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April 17, 2014

The psychic’s approach just before the reading starts 
 And 1/2 priced readings

by Joy Star

The client is appointed to call and as this reality increases its ‘awareness-intensity’, an added ‘aliveness’ takes place in my consciousness.  I become more...

At this time of new beginnings (Sun in Aries and approaching additional new beginning energy of the Solar Eclipse in a few weeks), this week I was guided to write about what happens at the very beginning of a psychic reading.  At least from my own perspective anyway. 

From the top:  The client is appointed to call and as this reality increases its ‘awareness-intensity’, an added ‘aliveness’ takes place in my consciousness.  I become more hyper-aware of my thoughts, feelings, and a familiar shift occurs in my way of being.  I am no longer me—the ‘me’ with the issues of my own life—it is rather like I've just landed here from some distant planet in a faraway star system. 

And I like that—very much!  I am relieved of my own identity for the most part.  The perspective or view in consciousness seems wider—like nearly 360 degrees. 
And by habit there comes to be an allowing that occurs in this more ultra-sensitive state.  We could call it a merging perhaps—allow and merge. 

This state is always present in my life but not as turned up as when I am about to do a reading.  When I am about to do a reading the dials get turned to their highest setting—wide open—and I watch my own tendencies and attractions just prior to connecting with the client at the appointed time.  This is the case all throughout the hour reading as well and this is how psychics can know without knowing how they know (clair-cognizance, clear knowing).

I am aware of my own eyes—what I’m looking at and that upon which my eyes seem glued holds information for me to draw from.  I begin to speak about things of which I’d have ‘no clue’ otherwise or if I was not in this 360° state, so-to-speak. 

I may find myself drawn to pull a tarot card prior to the call or not; I just follow my own tendencies and awareness.  I seem not to do the same thing each time but for having a paper and pen handy and as I sense or know or understand things about the client, I begin to write those down along with advice and guidance.

Then the appointed time arrives and the client calls or suddenly I watch myself look at the clock, start the audio and dial the client's phone number depending on what was arranged beforehand.  Anyway...

Once the client is on the phone line with me the intensity increases—the telephone is a conductor of psychic energy—and a dance of energy seems to occur.  My own life is very, very far away—as if it is located on some distant star in some distant galaxy.  I’m barely aware of my surroundings at all; although if an emergency happened I’d be fully back to deal with it but for the most part—I’m gone, elsewhere.  I don’t think about where I am for there is barely a me to think on that level, it is as if I am one spoke of many in a huge wheel or one small gear in some massive machinery, doing my part in the process.  Nothing is personal.

When I was asking higher self and all concerned for a topic to write about this week for the newsletter—this was ‘it’.  I've just described how it is when I am preparing to do a reading—how it feels and the shift of energy that occurs beforehand.

Although I've never taken a survey, my suspicion is that most all psychics go through this same type of transition beforehand.  I say this because of the books that read many years ago that were written by other psychics.  Many of the things others wrote about (not this that I've written here just now but other things) seem to describe many of the experiences similar to each other and to my own.  Therefore, I suspect most psychics go though a similar type of shift to that which I have just described.

Maybe my writing about it will validate your own experiences in some way as when I read those books written by other psychics so long ago.  

1/2 Priced Readings for a limited time

I am offering half-price one-hour readings again (by phone OR the Mp3/no-phone option).  This is in order to celebrate spring and to help us all through the energy of this grand cross that is upon us now as-well-as the just-passed full moon lunar eclipse and the upcoming solar eclipse at the end of this month.  

(The mp3 no-phone option is great for folks in other counties, including Canada--I am unable to call Canada, Canadian clients will need to place the call to me or order the Mp3 no-phone option.  I apologize for the inconvenience.)

MORE Details:  If you don’t want to arrange a day and time for a phone call, you can simply send up to 5 questions by email (or use the form that you will be directed to after payment).   And then I will send you the audio file—you pick up the file online in my file transfer account.  How?  You receive an email with the link and click to download the file—easy. 

Always an Audio:  (As most of you know, I also record all phone sessions onto an Mp3 file; so if you call for a phone reading, you will receive a complimentary copy of the audio recording of our phone call afterward.)  Here’s the order button:
Again, after the order goes through, you will be directed to a form on my new website to fill out your contact information, days and times for a phone reading OR if you order the no-phone Mp3 option to fill out your 5 questions.
Happy Spring (and Easter) to us all; may we thrive in the new beginnings that this time of year always brings! 
And may The Divine Assistance
always remain available to us!
Thank You
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