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January 31st , 2013

(posted 2/4/13)

Practice Being Psychic and Experiences While Meditating

by Joy Star

How to 'practice' being psychic; more intuitive? How to grow spiritually? My advice for this week is to practice this way: live your life as it comes, but alertly, watchfully, allowing everything to happen as it happens, living in a natural way--in this way you realize that guidance arrives for you and not only that, your intuition has an aliveness that manifests continually without any interference on your part.

While in that state you can allow yourself to know things. 

On the more mundane levels, try this.  Even if the phone isn’t ringing at the present time, you can give yourself permission to” know” who will call you next or what restaurant your friend is going to suggest for lunch or anything else you can possibly intuit ahead.  In this way you receive the validating and encouraging more immediate feedback.

The more you practice in these ways, the more you will trust your intuition to help you realize things without your even having to ask! 

Also, practice daily meditation and then carry forward the state created in meditation of being alert while relaxed into the post-meditation state.  Like the strings on a violin—the mind should be not too tight or tense and also not too slack or loose.  Not too tight and not too taunt both during and after meditation. 

One of the greatest of Tibet’s many woman masters, Ma Chik Lap Dron, says this about the meditative mind, “Alert, alert; yet relax, relax.  This is the crucial point for the view in meditation.” --so relaxed, in fact, that you don’t even hold onto an ‘idea’ of relaxation.

Challenges in my personal life lately have me delving even deeper into the operation of “mind” and meditation and merging  my meditation more than ever into my daily life.  What I’m revisiting for personal reasons is something that may be of value to share. 


And this involves mistaken ideas regarding the nature of mind.  We should not make the mistake of imagining that the nature of mind is exclusive to our own mind only.
Mind, in fact, is the nature of everything.  To understand the nature of mind is to understand the nature of all things. 

This realization of mind’s essential nature (or the space beyond  what we normally think of as mind) has been called different names throughout man’s history—given different names and different interpretations. 

The essential nature of mind has been called “God” by the Christians and Jews; Hindus call it “the Self”, “Shiva”, “Brahman” and “Vishnu”; Sufi mystics name it “the Hidden Essence”; and Buddhists call it “buddha nature”. 

But what about experiences we have during meditation? ...

As we continue to practice meditation we have many experiences—and many times these happen spontaneously as consciousness expands and awareness grows. 

Many people write to me about phenomenon that happens during meditation—some experiences are good and some are considered bad.  Teachers of meditation tell us that just like a room with many doors and windows will allow air to enter and circulate, in the same way when you meditate your mind becomes open. 

It is natural that all types of experiences can come into it.


You could experience states of bliss, clarity or absence of thoughts.  In one way these are signs of progress and that is very good… why? 

When you experience bliss, it’s a sign that desire has temporarily dissolved. When you experience real clarity, it is a sign that aggression has temporarily ceased.  When you experience absence of thought, it is a sign that ego has temporarily ceased.  ---paraphrased from the teachings of Songyal Rinpoche

These experiences are fine but the teachers of meditation tell us (and I agree) that if we get attached to them they become obstacles.  The reason I agree is because of experiencing the attachment to these types of experiences in my past—it didn’t take long for me to realize that wishing for pleasant experiences of meditation or trying to duplicate them was becoming a distraction and hindrance.  These experiences  are the “materials of” realization and not realization itself.


In the same way, people sometimes have negative experiences in meditation.  People write that these undesirable experiences tend to occur last thing at night before sleep or firstly in the morning—this is because at these times we are more aware of mind. 

Negative experiences have not been the case for me; however I do receive many emails from people who are looking for an explanation for experiences in meditation which they describe as unpleasant. 

My advice is the same—do not become worried, fearful or attached, it is only mind being mind.  It is not necessarily a bad sign—try not to react to them any more than you would react to a vision or experience that is the opposite.  These experiences are dream-like illusions.  This could be said of all experiences both in and out of formal meditative states. 

The liberation that comes from this understanding and the realization of the true nature of any experience itself releases you from any danger or harm of the experience itself.


Think of any experience (good or bad; in meditation or in daily life) as the catalyst for realization.   Usually the attachments happen with the so-called “good” experiences of meditation. 

Even if the experience is very powerful and very positive, it’s best not to get too excited or too attached—these must be released; otherwise, it holds us back.

In life itself as well as in meditation we can become too attached to being free of aversions.  Instead of allowing experience to be what it is, we try to push it away or find certain experiences of life abhorrent or repulsive.  (I am speaking from recent experience on that one!) 

We can also be too grasping and clinging in our desire for more blissful experiences. 

What we have to learn in meditation, as well as in life itself, is to be free of attachment to the good experiences and free of aversion to the negative ones.  This is what they tell us and in my experience, I agree.


One final though for this week:  Integration and merging of the meditation world and the daily mundane world is, I feel, (having realized this through experience), very important to our personal lives.  Personal challenges lately have emphasized this a great deal; city living has required me to ramp up the integration of the two worlds on more profound levels than ever before!

My meditation time would carry over into my daily life much easier when I lived in a quiet setting in nature; however, now progress in these areas is becoming even more accelerated. 

Therefore, I realize how beneficial meditation is as a carry over into daily living activities and experiences.

I suggest that if you have the same situation as me frequent short meditations throughout the day help to merge and mend the two worlds together – carryover is the reason for meditation after all. 

Keeping the mind not too tight/grasping and not too loose/dull—alert and relaxed is the method.  Frequent short meditations help with the carry-over of the expanded mind into daily life in such a way that we return to life with an open, spacious attitude. 

The mind of meditation realizes the illusion and sees… well, one meditation master said, “After meditation practice, one should become a child of illusion”. 

Another said this about the post-meditation state, “In a sense everything is dream-like and illusory, but even so, humorously go on doing things.” 

Speaking of which...

Hello February!

You may receive another newsletter this week—so please don’t feel you are being spammed.  It’s just that this newsletter is 4 days late!  I usually send out newsletters once a week on Thursday or Friday with tips on psychic and spiritual development.
I will try to get back on schedule this week, thus the possibility of two newsletters in one week.

Now that the broken bones in my foot are mending and I’m able to sit at the computer for longer periods, I will be getting back to work on the astrology course again. 

Many have ordered the New Year’s audio recordings; I don’t want to get overwhelmed with these so will offer those for one more week.
(See the bottom of the last newsletter for details.) 

Regular phone readings, of course, continue as usual. 

Have a great week…

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