Issue 04, June 2013

Commercial vessel.
WELCOME to SeaChange: highlighting what's new and changing at Maritime New Zealand (MNZ) and in the maritime sector.
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01. Fees, charges and levies are changing »
  Maritime fees, charges and levies are changing from 1 July 2013. Fixed fees and hourly rates have been updated, along with the Marine Safety Charge and Oil Pollution Levy rates. Read more
02. MNZ's Compliance Operating Model »
  MNZ's Compliance Operating Model describes how we manage compliance to achieve the best outcomes in our role as guardian of the maritime environment. Read more
03. SeaCert progress update »
  The SeaCert project is continuing on schedule, with regular meetings with the Ministry of Transport. From 2014, old and existing maritime qualifications will start being replaced by new SeaCert qualifications. Read more
04. Warning over forged documents »
  Operators are reminded to be alert to the possibility of receiving forged certificates of competency for seafaring activities. Read the full update
05. Investigation into possible misuse of beacon »
  A tramper investigated for possible misuse of a personal locator beacon has undertaken to plan future expeditions more carefully, to avoid underestimating the difficulty of terrain. Read the media release
06. Three rescued from sinking ship »
  In mid-June, two Americans and a Canadian were rescued from a 31 metre vessel that began taking on water 150 nautical miles from American Samoa. Read the media release
Major New Zealand presence at the IMO
IMO Secretary-General, Koji Sekimizu, and Sir Lockwood, New Zealand High Commissioner to the United Kingdom.
NZ has stepped up its engagement with the International Maritime Organization (IMO), with the appointment of the Rt Hon Sir Lockwood Smith as NZ's first permanent representative.
Read the media release

MIAG update
The MOSS Industry Advisory Group (MIAG) has met for the second time, discussing audit and surveying procedures, and receiving an update on entry control.  Read more
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