Issue 02, April 2013

Waka on display at Maritime New Zealand's reception in Wellington
WELCOME to SeaChange: highlighting what's new and changing in the maritime sector.
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01. Oil pollution levy to increase »
  Maritime New Zealand (MNZ) has been granted approval by the Government to increase the oil pollution levy collected from industry by around $1.5 million dollars per year.
02. Safety clips pass million mark on YouTube  »
  MNZ's YouTube boat safety channel has passed the one million views milestone. It features over 40 clips on recreational safety issues, with navigation lights and charts, launch and retrieval of your boat and boats near big ships getting the most hits.

View our recreational clips

We've also launched a commercial ship operations and safety channel, with clips on container lashing, delashing and noise induced hearing loss.

View our commercial clips
03. Stranded Tongan fishermen rescued »
  In mid-April, seven fishermen were rescued from Kau Island in Tonga by a local vessel, in a mission coordinated by RCCNZ.

Read the media release

04. Stand-up paddleboarders to carry lifejackets »
  Paddleboarders should wear or carry a lifejacket or PFD at all times when operating a paddlecraft. Some regional council navigation safety bylaws go further and require that they be worn at all times when underway.
05. Building culture – One MNZ  »
  This short film shows our joined-up approach and the breadth of experience and personalities working together to achieve our shared vision of safe, secure and clean seas.

MOSS Industry Advisory Group formed
MNZ's newly formed MOSS Industry Advisory Group (MIAG) brings together a cross-section of people to support the introduction of MOSS.

Read more about MIAG and its members

SeaCert consultation has closed
Over 130 submissions were received on SeaCert, a new qualifications and operating limits framework for commercial operators. Analysis of submissions is underway to inform the drafting of the final rules. Details can be found on the SeaCert page.
Beacon worth its weight in scroggin
EPIRB safety beacons
A single personal locator beacon (PLB) triggered the rescue of three members of a hunting party in two separate incidents in Fiordland over Easter. There’s no question it proved its worth.

Read the full media release
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