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For years now TIM MUMFORD has taken care of our Reciprocal Dock.  Thanks, Tim!
Sep 27  Fri Octoberfest Fri@5 (Story)
Oct 13 Sun BYC Jazz Supper Club (Story)
Nov 2 Sat Commodore's Ball


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Oct 4 F@5: Salmon BBQ
Oct 18 F@5 

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September 24-30, 2013

FRIDAY AT FIVE THIS WEEK: The Programs/ Marketing/Steering/House Committees have gotten together to put on das Herrlicten Partei (that's Deutsch for "Magnificent Party") this Friday September 27, a special Off-Week Friday at Five!  Those committees have created a BYC OCTOBERFEST with beer, pretzels, and Bratwurst sausages from the grill!  It sounds like fun; bring your goodies to go along and have a beer or two (there even might be a tasting from a local brewer!)
REMINDER: Wednesday Burger Nights are over for the season; sorry about last week's Jib Sheet error about this!
WE GOT A SURPRISE VISIT ON ELECTION NIGHT at the Club! An inspector from the Washington State Liquor Control Board had heard that we let minors into the bar area and he stopped in to check on us...happily, he found pretty much all was well, BUT now we're working with the Board and its helpful reps both local and in Olympia to formalize where minors can, and cannot go in our Upper Lounge! Here are some important reminders: 
  • A Member had gone outside to stand outside the front door to take a cell phone call with drink in hand.  A no-no!  All alcohol must stay in the lounges, on the decks, or be carried through the stairway and downstairs hall to be consumed in the Ward Room.
  • Our ability to have Juniors in our lounge requires that they only "pass through" the Upper Lounge on their way to the lower lounge.  It appears that, if the bar is open, we no longer can let them sit on the "bench" or at its tables, or the tables overlooking the buffets. Be sure our Juniors are aware of this!
 Our Juniors-lounge-access arrangements are only possible because the WSLCB has allowed an exception to the rules. We have had so few problems, they are willingly trying to help us. Let's keep up our terrific relationship with the Board by following the rules all the time, checking ID's, controlling our consumption, and being good stewards of our privileges.  And if any of us sees a rule being broken, please remind the infringer. Our liquor License is really important to us!  --- Joe Coons (who's been our WSLCB contact person since we restored our license back in 2001.)
PRIME MOORAGE AVAILABLE! Each Winter from October 1 - March 31 the Club leases space on our dock.  The rates are close to Port rates, but you must be a BYC Member; imagine being right in front of the Club!  Contact Tim Mumford at 360-733-4353 for details.  Do it soon, while this opportunity is here!

CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR ELECTION WINNERS! In addition to Michele Bodtke, Commodore-Elect, Jonathan Knowles, Vice-Commodore Elect; Mick Corcoran, Rear Commodore-Elect, and Neil Bennett, Fleet Captain-Elect, (who were unopposed), we chose Jim Gibson, Donna Olson, Gary Smith and Missy Steffen to be our new First-Year Trustees, joining John Gargett, Angie Santosuosso, and Mark Schmerler who will carry over from last year to make up our Board.  Incoming Commodore Michele will appoint a Trustee (subject to Board approval) to replace Neil Bennett as he moves up as an officer.  Please take a moment to thank all these folks for their service, as well as Arne Ahlen, Kathy Brown, Mark Santosuosso, and Joe Young who are completing their final year of service as Trustees!

NEXT WEEK, ON WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 2, we have our annual Installation of Officers.  This important event should see all our Trustees and Officers, new and old, turn out in their "Dress Blues" to begin their new terms.  It's also the time to hear retiring Commodore Jody Erickson give her report for the past year, present some awards, and get some special recognition; and incoming Commodore Michele will tell us of some of her plans. The ceremonies, run by the Past Commodores, will also feature a history report installment from Joe Coons. Especially if you're new to our Club, you'll find it fun to attend (and unlike the participants, you can be casually dressed!
MARK YOUR CALENDAR NOW: Sunday, October 13 is the next BYC Jazz Supper Club, and it features a Tribute to Ray Charles by a trio of first-class musicians. See the announcement here; sign up at the BYC bar. About half the tickets are already gone...

POETS COVE 2013 REPORT – It was a Wonderful Autumn Equinox Cruise, the 10th anniversary of the Bellingham Yacht Club’s Autumn Equinox Cruise to Poets Cove Resort & Spa, held in Bedwell Harbor on Pender Island in British Columbia.  And what a weekend it was…….(more)

PACRIM IS COMING! This will be the third time, since its formal beginning in 1990 here in Bellingham, that the PacRim Regatta will be held here.  This event, about a year in the future, puts the Bellingham Yacht Club, along with the Bellingham Sister Cites Association on the International Stage.  From September 6-13, 2014 we will be hosting racers and ambassadors from around the Pacific Rim again here in Bellingham and you are welcome to attend the next PacRim Planning Committee Meeting, September 30th, 2013 at 5:30.  Here is a full story and history of the event.
SPECIAL FRIDAY AT FIVE NEXT WEEK, TOO: A terrific gang of BYC volunteers are hosting a wild king salmon BBQ at next week's F@5! The group includes BBQ chefs Mike Allsop, Jay Bornstein, and Phil Rosellini, with side dishes prepared by Alana & Bud Hansen, Christine & David Wright, Scott Hartkopf, Wendy Nichols, Maya Allsop, Sharyn Bornstein, and Caroline Rosellini.  What can YOU do? Bring appetizers and desserts! F@5 will begin with apps at 5 and dinner served at 6pm!
THE NEW CLUB YEAR BEGINS OCTOBER 1, and the renewal dues invoices for the year were mailed the week of September 2. Also included were an important letter from Michele Bodtke, our Vice Commodore, as well as an interest sheet. If you have not received your invoice, please let me know. (A very special, special thank you goes to Kevin & Kaela Schwitter, Larry & Kristi Blanchard, and Sharon Chang & Daryl Lin for helping make quick work of assembling the packages for mailing. What a team!)
    If you have enrolled in BYC's Direct Debit program (over 70 families already have, and are saving themselves monthly bill-paying effort, and us a lot of office time), you can elect to have your dues payment automatically debited from your bank account by sending me an email ( to that effect. For the rest of you, now is a good time to consider enrolling in the Direct Debit program. A form for that was included in the mailing.
    Quarterly payments: As per our Board of Trustees, any Active member may elect to pay dues quarterly but must enroll in the direct debit program to do so. No partial dues payments will be accepted by any other method.
    Thank you for your thoughtful cooperation. Let me know if you have any questions. --- Mike Welsh, Assistant Treasurer
SPECIAL WOMENS' CLASS TO BE HELD: The well-received Confidence in Boating - a class for women taught by women is being presented in Anacortes on Saturday October 5, by members of the Blaine and Bellingham Flotillas of the Coast Guard Auxiliary. The Information poster is here; pre-registration is required. Contact Kathryn Wellington at or phone 360-220-3872.
FUEL DOCK HOURS: Beginning Oct. 1 are 8 to 5 through October 13, then 8 to 4 from October 14 through November 30. We are planning again this year to be closed on Wednesdays in December, January and through the middle of February or thereabouts. --- Nick Mickel, Manager, Harbor Marine Fuel

RACING NEWS: I think fall is officially here which means we have several fall racing opportunities to get a little more wear and tear on the boats and give us winter projects to procrastinate about until spring...
    We are looking forward to the upcoming Marmetta Cup September 28th. Get your crews together, and let me know soon if you will be attending; it would be helpful to know who will be attending as soon as you read thisThis race is a pursuit start where start times are determined by a boats PHRF rating. . Skippers meeting will be at 9:00 a.m. at the Club. Thanks. --- Bart

BUILDING & HOUSE NEWS: Two new tables are in the lower lounge, designed for larger parties.  Now, without crowding, we have expanded our seating by some 20 seats! Soon, we will have new back-bar cabinets to tidy the areas to each side of the central trophy case, and to give us more glass storage. Thanks to the Past Commodores for helping with some of these costs, and don't forget, you can memorialize a friend, your family, or your boat by sponsoring one of our new tables.  For details, call Joe Coons at 360-739-1528.
Fall is in the air and change is all around us.  Seems like Fall is a good time for change, and next Wednesday, October 2 will be our BYC installation night when we will welcome all of our new Officers and Trustees.  This is also a night to honor those folks who have done such a grand job for our club through the past year.  Please make sure you put this on your schedule.  It will be a fun night and informative time --- there’s always some interesting Club history recited --- and there will be light snacks provided.  The event begins at 6:00 p.m. and is put on by our supportive Past Commodores.
    The past week brought us the Election night, and a Friday@5.  Special thank you to all those that brought food to share for our Friday@5 event!  Congrats to all of our newly elected Officers and Board Members: It is going to be a very exciting year!  I wish all of you the best in your new positions, including Commodore Michele Bodtke, Vice Commodore Jonathan Knowles, Rear Commodore Mick Corcoran, Fleet Captain Neil Bennett, and new Trustees Gary Smith, Missy Steffen, Donna Olsen, and Jim Gibson (story  above).
    Thanks also go to all of our continuing and retiring Trustees, plus this year’s Secretary, Susan Henderson, our Assistant Treasurer, Mike Welsh, and Immediate Past Commodore Troy Curran for a job well done!
    I would also like to thank the Nominations and Elections Committee, Chair Rich Veach, Todd Koetje, Bart Maupin, Al Callery, Susan Henderson, Kathy Brown, Tim Mumford and Steve Kersey, as well as the Tellers Committee, Brenda Dennis, Carol Veach, Dick Johnson, Terry Tavelli, and Susan Henderson for their great work on the voting process this year!
    I look forward to seeing all of you at Installation of Officers night next week!  Enjoy the rest of the week, and look for a bit of sunshine to finish out a lovely fall.
    Fair Winds and Following Seas --- Jody King Erickson (360) 223-2119 jody.erickson77@yahoo.
Last week's photo of Princess Cove, on Wallace Island, BC, was correctly identified by Jim Gibson. Scott McEniry's guess was close. Princess Cove is a delightful anchorage in the Gulf Islands, protected from almost all directions, well worth a stop in the route north or south.
    This week we have a view of an urban waterfront, not so protected and not at all secluded. If you know the location, send your answer to

Jib Sheet Editor this week is Joe Coons.
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