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 I usually asked clients to refer me if they feel comfortable doing so. This gal put it in writing; I received this from a client last month:

Thank you again for your time yesterday! I was able to download the recording just fine and I look forward to reviewing it. I feel like we covered everything I was wondering about (and much more!); it is all very interesting to me. I feel like you really provided me with useful information specific to me and I also appreciate you referring me to some resources so I can do some more learning and exploration on my own. I also really appreciate the time you spent giving the advice about new tools I can use to help with my xxxxxxxxxxx. : ) (x'd out for privacy purposes)
I would tell anyone interested in getting a reading from Joy Star to please do so! There may be messages for you that you don’t even know to ask about that can really help. Since my session with her, I have felt at peace and optimistic about using the information she gave me. One of the things I like the best about Joy Star as compared to others is the way she is so friendly and kind in her approach; some people giving me readings in the past have intimidated me somewhat and she is not like that at all. She really makes the experience something positive and nothing to be nervous about at all; she explains everything to you and you really can be open to asking any questions you feel called to ask or are interested in, etc. I highly recommend Joy Star to anyone!
Katie, 4-23-12



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Mercury Hermes, The Messenger      


 First Impressions!  Reading and Responding to Psychic Energy Exchanges

August 16th, 2012


Thoughts for your consideration and discernment... 

I’ve been reminded about first impressions through a recent experience from my personal life.  You know how it is when you have an interaction with someone and the energy feels coarse and rough, right?  If you are sensitive to energy you should be able to feel the vibrations coming from not only people but also objects.  And if you are hyper-sensitive you can even feel the energy from the driver behind you or next to you in traffic as well as feeling vibes through email communications or computer chat or messaging service connections. 

It’s true that some people are already born hard-wired to be more sensitive to energy than others; however, the potential to read and feel energy is present for everyone who would desire to develop their awareness to them.     We could use astrology as an example.  Some folks have lots of mutable energy in their charts or many planets in mutable houses and this would be one astrological signature of a sensitive or psychic person.  However, everyone has mutable signs and mutable houses somewhere their chart and so the potential is there to trigger those areas of the psyche through intention and application.

In any event, if you are sensitive (whether it is natural or developed) you will likely easily feel the energy of another person upon initial contact with them.  In the example from my personal life, I felt the energy of a particular individual via my first communication with them as being coarse and gritty and irritating.  You know the feeling of putting your cheek upon a man’s face who has not shaved?—bristly, spikey, wiry and coarse.  It almost feels like you want to back up and keep your distance from that person and in retrospect if you didn’t do that, you’d wish you had later on.

Another example?  My sister has been under a good deal of stress lately haven just moved with her teenage daughter from the northeast.  She had barely enough time to unload the truck after packing, loading and driving it 18 hours, then trying to set up some sort of housekeeping before she had to drag her sore and tired muscles to a new job a day later!  My grandson, like myself, is quite responsive to energy (for astro readers, he was born with a Moon in Cancer with a huge stellium of planets filtering through it).  We were all at Best Buy (an electronic store) yesterday around the time my sister left work. She met up with us there since she needed to purchase a piece of electronic equipment. 

She had been given directions by my grandson and when she entered the store and approached him, she directed all type of frustration energy toward him as she practically scolded him about the driving directions he gave her for getting to the store. 

I happened to look up at that very moment and if you could have seen his face and body language!  He took two steps backward and his face became long and his eyes like saucers!  She nearly knocked him over with her energy. He spontaneously waved his hands in front of his body as he walked backwards.  I knew exactly how he felt—‘been there and felt that’, as they say.

My sister is a kindly person and the release of energy toward him was spontaneous and unintentional I’m sure.  I’m only giving example and trying to make a point about feeling energy from other humans. 

In my own recent example, I was reminded why I need space and why I tend to avoid too many exchanges with too many humans in too brief a period of time.   I feel energy and in the case of one particular human, I was warned by the person’s energy.  I tried to keep the interaction brief as I recall now and as I’m looking back upon our initial communication.  And I now remember that feeling of the coarse and bristly energy emanating from that individual. 

People are people and some will give you the 'heebie-jeebies' and that’s life and simply the way it goes.  Looking back, there’s nothing I could have changed anyway—I still want little to do with that person and their energy still makes me recoil.  It’s just the way it is.  

This would never be a person that I’d go into business with or work with in any way; the incompatibility of energy is quite pronounced.  My point is that we do have first impressions when we meet people even by phone or over the Internet.  In my case, I was too busy on that day or at that time to read the energy but do remember feeling uncomfortable around the pokey-type energy and now remember how I wanted to make the interaction brief for that reason. 

Sometimes we could ask if that person represents something within ourselves that we deny.  This is good to contemplate—sometimes that’s helpful. 

First impressions can be valuable and one of the reasons they should be trusted is because they are first--we have no pre-conceived barrier or judgment or opinion or other type of energy determinate to block, distort or influence that initial imprinting on our energy field.  If the first feeling is to recoil or want to get away from the vibe, one should be aware and no matter what else happens after that, remember that first impression. 

In doing psychic readings, the same thing is true.  When someone is asking a question of the psychic, many times there is already a feeling or energy response within the body/mind of the psychic and that energy response can emanate 'a feel' for the energy dynamic involved with the question. 

This can be ‘read’ as a first impression just like when interacting with another human for the first time. 

The psychic, in order to be successful in their work, should practice being sensitive to energy and then trust the first impression that comes to them. 

How can you practice?  So many ways!  One’s imagination is the only limiting factor.  Here’s one idea.  Meet new friends and acquaintances, tuning into their energy as you do so.  Later on, write down what your first impressions were regarding their energy.  Further contact with them will validate your accuracy.  You could also ask to meet another person’s friends or acquaintances, note your impressions of their energy, and ask the person how they feel your accuracy is—after all, they will have known them longer.  They should be able to verify your accuracy – at least for the most part.

A few  last thought on being sensitive (i.e. psychic)...  I feel that being sensitive is being open and that means being present and like we always hear, 'living in the now.' 

Keep out of opinion or judgment and remain pure at heart—this is, I feel, how it is to be sensitive or how to develop an open and sensitive nature. 

If you are already too sensitive and you end up on the receiving end of energy, like my grandson did through no fault of his own, it helps to shower that off in an actual shower with water and soap and a drain!  Or take a salt water bath; that works too.

See you next week…

 Wishing you a week of contented happiness and true liberation,

In Lovingkindness 

♥ ♥ ♥,



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