis Events is a for-profit event coordinator and management team, owned and operated by me, Tami Kilmarx. We have been offered the management for all these events through these three entities by a very gracious benefactor who has offered up his/their facility near Nashville. This benefactor has been around for a long time and has managed to acquire properties all over the U.S., Europe, Russia, and Australia. We have been given virtually free rein to provide all manner of education at this facility in Tennessee, and are working to bring these offerings to the other sites in the continental U.S.

Presently we are working on our corporate structures for Salt and Light and Genesis Events. We have already met with our business consultant and should have this all in place within the next few weeks. We have connected with our board members of BRR and will be holding a board meeting to more completely organize these endeavors. We have consulted with some of our members and close associates for plans for course offerings and growth and have been completing our data of our network that will provide the best of all events and offerings we can muster. Through the past several years, we have made strong alliances and friendships all around the state of Tennessee and the U.S. that we will bring to these endeavors. We have begun scheduling educational course offerings through the month of February, and are now working into spring and summer 2012. Our inaugural event will be the “Foundations of Liberty” conference presented by Lt. Col. Courtney Rodgers and friends on February 11th.  You can find the full details and order tickets here.  We will also host an open house on January 26th for anybody interested in seeing the facility and hearing what our future plans are to bring this much needed training to middle Tennessee.  You can find information about the facility and events and objectives here.  We have connected with our friends from other groups who will be assisting and contributing to these endeavors. We hope to have a permanent office established in the facility in the very near future.

Know that we are working hard to pull all of this together. When every jot and tittle has been added we will notify you and post all information on the Black Robe Regiment and Salt and Light Institute websites.  By early next week, we will have our first series of course offerings available for you to peruse and take advantage of.  We are hard at work providing you materials and offerings that have been the most successful that Tennessee Tea Party and other groups and folks have brought to you over the years and bringing in more from around the country that we have participated in.

When we are able, we will relate to you the story of this benefactor, his most gracious gift to us, as the story alone will allow you to see what a revelation and powerful thing this whole venture is. We ask that you hold us all very deeply in prayerful protection, as this most gracious gift and offering must be handled with utmost integrity, honor, and decency.  This benefactor, and the Lord’s blessing, has flung wide the door; this gift will prove to be most precious to us all. Believe me when I tell you, it will encourage and edify us all, it will allow us to do and provide what has been only an ideal, but now can be a reality.

Having said that, if you desire to follow us to Black Robe Regiment social network you will need to go to When you sign in, you will need to fill out a simple questionnaire and await acceptance by our administrators of the site. Within the next couple of weeks, Tennessee Tea Party will be no more; our website and facebook page will be shut down. Our email accounts will be closed. There will be no more notifications from Tennessee Tea Party. Tennessee Tea Party will remain a fine memory and ideal, but she will exist no longer.  It has been a real joy and pleasure to serve you. It is our hope that we served you well. We look forward to seeing you as we go into this great future that awaits us.  We are very excited and hope you will be too. We need all of you now, more than ever!

We shall never stand down! We remain stronger than ever!


Tami Kilmarx

From Robert

I can echo all that Tami said above in that it has been a pleasure and honor to serve you here, and I hope that what we have done has had utility.  In writing this I am reminded of a line from Washington’s Farewell Address that captures this feeling. “If benefits have resulted to our country from these services, let it always be remembered to your praise, and as an instructive example in our annals, that under circumstances in which the passions, agitated in every direction, were liable to mislead, amidst appearances sometimes dubious, vicissitudes of fortune often discouraging, in situations in which not unfrequently want of success has countenanced the spirit of criticism, the constancy of your support was the essential prop of the efforts, and a guarantee of the plans by which they were effected.” 

I hope that you will follow us over to the Black Robe Regiment and will support our efforts there.  Although national in scope, the Black Robe Regiment will have a strong Tennessee presence and vibrant local chapter focused on Christ centered activism.  Initially we will depend on the financial support of patriots such as yourselves to bring this endeavor to fruition.  We are not sustained by any outside entity, special interest, or parent group so your donations will make this dream become a reality, and if successful this entity should become solvent and self sustaining.  If you would like to make a secure donation to this effort you will find our fundraising campaign here.  Please utilize the social networking features of this fundraising to spread the word and advance the cause.

We at the Tennessee Tea Party have always encouraged our members to be active at the local level and to become engaged with your local community tea party/9-12 group.  So now more than ever we encourage you to seek out a local group and get involved.  If there is not a group in your locale start one yourself!  For those of you in the Middle Tennessee area check out the newly formed Nashville Tea Party that is headed up by Ben Cunningham.  Ben has played an integral part in the success of the Tennessee Tea Party over the years and I know this new group will be very active and relevant in state level politics.  This next election cycle will be the most critical of our lifetime.  It will be imperative for us all to come together and support whoever emerges as the candidate to beat Obama and his failed administration.  This could well be an unpleasant choice but one that must be made at this most pivotal juncture in American politics.  With that said I strongly encourage all to vote your heart and not your head in the primary.   There are conservative choices available.  Do not fall for the polls or the media and establishment party proclamations of a presumptive electable candidate.  But when the general election rolls around please get out and fully support the party nominee.  As vile and corrupt as the two party system seems to us core conservatives, it is our only real option at this time to beat the Obama regime.  So may God bless each and every one of you and God Bless the Constitutional Republic of the United States of America.

Blessings to all,
Robert Kilmarx
One Final Request
Our good friends over at the Tennessee Republican Assembly asked us to spread the word that there are still $40 discounted tickets available for their State Convention and fundraiser with keynote speaker Sharron Angle on January 28th.  Please support them and their efforts as they are focused on bringing the GOP back to its core conservative roots.  You can find information and order tickets here.


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