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   Are You Tuned In To This Psychic Channel?

 April 28th , 2011

Thoughts for your consideration and discernment...  

There is more within our psyche than is available to our conscious awareness.  The conscious and the unconscious are living energies and they can hardly be categorized and labeled.  We can map out the physical body—organs, bones, tissues; but the mind contains a vast field of information which can be likened to channels.  Most people overlook or reject information that comes through these channels, such as dreams, visions (day dreams), etc. 

Projection is another way in which information from the subconscious or deeper levels of mind of which we are unaware makes itself known to us.  Projection is a mechanism that enables us to see into our psyche.  Most people don’t recognize this either or reject such an idea. 

Think of projection as compared to a movie.  We see an image “projected” onto a screen; we look at the image and respond to it.  We don’t normally examine the movie projector itself which is the source of the projections and we don’t look at the light within the projector that enables us to see the image in the first place. 

Can we use this idea in order to be able to become more intuitive and more “psychic”?  Many times we have a life question or concern and we seek insight and answers.  We may request a session with a psychic or enroll in a psychic class; there’s nothing wrong with doing that.  My point is that we have one source of valuable information that is available for us through the channel of projection-- most people overlook it.

We may be asking why we have difficulty in relationships or what our next step or direction in life should be.  Many times the answers are coming up from the deeper levels of mind and we project the information into the outer world, usually upon other humans, so that we can recognize it.  Many times, however, people are unable identify that the world around them is actually the unconscious self--that which is within the soul--being reflected back. 

When we project some unconscious quality (which exists within our self) onto another person we react to the projection as though the quality belonged to the other person.  Most of the time, we don’t “connect the dots” enough to realize that the source of that quality is within our own psyche.  When there is a high emotional charge to our projections and we are triggered, it is our own unconscious self that we are facing.  If we have a highly colored or irrational emotional reaction, positive or negative, we could call that a “psychic message”.  It could very well reveal the answer to a question that we’ve been holding in our mind or simply a message from our very own soul.  These types of “psychic messages” are usually missed, unrecognized or ignored by the conscious mind.

When doing intuitive counseling or psychic readings, any practitioner should be able to easily see this pattern in another and use it to feed back to the client the soul’s own secrets for the purpose of providing awareness that is enlightening and healing. 

The projections of the deeper mind, as mentioned above, can be positive or negative.  We see many times how individuals will recognize the good qualities of another and perhaps even envy those attributes.  If they did not exist within that individual in the first place, they’d never be able to recognize it in another—they project it upon the other so that they can see it but fail to recognize that it  is actually contained within the self.  And they may even verbalize with highly charged emotion how they really wish to ‘be more like’ another person—oh, if only I could do that or be more like that!  They have simply forgotten the source of the projection and that the soul is simply saying, “That’s YOU!”  Can you see how this is one of many channels for psychic messages to travel through?

In takes time to introject our projections, but we have to recognize them first.  We have to recognize and bring back to ourselves these unconscious qualities.

“Psychic projection is one of the commonest facts of psychology.  We merely give it another name, and as a rule deny that we are guilty of it.  Everything that is unconscious in ourselves we discover in our neighbor, and we treat them accordingly.” – Carl Jung, Modern Man in Search of a Soul

Many wish to know about their past lives and fail to realize the information about such lifetimes is before them everywhere  they look in the form of highly charged projections—and again, both positive and negative projections. 

This is why it is, in my humble opinion, so important NOT to ignore the emotional body, emotional reactions to life.  Those are a valuable informational source of psychic message material.  Many folks who entertain the ‘new age’ mentality override the emotional body’s messages in favor of “love and light” and bliss which can be a form of escapism.  Consequently, they block enlightenment and soul growth.  Doing so is just another form of separation of ‘spirit and flesh’ that the old timey bible thumpers preach. 

In conclusion, be aware of projections—your own and observe it in others—and you will be adding a valuable psychic instrument to your divination toolbox.  Keep that psychic channel open, tune into it, and you will find that provides psychic insights and answers to the deepest and most troubling problems and questions! 


I'm no NOSTRADAMUS  but...

I've been writing Daily Divination Message and posting those on my blog. 

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 Thank you again so much.  I just LOVE the class so far…  I have listened to the first two.  –Donna

The audio's really are great. It is so nice to be able to get information like this nowadays. The Internet is such a blessing. I've had such a hard time getting connected to topics like this because of the area where I live. I believe we have over 30 churches in our small community and not one single metaphysical bookstore/ business or place to go to connect with others interested in these topics. Listened to your second audio tonight. It was even more awesome than the first. Love the suggestion for the psychic activity [doing readings].  I tried it out and had a couple failures but also some really, really surprising results that were dead on, so that was cool. Really enjoy that activity. Going to keep it up. Also  loved the tidbit on our spirit guides being part of us, having the same energy as we do.  –Sarah 


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