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Key volunteers:  Mark Santosuosso is our Building & House Chairman. Thanks, Mark!
Mar 19, Tue, W2W Wine Committee 6PM, State St. "Red Light"
Mar 19, Tue, Emerald Downs Bus Planning Meeting
Mar 20, Wed, Education Night 6PM
Mar 22, Fri, BYC "Town Hall Meeting" 6PM
Mar 24, Sun, BYC Jazz Supper Club 5PM


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Mar 15, Fri, F@5 St. Patrick's Day Party
Mar 29, Fri, Blue Moon F@5
Apr 5, Fri, F@5
Apr 19, Fri, F@5 About PacRim

Mar 30, Sat, Langei-Taylor Mem'l 4PM
Apr 7, Sun, Club Scrub
Apr 13, Sat, Spring Dance
Apr 20, Sat, Zodiac Youth Sailing Fundraiser

Apr 21, Sun, Emerald Downs Bus Trip
April 27, Sat, Open House/Membership Drive


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MARCH 12 -18, 2013

WE WERE INSPECTED! The Fire Inspector came last week to check out our premises and help us reduce the risks of fire and injury.  While he found a few routine items which will be taken care of by responsible committees, to solve one problem we need every Member's cooperation: We must not put things in the passages to our exits!  This includes the downstairs "back hall" and the passage from the lower lounge exit door out to the left by the BBQ leading down the steps! They must be completely clear,
    That means that upstairs, we will be moving those kegs and trash cans out of the way, and downstairs, the back hallway stuff will be moved.  We will also be un-cluttering the furnace room.  New signage will go into the affected areas in the next few days!  Thank you for you cooperation! --- The Building & House Committee

THIS FRIDAY: OUR ANNUAL ST. PATRICK'S PARTY: Irishmen Bob Snowball and Bill Heward are leading the charge this Friday as the Irish and "one-day Irish" take over the Club.  They're teaming up with Mike & Maya Allsop, Joe & Carol Young, and of course Carol Snowball and Pam Heward.  What can you bring?  Appetizers and Irish soda bread and a dessert!  Bill is at 305-8506 and Bob is dialed at 739-3308 if you can pitch in!  Here's Steve Moore's Flyer...
BYC BAR PIZZAIt’s Here! By special request!  Hot, right out of the oven, 12” Pepperoni Pizza for just $7.50. --- Joe Young, Bar Manager

COMING SOON...see left listings too

OUR JAZZ SUPPER CLUB MARCH 24: We had such a good time --- fine reviews --- now we have The Jennifer Scott Trioso put it on your calendar and sign up soon at the bar when you're at our Club or email  (That night there's no WSO, no Downton Abbey, and a larger menu [Chicken Piccata with Wild Rice and a Salad, or Scallop & Shrimp Pasta Alfredo with a Salad, or Fish and Chips with Cole Slaw], new and better lighting on the band and a better listening environment planned.)  YET the price will be the same, $32 per person for dinner, tax, tip, and entertainment! This is the last jazz event until fall, so please sign up at the bar or email Joe Coons ASAP! We need your reservations by March 18! --- Matt Dennis & Joe Coons
YOUTH SAILING TIME APPROACHETH!  The advertisement for the 2013 Youth Sailing Classes came out last weekend in the Leisure Guide and registration has begun.  We would appreciate membership support in spreading word of this great program to friends and neighbors.  Anyone wanting more information on this program can e-mail or call Megan Link (206 498-8665).
    There are still a lot of spaces available on the fundraising cruise on the Schooner Zodiac Saturday, April 20.  Please print out copies of the flyer that was in the e-mail sent out last week and give them to any friends or neighbors who might be interested.  Thanks.  --- Arne Ahlen
GREAT MEMBER PAYMENT NEWS!  BYC will soon have the option available for you to pay monthly for all of your BYC expenditures. Just enjoy the club, attend the events, buy your drinks and make one easy monthly payment. We will do the accounting and let you know what you spent over the past month.  That's because in addition to checks and credit cards we will soon have an Automatic Payment Option; your monthly expenditures are debited directly from your bank account! No need to write a check or use a stamp. You will be sent a statement at the end of the month, and two weeks later (giving you time to check) that amount will be debited from your account. How easy is that?  
    BYC intends to be progressive in our accounting policies as we keep in step with the rest of the world and other yacht clubs in moving toward electronic payments. Not only is this a tremendous convenience for the membership, but it will certainly also help your club reduce the volunteer time spent handling cash and the expense of credit cards.  More details will follow.  --- Mike Welsh, Asst. Treasurer
EDUCATION COMMITTEE PRESENTS ARCHAIR GREAT LOOP CRUISE!  You could Google it and find tons of information. Or you could join us at the club on Wednesday March 20 as our friends John and Larie Nelson regale us with tales and pictures of their 7000-nautical mile cruise around the Loop, which includes the Gulf of Mexico, ICW, Great Lakes, the mighty Mississippi and the various connecting waterways. The Nelsons completed their journey in about 9 months on their 32' Nordic Tug through a cruising locale unfamiliar to many. Larie is ready to go again! So come on down to the club! Click here for more details.  --- Marian Welsh
WATCH WEDNESDAY RACES FROM THE CENTER OF THE ACTION!  Imagine, kicking back after a hard day on a 40’luxury yacht to spend a couple of hours on beautiful Bellingham Bay?  And imagine, it will cost you nothing!  You’ll be watching the excitement of the BYC sailboat races right from the start/finish line in the center of the action while enjoying the beverage of your choice…  Yeah, sure, maybe we will ask you to honk a horn or raise a flag once or twice, or write down a few numbers on a pad. No big deal! 
    Want to sign up for this light duty? Randy Nulle is our Wednesday night Race chairman this year and he is looking for a few helpers to assist him in starting and finishing the racers as they sail, crash, drift and generally put on a show all around us. Racing starts on April 3rd. Come on out and try it. It’s fun!  Let Randy know if you would like to help out with the Wednesday Night Race Committee. No experience is necessary.  --- Randy Nulle 360-920-3178

HELP WANTED FOR OPENING DAY: Fleet Captain Mick Corcoran writes, "A plea if you will, for some volunteers to form the Opening Day Committee.  As you know this is one of the BYC “Big Events” to start off our boating season. If you can help out, your assistance would be much appreciated." Please contact Mick via email,  or on his cell: 319-5448. 
VESSEL SAFETY DECALS AVAILABLE! Get a courtesy Vessel Safety Check for the upcoming season!  All the details are here... 
HELLO EVERYONE! Thanks to Terry Tavelli, the 2013 registration is up and running on the web site.  Please register as soon as you can, then get your crew together and come out this Saturday as we kick off the first BYC race of the season with the frostbite series.  At this point it is looking like sunshine, but that is subject to change by the time you read this.  The Frostbite series will give everyone a chance to (1) make sure their crews get along and (2) give us a little practice for the upcoming Wednesday series, and the Tulip Cup in Anacortes April 6th. 
    We will have a mandatory skippers meeting at 9am at Gate 3.  I hope to see everyone there.  --- Bart Maupin, Sail Fleet Captain

NEW KEELBOAT SAILING PROGRAM: A Ranger 26 sailboat Mo'Betta has been donated to BYC and we are trying to set up a program for its use. ASA Instructor Bob Hollingsworth is volunteering his time to teach classes; we need more volunteers to work on the boat and to gather membership interest in the program.  The objective: teach sailing skills for keelboat cruising. The program would generally follow the outline to get ASA sailboat charter certification, with classes targeted to youth or adults starting in May-June with weekend basic classes and then the summer, more advanced.  Anyone interested, call Arne Ahlen (360-201-9895) or John Stocklass (360-927-3239).
    Mo’Betta still needs work to get her ready, and we’re looking for volunteers to assist.  Some work requires experienced help but much of it is simple! Call Bob Hollingsworth (360-733-7126) or Mike Corcoran ((360-319-5448) to pitch in.

DO YOU HAVE YOUR STATE BOATER ED CARD? If you were born after December 31, 1954, and you operate a boat with a 15 hp or greater motor, you need to carry a WA Boater Education Card. The fine for not having one is currently $87. Those born before 1955 should have one too, as Canada and Oregon do not exempt the oldsters from their education requirements. For more information on the state requirements, visit For information on the local Bellingham Sail and Power Squadron boating education class specifically geared toward meeting the Washington requirements, visit If you have questions, you can talk to your friendly BYC Education Committee (Tom Dalgliesh or Marian Welsh).
Wow! At our New Member Mixer We had 14 Passport Cards turned in with signatures from all eight stations.  Congratulations to Wendy Bevin, who won the drawing for $25 credit at the club. She went home smiling with a new BYC burgee.  Meanwhile, Mark Santosuasso, with help from Neil Bennett, gave tours of the facilities and taught how to open the locked doors for access into the building while Terry Tavelli spent the evening helping members get on the “members only” web site.  Tom & Penny Daulgliesh had a steady stream of people learning about the great educational programs coming up, (The Great Loop program is next Wednesday at 6:30).  Sailing, Programs, Cruises and Events created a lot of interest with many new members showing interest in participating. Thanks Donna Olsen, John Stocklass, Kathy Brown, Shaun & Ginger Thompson and Jim Santosuasso for manning these stations.  Marian Welsh, representing herself and husband Mike, showed people what goes on behind the scenes with Administation. (Yes, we don’t always see them but they are definitely there making the club run smoothly day after day.) Alex Marr was busy telling people about the Investment Club and the upcoming Cookbook at the Activities table.
    You see?  There were many, many club members who came to welcome and help our newest members. Thanks to all for a great evening!

The New Member Mixer on Friday was a huge success.  Special thanks to all those that made this event so special.  It was well attended and many of our new members learned things about the club to help them in the future.  Carol Young and her team came through once again, to bring us a fabulous time!  Hat’s off to Carol and her committee members and those that contributed to making this event a success. A good time was had by all!
    The Bus to Emerald Downs has been scheduled and the Signup sheet is on the bar at the Club.  Day:  Sunday, April 21, 2013 (an all day event); cost is $60.00 per person.  The bus will provide you with transportation, food and drink, down and back as well as: admission and a boxed seat with a Racing Form. (That is something you use to figure out who is going to win!)  The box seats will provide us with cocktail and food service.  I am sure a fun time will be had by all!  Even if you have never been to Emerald Downs or a Race Track this should be a very special trip.  There are a limited amount of seats available… (34 Seats left)….and the countdown begins!  Please get your name in early, pay the bartender and you're all set.  If you are not going to be at the club or you are out of town…email me, and I can make arrangements for you. or give me a shout 360-223-2119 and I can help get your name on the list.  (There is a committee meeting for the Emerald Downs trip scheduled for Wednesday March 13th, 2013 at 5:30 pm for anyone who would like to help us get this event organized.  Come one, come all!)
    Don’t miss the upcoming Friday at 5, where we will be celebrating Paddy’s Day, with the Luck of the Irish!  See you all there!   By the way, for all you gardeners, I was once told by a little Irish lady that the BEST time to plant Sweet Peas is the day after Paddy’s day, so get out those gardening gloves and plant away! J
    The Youth sailors are holding a fund raiser offering a cruise on the Zodiac.  Please check out their article or our website for full details on day and price. Help support your Youth Sailors!  AND get ready for our upcoming Town Hall Meeting coming up Friday March 22, 2013 at 5:30 pm.  If you have ideas or items you would like to discuss, send them to me so we can get them on the agenda.
    Special Thanks to Terry Tavelli for all the work he is doing on our website.  Thanks so much, what would we do without you, Terry!  
    Fair Winds and Following Seas --- Jody King Erickson


Marian Henderson and Joe Bartlett both correctly identified last week's picture of Mono Lake in California. Thanks to PC Al Callery for the photograph.
    This week's photo was contributed by another of our members. If you know the location, please send your answer to

Jib Sheet Editor this week is Joe Coons.
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