Issue 25, June 2015

WELCOME to SeaChange – highlighting what's new and what's changing at Maritime New Zealand (MNZ) and in the maritime sector.
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01. Day of the Seafarer
  The International Maritime Organisation is encouraging young people to consider a career at sea.

A global shortage of labour is predicted for the maritime industry - which involves around 1.5 million seafarers serving on merchant ships trading around the world.

Last Thursday was the Day of the Seafarer, and a global social media campaign was launched - including a photo wall designed to show young people what a maritime career, or a day in the life of a seafarer, looks like.

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02. Fishing sector survey results
  The results were released on Friday of the 2014 Health and Safety Attitudes and Behaviours in the New Zealand Workforce surveys.

The fishing sector is one of five high-risk sectors surveyed.  The results show employers and workers have differing perspectives of health and safety issues in the maritime industry.

However a high percentage of both groups were satisfied to very satisfied with their interactions with Maritime NZ’s maritime officers.

To read the survey report, and Maritime NZ’s fact sheet and media release:

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03. Statement of Intent on-line
  Maritime NZ’s Statement of Intent 2015-21, and Statement of Performance Expectations, are now available to read.

The documents outline how safe, secure and clean seas and waterways remain vitally important to the economic well-being of New Zealand, and the prosperity and security of all New Zealanders.

The programme of work that Maritime NZ is implementing across its regulatory and compliance and response areas of business is moving the organisation in the right direction, says chairman David Ledson.

“MOSS and SeaCert are already making a contribution to improving safety outcomes for operations in the domestic commercial sector.”

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04. Lift off
  New Zealand is celebrating a significant victory at the International Maritime Organization in London.

Maritime NZ has been instrumental in advocating the need for requirements for lifting equipment on ships. IMO member states have agreed there is a need for an amendment to the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) Convention covering onboard lifting appliances – cranes, loose gear and winches.

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05. Safe Seas Clean Seas | LOOKOUT!
  The June edition of Maritime NZ’s flagship publications Safe Seas and LOOKOUT! are now available.

Safe Seas Clean Seas | LOOKOUT! - issue 48 June 2015

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Run of rescues for RCCNZ
Two New Zealanders and their Mexican skipper were safely returned to Auckland on June 27, after having to leap from their flaming yacht at night, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, south of Nuie.

The successful rescue is one of a dozen or so coordinated by RCCNZ in the last fortnight.

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Take care with boat prep
Antifouling paints are useful in preventing the build-up of unwanted organisms on boats.

However these paints are toxic and can harm the user’s health, as well as the marine environment.  For best practice advice go to:

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Smartphones the device of choice
Research New Zealand has just released the 2015 report on its annual Survey of New Zealanders’ Use of Smartphones and other Mobile Communication Devices.

For any organisation needing to know how their audiences want to receive information, it is important to understand that smartphones are increasingly the device of choice  - and are fast replacing most other devices.

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