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    On Psychic Development and the Inner Journey 
September 15th , 2011

Thoughts for your consideration and discernment...  

      Observing life and human behavior with spiritual evolution always at the fore of my mind, I’ve noticed that many of the people who are new to the psychic class and those who email me with questions about intuition, “spirit guides” and being more “psychic” are just starting to focus on their inner journey.  Of course, there are always exceptions.  However, through observation and correlation, it appears to me that many are either just beginning or have just completed a period of acquisition of spiritual knowledge.  They are beginning to “study”, going to spiritual groups, attending lectures and seminars, reading books, going to retreats, etc. or already have been doing so.   Thus begins the focus of the inner journey of self-exploration. 

However, many times I also observe that there is no focus or overall direction in all of their seeking, which creates confusion at times.  Some also proceed in sporadic starts and stops resulting in discouragement and abandonment.  Most all eventually come back and try again.  Why is it difficult?  Toss together a healthy mix of skepticism that originates from centuries of “scientific thought” woven into mass consciousness of which we each have a connection and add to that a few large scoops of fear disseminated religious dogma and is it  any wonder at all that we find our way to our Higher Self at all in the first place?  And that's only the tip of the iceberg.  We have distractions from spiritual guru's right and left who are only too happy to line their pockets with a certain confused mass of humanity who are only seeking their own inner journey.

Yet, I must divert from my original weekly newsletter theme here for a moment.  We have an explosion of consciousness on the planet that we can see in the old teachings of the East (Hinduism, Buddhism, etc.) being popular in the overly cultural and questionably modern Westernized world.  This is beautiful to witness but on my mind lately is another fantastic expression of consciousness expansion—it has to do with movies!  Don’t we so often see "it" in the movies first and then in everyday reality?   "It" being new break-through concepts and ideas.  What comes first the chicken or the egg; meaning, are we (humanity) calling forth these consciousness expanding movies in our attempts to awaken or is our conscious expanding because of them?  Or maybe its a number of other contributing factors.  Either way, movies that are coming out are blowing my mind lately!   I’ll mention a few and then get back to business here.  Take the whole Harry Potter world for one example and then we have a few recent flicks that I’ve just recently personally enjoyed like “Source Code” and “The Adjustment Bureau”.  If you watch just those last two and ask yourself if movies like that would have been possible even 10 years ago, much less 20 or 30—think back, and you will see what leaps we are taking in the evolution of consciousness!  And now back to our regularly scheduled program…

It is important to become knowledgeable about one’s own consciousness and how it operates.  It needs to be re-contextualized… especially if one is on a path wherein one chooses to become a so-called “lightworker” or work in the service fields as a healer, energy worker, psychic, etc.  Any issues such as guilt or shame or fear affecting a loss of self-esteem have to be cleaned up and cleared out in order that one can begin to focus on reunion with the Higher Self.  Self-honesty needs to be reinstated on all levels so that—well, think of it as repairing the mother board, as they used to call it, or installing a new one.   Another way of saying it using computer terms is that the system needs to be cleared of viruses and malware and continual rescanning, defragging and disk clean up needs to be done in our consciousness in order to effectively do the work.

The days of wearing a sack cloth and ashes are over.  We can transform lower mind issues such as guilt with something like non-dramatic regret so that we can soften it to be released.  This is only one example of the type of self-honesty that requires courage, humility, patience and compassion for the 'lower-mind-self'. 

This opens up the door to the spiritual housekeeper or the  divine computer tech within us who can clean up our system and ready us to do that spiritual service work or become the new age “lightworker”.  We have to release the learned set of behaviors and responses from childhood and/or past lives and let ourselves be re-wired enough to be fully functional... in other words connected with higher mind.  We will then avoid the confusion, starts and stops, discouragement and abandonment of our inner path.  I bet right now those of you who are still running a christian program in disguise are thinking about some sort of savior who will swoop in and do the work for you.  Conceive of the idea that just maybe you are your own “savior” when it comes to learning about your own consciousness and how the lower and higher mind’s work. 

To answer the questions that come to me about psychic development  like, “Where do I begin?” or “How do I start?” or “I’ve had this or that experience, how can I expand it?” or “I’ve had such ‘n such an incident, what does it mean?”--- these words that I’ve typed so far today are a good part of the answer.  It's about taking the inner journey!

In order to do service work for others, you will be challenged by your own “stuff” (to understand the lower mind versus the Higher Self) and a part of the process is that while you feel called to help others, it is your Higher Self who is also calling you to take the inner journey! 

The inner journey is one that, again, requires total self-honesty so that the Radiance of the Presence can be experienced.  And in this way, compassion for all of life, including the personal self, can be the primary Force of Life that leads the way.

Self-esteem issues are repaired and as a consequence--forgiveness replaces condemnation.  When this happens, it is safe to proceed without undue stress.  If self-esteem issues are still present or a problem, it is still going to be alright; for doing service work for others as a healer, psychic, lightworker or energy worker of any kind will challenge those of the lower mind and bring them right in front of your awareness—‘in your face’ as the saying goes like no other job, profession or career can do. 

May your inner journey be filled with grace, love, self-acceptance and transformative realizations!



May you enjoy a week of happiness that comes

from true liberation... 


With Love ♥ ♥ ♥

Joy Star 

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