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When you see a Member wearing a BLUE name badge, it means they're from out of town...Welcome them to our Clubhouse!
LIGHTED BOAT PARADE HELP: Call Mick Corcoran, 360-319-5448 or
6, Thu, 6:00, Gingerbread Creations (Story)
7, Fri, 5:00, LG, F@5, Lighted Boat Parade & New Member (Story) 
8, Sat, Lighted Boat Parade (Trophies & Party follows) (Story)
12, Wed, 7-9, CR, Anchoring and Mooring Class (Story)_
14, Fri, Fri@6, White elephant gift exchange
21, Fri, Fri@5, "Winter Solstice"
31, Mo, New Year's Eve Party

3, Mon, 5, FB Giants-Wash
5, Wed, "Warm Wednesday" (Story)
10, Mon, 5, FB Tex-Pats
 & 6pm, CR, Investment Club (Story)

12, Wed, "Warm Wednesday"

Jan 26, Sat, Boat Show Bus
Feb 3, Sun, Annual Super- bowl Party & Chili Cookoff
Feb 15, F@5, Member Mixer
Mar 16, Sat, St. Patricks Day Party
Mar 23, Sat, Club Scrub

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DECEMBER 4-10, 2012....


A LOT IS CHANGING!  Commodore Jody has appointed a committee with three co-chairs, Joe Coons, Steve Moore, and Terry Tavelli, that are the Club's Member Communications Czars! They have a primary goal of sending you only two emails in the average week, the Jib Sheet from Joe, and the bulletins/highlights from Steve. Terry is going to have a link on the web site to a new "Scuttlebutt" blog to keep you up to date on all the news [when this is complete, we'll advise you here.]
    Here are some other changes: (1) We will no longer refer to "Sailors" and "Power Boaters".  Instead, we will be in the "Racing Fleet", the "Cruising Fleet", or both.  This should make help our team spirit. (The czars will edit out the old terms.)  (2) There is a new section (see left) where we will list volunteer opportunities.  Please call the contact if you can help. (3) We are trying hard to make the Jib Sheet a quick read!  In a hurry?  Just look at the left column and skip the in-depth details unless you're interested!  (4) Membership-Wide emails will not be sent because someone forgot to plan an event fully!  Extra emails will only be sent in true emergencies (i.e. "The Club has no electricity" or "The liquor Board shut us down"). (5) The three of us have full authority and are the right guy first: Joe for the Jib Sheet, Steve for the emails, and Terry for BYC.ORG.
    Thanks to everyone for giving this a good try during the next few months while we try to do better. We welcome your questions or comments at!

THIS WEEK...check listings on left, too!

THE LIGHTED BOAT PARADES ARE FRIDAY & SATURDAY, 12/7 & 12/8!  Boaters register (free) and pick up numbers 3:30- 5PM Friday and post them on the starboard side of their boats (you have to do this to be eligible for prizers!)  "Boats Away" is at 6:00 pm on Friday (to avoid the ferry departure) and 5:30 on Saturday, with the parade beginning about 30 minutes later at the Fairhaven ferry dock; time your departure accordingly.  All the info plus map and forms is here!
    FRIDAY is a time to bring prospective members to the Club after the parade (see next story)...there's a party especially to appeal to them, and Friday at Five features chili, cornbread, salad, and sweets plus your offerings.  SATURDAY will be the traditional post-parade soup supper, prize awards and singing led by Joe Coons, Neil Bennett and Ray Poorman.  It's all free and it's all fun!

OUR MEMBERSHIP DRIVE IS ON!  Through month-end, the Board is waiving the usual initiation fee of $200 for active resident memberships! Please promote this rare opportunity for a boating friend; and if you identify a candidate soon, bring them to the Lighted Boat Parade party on Friday night, December 7 (see above story).  The club will be decorated in its finest holiday décor. There will be other great events over the next 6 weeks to which to bring visitors. Please join me promoting this during the holidays (hey: why not have your buddy’s spouse give a BYC Membership for Christmas?)  Come down and grow our BYC family! --- Angie Santosuosso, Membership Chair
KNITTING & CROCHETING:  Join the WhyKnots this "Warm Wednesday"?  Learn how to knit/learn new techniques/enjoy your fav drink (this week: a "Snuggler") and knit with others in front of our cozy fireplace!  Sound like fun? Come down and join the WhyKnots; all levels from beginners to advanced are welcome!  We will have appetizers and snacks and the Bar will be open.  This week Elva of Wear On Earth Consignments and Yarn Shop of Lynden will be there with a wonderful yarn selection and her knitting experience. More info: Kathy Brown at 

NEXT WEEK...check listings on left, too!

ANCHORING SEMINAR NEXT WEEK! You've heard of scope and rode. But what about kedging, or kellets? The Education Committee's second US Power Squadron seminar is Wednesday night, 12/12, 7pm. Open to the public with a special price of $20 for BYC members (bring your friends). This is one of six seminars that to improve your Seamanship, making you a safer boater; safer skippers inspire confidence and everyone has more fun. (Thanks to all who attended last week's Rules Seminar a success!  --- Tom Dalgliesh, Education Committee Chair
FRIDAY AT FIVE on the 14th features a full smorgasbord..and a white elephant gift exchange if you want to participate.  Full details in the next Jib Sheet. 

GREETING$ FROM THE HIGH CURREN$EA INVE$TMENT CLUB! We hope you have gains on your investments in spite of the stressed condition of the U.S. economy. Happily, the portfolio of our investment club has been positive with excellent member guidance. Latest news from the financial world suggests more improvement if we don't fall off the "cliff" on 12/31! BYC Members are welcome to attend our meetings as a guests, or join us on the second Monday of each month (next meeting 12/10) at 6:30 PM in the Commodores Room. Informal, informative and conducted in a social setting! --- Alex Marr


THANK YOU, PAST COMMODORE TERRY TAVELLI! A BYC hero, over the past weeks he has completely updated our web site, moving it to a new server based in Denver.  Using his industry connections, Terry got us a low price yet top-drawer service, and now he's going through our site to make it clean, fresh, and easy to use, eliminating the problems we've had from downtime and hackers.  (This is not to understate the great work that Ray and Sally Poorman have done since the site's inception years ago -- they helped us mightily, even though their time has been severely limited recently.  We owe them a lot!)  Terry has some big new ideas, and as they get implemented I think you'll find BYC.ORG is a growing source of information about your Club, Boating, and all subjects related to them.  --- Joe Coons


LAST WEEK WAS A SUCCESS!  On Wednesday more Adults than kids showed up for the Gingerbread project, but that didn't stop us from supporting Junior Sailing.  Jack Santosuosso had lots of adults to help him!  This Thursday another Gingerbread Boat decorating event is at 6 pm.  Bring your kids and grand kids and have fun.  Thank you, Bart Maupin, you rock!
    What a Blue Moon Friday at 5!  Terrific music and food.  The event was widely attended and everyone seemed to have a wonderful time. Thanks to all of those members that helped create such a wonderful evening, especially Kathy Brown and Anna and Arne Ahlen who helped cook all the food!
    Please do not forget that there is the first time ever “Why Knots” meeting at 6 pm on Warm Wednesday this week, then, on Friday and Saturday, the Lighted Boat Parade!  See the stories above.  As always, Hats off to our wonderful membership! You make our club!  Fair Winds and Happy HolidaysJody King Erickson


No one correctly identified last week's picture, taken at a South Carolina seafoot buffet. Dave New was close, though, noting the palmetto tree in the background and guessing a location in Georgia. A few others suggested that the boat was the next project to be undertaken by Craig or Gordon.
    There are no palmettos in this week's picture. If you know the location, send your answer to
Jib Sheet Editor this week is Joe Coons.
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