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 I usually asked clients to refer me if they feel comfortable doing so. This gal put it in writing; I received this from a client last month:

Thank you again for your time yesterday! I was able to download the recording just fine and I look forward to reviewing it. I feel like we covered everything I was wondering about (and much more!); it is all very interesting to me. I feel like you really provided me with useful information specific to me and I also appreciate you referring me to some resources so I can do some more learning and exploration on my own. I also really appreciate the time you spent giving the advice about new tools I can use to help with my xxxxxxxxxxx. : ) (x'd out for privacy purposes)
I would tell anyone interested in getting a reading from Joy Star to please do so! There may be messages for you that you don’t even know to ask about that can really help. Since my session with her, I have felt at peace and optimistic about using the information she gave me. One of the things I like the best about Joy Star as compared to others is the way she is so friendly and kind in her approach; some people giving me readings in the past have intimidated me somewhat and she is not like that at all. She really makes the experience something positive and nothing to be nervous about at all; she explains everything to you and you really can be open to asking any questions you feel called to ask or are interested in, etc. I highly recommend Joy Star to anyone!
Katie, 4-23-12



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Mercury Hermes, The Messenger      


 Psychic-Intuitive Development in the Psychic's Personal Life

August 9th, 2012


Thoughts for your consideration and discernment... 

In my personal life working with intuition has taught me to be less immediately responsive to life’s situations.  I react a lot more slowly than I did years ago and allow time to enter and bring with it the intuitive insight that I seek before responding to the type of situations where a decision needs to be made. I have an “easy” aspect in my natal chart between the Moon and Mars and in my personal life there’s a tendency to react (Mars) too easily (the aspect) when my emotions (Moon) are triggered.  Before I go into an astrology lesson here, let me get to the point about intuition and psychic development as it applies to what working in these areas can teach us—and that is to wait to let the guidance come and to let time gently bring the insight into our awareness. 

Holding back isn’t easy sometimes especially when you know an action needs to be taken—one feels the pressure to respond.  A psychic may have the client on the other end of the phone or in person and even one nano-second of non-response can seem like long Sunday afternoon when total silence has moved in.   Maybe not every psychic practitioner feels that way—I can only speak for myself which is what the psychic class is through-and-through.  Many years ago my psychic teacher said once that the best way to teach in these areas is from one’s own experience (and when I heard her say that) I could barely resist bolting to my feet and yelling out, YES!  I didn’t, of course, but something in those words excited the truth within me.

Allowing space and holding that for as long as it takes until the knowing comes in – this is the key to intuition in my psychic profession as well as my personal life.  And then when the knowing comes in that way, one can speak out with the confidence of personal authority.  Now.  How the other person receives it and how it is presented to that person is a whole other story; but for now we’re talking about waiting as long as it takes before responding. 

In my own life it seems to take a bit longer than when I have no attachment to the answer or insight.  Yet as the years go on the level of trust that I have in taking the action, once that feeling of certainty about what to do enters, has proven invaluable in my life.  I’ve learned to pause, to wait, to let go, and to allow the “knowing what to do” to present itself and then I sort of watch myself do it, say it, write it or whatever the response requires just as it comes.  This, it seems to me more and more, is simply me getting out of the way of my own life and allowing the energies to work in ways that are much more efficient and effective. 

To a casual outsider looking in at my reaction to  life these days, it may appear as if a sudden response is taking place to situations and events.  It may also seem that the action is one that was given no forethought; however what they would not know is that plenty of space was allowed beforehand so that action in the right timing, in the right amount and with the balanced level of determinate attitude accompanying it could occur.  Therefore, intuitive development, I feel, is a valuable pursuit if you have been someone who becomes easily emotionally triggered or has a tendency to be emotionally reactive. As the Oracle of Delphi is famous for the saying and I will repeat it, “Know Thyself”.  Working in areas of intuitive and psychic development goes hand in hand with knowing one’s self.  Some folks know themselves to be quick to react others know themselves to be slow to react or to not react when it is necessary to do so--each soul has their own make up and we are all wired differently.  I feel that to be a good psychic one must be good at reading their own energy first (and that's why I'm such a fan of astrology but let's not get off topic.)  Obey the intuitive heart is what I'm saying and give enough space to be able to know what the heart is saying,

"Give all to love,
Obey they heart;
Friends, kindred, days,
Estate, good fame,
Plans, credit and the Muse,
Nothing  refuse.”  --Ralph Waldo Emerson

The secret of intuition is to take a breather and to create space in order to receive the guidance, the answer, the perspective.  Taking time out is a vital step in dealing intuitively with a situation around which there is intense or volatile  energy.  When it is time to take action, you will know and it will be smooth, controlled and full of a type of certainty that you may have never felt before. 

 The overall goal (as I speak for myself here) is to be living in a state of spontaneity that comes from having overall trust in one’s self and in one’s ability to work in harmony with the universal life force.  (May the force be with you as Skywalker would say.)  If you watch dancers or musicians or at this time of the Summer Olympics—sports—consider how they respond with one movement flowing into the next.  Or we could take the example of improv (improvise) comedians or performers.  They get in the zone and just operate from a state of constant inspiration.

This, you see, is the goal and the place from which I'd like to think I function most days--or perhaps that's my illusion.  Anyway, for any of us who are human, it is possible on occasion that in this state of inspiration one gets thrown that unexpected and ougt-of-the-blue curve ball so-to-speak.  Then one needs to slow the ball down and give the reaction that is needed a bit of time.  I like to think of it as how people describe those moments during a trauma or unexpected event—they will often say that time seemed to move very slowly in those moments.  What I’m speaking about is a bit like that.

Usually when I have a surge of emotion to a situation in my personal life, I intentionally make life and time slow down.  Recently, I decided to make a significant change in my life and that happened from that state of constant inspiration that I seek to remain in and that I mentioned a moment ago.  I made the decision and then I had to create one of those moments where everything slows down (‘slo-mo’ as they say) so that I could process fully the shock of what I had just committed-to; and in order to integrate it on all levels of mind I had to create space and step back from it.

We know we are in the flow when life happens by itself and when doing a reading for another person, this is an ideal state; yet when we feel a question come up for which there is a good deal of emotional attachment, one needs to hold that space, slow it down and allow the insight so that one is sure one is not shooting from the hip or responding from the emotional connection with the client. We should do this in our personal life too.

I’ve touched upon a number of different elements here while comparing psychic reading and one’s intuition working in one’s personal life to the professional work life of the psychic. 

I feel that most of us like to function—as a psychic and as a human (whether there is interest in psychic development or not)—in a way that we respond intuitively to life at all times via our connection to the world around us.  We all want to do what comes naturally and to do it gracefully and be in a state where our actions are carried along and supported by an outside higher force (may that force be with you again). 

We are in these states when we are fully absorbed in what we are doing; yet we all have our patterns, our triggers and our complexes.  And when life events bump into those, we can temporarily remove ourselves from that state and before we react to or with life again, we need to give it all space and time before we act to be sure we are acting (and not re-acting) and not responding from those patterned states or from the center of the complex so-to-speak. 

Carl Jung once said, “It is not so much people who have complexes but complexes who have people.”  And if you 'know yourself 'as the Oracle of Delphi urges then you already realize what those complexes and patterns are and you give yourself space to breathe around them before taking action. 

The intuition will kick in as space is created and whisper, “Now, act now!” and then you are sure you’re moving once again within the flow of the force. 

How can we separate this topic out from personal life and psychic development life when they are so much woven together and in essence, I feel, one and the same? 

See you next week...

 Wishing you a week of contented happiness and true liberation,

In Lovingkindness 

♥ ♥ ♥,



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