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February 28, 2014

Crystals Help!

by Joy Star

Right off, a disclaimer. 

This is re-cycled information from earlier this week and that’s going to be obvious to you if you follow me on Facebook or Twitter. 

But even so, here it is all in one place—the posts I've made the past week.  Well, most of them anyway.  Are you friends with the crystal people yet? 

I should say crystal ‘be-ings’ but for some reason I like the words “crystal people” instead.  Who knows?  But I sort of sense that the Crystal Kingdom has people just like the Human Kingdom does.   Anyway… moving right along here...

The little rundown or synopsis under each photo are my own comments about the crystals that I posted about---in no particular order of preference and sometimes two posts on the same crystal.   Actually, the crystals chose me (like they always have) just like the wand chooses the wizard (famous phrase from Harry Potter that I say too often because I like to say it). 

So without further ado, and with hopes and desires that the information here will be helpful for you and encourage your connection to the crystals, here’s some random Crystal Energy for You!   May each stone warm you with the qualities of its energies as you read about it and connect to the vibe!
SELENITE"The wand chooses the wizard Mister Potter!"

--Garrick Ollivander 

"The crystal chooses the psychic!"
--Joy Star 

Selenite (pronounced SELL-e-nite) chose me one long-ago afternoon in a crystal shop in Asheville, NC and we've been friends ever since! Spiritual connectedness is thought to be its highest vibration.  
 I have this crystal; it is one of my favorites! I feel the energy is very strong in this friend of mine! It vibrates with the energy of one-ness and is believed to be a crown chakra activator--I feel the truth of that belief within me to the core! The name of this crystal comes from the Greek selénités, literally “stone of the moon” (from seléné, or “moon”), referring to the moon-like, pearly luster of its ridges along the surface. Happy Friday!!


AmazoniteCrystal thoughts...I tend to think of CRYSTAL energy like a whole lot of bottled up, condensed and concentrated NATURE and COSMIC SPIRITUAL energy, all in one! Carry it in your pocket, wear it as jewelry on your person, hold it in your hand--crystals unite the spiritual dimensions to the province of chaos (Earth), synthesizing duality.

Crystal featured in image: our friend, AMAZONITE (of the Feldspar family). Several of Amazonite's relatives from the Feldspar family are the well-known SUNSTONE and MOONSTONE.

Also, the energy qualities of these stones help in communication with inter-galactic intelligence. "Earth to Sirius, come in please!"
--Love to U from the Crystal People! ♥ 

PS -- there's lots of feldspar in North Carolina where I live! Especially in the mountains, it's like a broadcasting station into the universe due to all the Feldspar in the area. (Mica!)  Oh, better stop now or I'll be homesick in a moment and have to drive 2 hours back to the mountains!!

GARNETThe Crystal People want to tell about GARNET today! (I'm only the messenger)

It's an awesome stone for COMMITMENT! (getting the job done--especially jobs that help your survival, meeting Earth living needs.)

The RED GARNET is connected with the 1st chakra through the color. So, using Garnet energy when earth-living survival issues (surviving a crisis) are at hand can be helpful as Garnet is known to transform negative energy into positive.
Garnet rocks!

BE TRUE TO YOU  When you are making a commitment to your Self the energy of GARNET will help! When it relates to committing to earth-living issues of maintenance and survival, Garnet's the perfect vibe to carry, wear or meditate with!
This has been a message from the Crystal People!


SODALITESODALITE is a stone that helps with intuition (and focus) and in developing psychic abilities. It is helpful to astrologers too in that it helps you to see PATTERNS and CONNECTIONS (right brain/left brain connectivity).

This was a stone that chose me many years ago in a crystal shop in the mountains---the stone chooses the psychic like the wand chooses the wizard! 

Chevron Amethyst

Chevron AmethystWHITE QUARTZ blended with AMETHYST... awesome, right? It's sometimes called banded amethyst and you can see the shape of a "v" on those stones or stripes.

Officially it is called CHEVRON AMETHYST and like regular amethyst is associated with the 3rd eye and crown chakras.

The word "chevron" refers to a type of pattern in stones and if you think of the military V on uniforms--like how many stripes does the soldier have? How many chevrons?

Another interesting fact I read about this stone is that the Egyptians and Greeks believed this stone prevented drunkenness and so they would make drinking vessels out of this stone.

To this day people say this stone is a good one for recovering alcoholics. 

Ipersonally have not worked with this stone myself but find the crystal kingdom is calling to me to speak about Chevron Amethyst. Or in this case, write! 

PS-- personally I much prefer a crystal in the rough rather than the tumbled, polished effect How about you?

Also, I always hold it and find that special indented place on the rough stone where my finger and thumb fit nicely so it feels natural in my hand when I meditate holding it.
Petrified Wood

Petrified WoodAnother crystal that I wrote about this past week on Facebook is Petrified Wood. 

I visited the Petrified Forest once. 

A completely awesome place!  I wrote a blog post about it this week.

if you would like to read a few lines about this magical place where a whole forest of  wood logs turned to crystal.


I could go on because I wrote about Green Quartz, Amethyst and Black Tourmaline too, but I figure this is probably more than one would want to read about at one sitting.  So I'll bow out gracefully here now. 
I’ll probably keep on posting the Crystal People’s messages every now and again,  hoping that a little following of interested people will enjoy reading a  comment or two about certain crystals occasionally. 

March is only moments away!  We're heading toward Spring in mWith Love, Joyy part of the world.  I, like so many others, am looking forward to the return of the flowers! 

Wishing you a great weekend and an awesome week ahead!   

Thank You
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