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This is a VERY full edition!  So much stuff going on!  I hope to see everyone at the Nominations night -- be there to support the future of YOUR club! 
...And a very special THANK YOU to everyone that supported this year's Pink Boat Regatta.  We WILL make a difference!
Remember to send any comments, suggestions or stories to:
5-6 September  PITCH Regatta
12 September  Commodore's Picnic (and Race!)
18-20 September  Poets Cove Cruise
19-20  DJOD Regatta

Open 5PM Wed - Sat

Wed: Hawaiian Burgers
Thurs: Carne Asada
Fri: Potlucks

September Bartenders

7am-8pm  Sun - Sat

 Diesel engine maintenance

Silver Reef Casino
Harbor Fuel
Hardware Sales
LFS Marine Outdoors
Redden Marine Supply
HUB International, Northwest
Spinnaker Financial Group
Gary Baker - Caldwell Banker
Dawn Durand - Windermere
Joe Sulham - Fairhaven
Dale Serbousek - Remax
Bellingham Marine Repair

Marine Consultants, Inc., Marine Surveyors and Consultants
Orca Marine Cooling Systems
Pacific Marine Electric
Radar Marine Electronics
Rasmussen Marine Electric
San Juan Electronics
Special-T Signs and Graphics
Squalicum Marine Canvas
TD Curran Apple Specialists
Top-to-Bottom Diving and Marine Services
Tri-County Diesel Marine

West Coast Marine Services
Wilson Motors
Bellhaven Yacht Sales & Charters
Bellingham Yacht & Charters
Bullfrog Boats Inc.
NW Explorations Sales & Charters
San Juan Sailing
September 1-7, 2015

WED: 2 Sept: Burgers and Brats; THURS: 3 Sept: Monica's Mexican;  FRI4 Sept: PITCH burgers;  SAT: 5 Sept: PITCH Tri-Tip SUN:  6 Sept:  PITCH awards and menu from Windows on the Bay
Nomination Night is Wednesday
The Nominations Committee is busy seeking out Active Members in Good Standing for the office of Fleet Captain and four Trustee Positions.  Be sure to attend the Nominations meeting at 6pm on Wednesday to see who's running and feel free to raise your hand and nominate someone (or yourself!) if you feel you know a qualified and willing candidate.
Announcement of a
General Membership Meeting on
Wednesday September 2 @ 7 PM

After the BYC Nominations there will be a BYC General Membership Meeting.   There will be a couple new By-Law Changes that must be voted on by the General Membership, as well as an opportunity to talk with the BYC Officers and Trustees and voice any concerns.
Jonathan Knowles - Commodore


The painters say they need one, maybe two more days of painting (when its not raining) and some touch-up and they will be done! Also, after we get some problem areas that still need to be dealt with on our end taken care of, then they'll come back and paint those areas as well. 
-Trustee Rick Laursen



It’s PITCH weekend! Here’s the bar schedule:

WED: Burgers and Hempler brats hot off the grill!

THUR: Monica’s Mexican, featuring carne asada and those tasty bean burritos!

FRI: Burgers on the grill by the PITCH Regatta Committee and the Dead Pirates Society!

SAT: Tri Tip dinner for PITCH racers and club members!

SUN: PITCH awards after the race with Windows on the Bay providing the menu!

See you in the lounge!  -- Steve


It was an explosion of pink in the BYC Clubhouse at the close of the Pink Boat Regatta.  Winds of 15 to 20 kept most boats in shortened sail mode, but kudos to Jeff Vernon and his Uncle Pervy's Wild Ride that showed us all just what a wild ride looks like!  Shown above near the Pink Beauty, Ashley Bell (CEO of the Pink Boat Regatta) went on to sail with Overall Winner on Garufa, skippered by PC Michele Bennett (along with Apus Foredeckus extraordinaire, Rick Laursen).  The BYC regatta raised over
$6,500.00 - thanks to the generosity of the Bellingham and Anacortes racers, friends, family and Yacht Club communities.  Also, ‘in the money’ was BYC boat, Blackfoot, skippered by Cathy Holland, winning the Pinkest Boat award, indicative of their ‘Pink Attitude’.
Full results at
Next up is Seattle's turn on September 13 -- and yes, you can still donate to your favorite Bellingham boat!

Thanks to all who have volunteered to serve on the PITCH race committee.

We still have a few unfilled jobs on the mark boats if you would like to be out on the water this weekend with an up close look at the starts and mark roundings.

Call Randy Nulle @ 360-220-9842 if you can help on either day.

Randy Nulle


In sailing fleet news, we are looking forward to the Commodore's Cup and a fun race to Inati Bay to join the festivities of the Commodore's Picnic on September 12th. Following that, the Marmetta Cup, with the ever-fun pursuit start will be September 26th. Skippers meeting for both will be at 9am at the club. 

-Bart Maupin, Sail Fleet Captain


DJOD could use some help PLEASE


We are in the final stages of preparations for the 2015 Dale Jepsen One Design Regatta.  This is a fantastic event, with sailors from Portland to Vancouver coming to our town to do battle on the bumpy waters of Bellingham Bay.  We are still in need a few folks to help us on shore.  It would be great to have folks to man the buffet and to set up on both days.  Also...  Does anyone have an ability to set up a Karaoke machine??  Christian did it last year and it was outstanding.  We are in need of someone who has the ability to make it happen again.  We could use a couple bodies on Saturday morning for registration and to sell t shirts.


Please step up to make our club look great. We are nothing more than the sum of our effort.



Mike Poulos, Chair 360 676 4263


I finally was able to get photos from the Buccaneers Cruise uploaded to the Club's Flickr account.  Enjoy!

Poets Cove Cruise – SIGN UP NOW
September 18-20, 2015
"A Celebration of the Salish Sea"


For those who have not yet signed up for Poets Cove, please go to the Cruising Page at the BYC Website and sign up.  We need to confirm dinner arrangements for Saturday night, and you want to make sure you get your favorite slip!

Click here to read all the details and to reserve your spot!

Save-the-Date -- Sept 12-14

The annual Commodore's Picnic will be held September 12-14 at Inati Bay.  This event is fun for the whole family and you won't want to miss it.  More details to follow soon.  To register, go to


We are looking for a skipper to take us to the Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival Sept. 11-13.  Our boat is a 1965 Grenfell, 36 ft., single screw.  Can't pay, but can promise good food, drinks and company!
-(New member) Judy Harding (

WOW… that was the Mother of all Wind Storms last Saturday.   The strongest winds I’ve ever seen on Bellingham Bay.  I was in the Club House on Saturday morning going over the upcoming BYC Elections with Dick Labadie... and looking out over the Bay, noticed it was a sea of white from the wave and spray.  Next, Dick and I heard a big crash outside, and upon investigation, noticed a large 6 foot piece of metal flashing on the back stairs to the bar.  However, upon looking around from our vantage point to the side and front of the club, we could not figure out where it had come from… perhaps it was just a piece of scrap blew off the roof?   I got a call from Mark Santosousso asking to check his mooring lines, and it was when we looked at the club from the C-West vantage point, we noticed that all the flashing, 90’ of it,  above the deck had been ripped and the plywood sheeting peeled back.
Thanks to Mark Santososso, Tim Thompson, Shaun Thompson, Troy  & Cory Curran, who temporarily secured the roof back down until I can call the roofers and our Insurance Company on Monday.
During the peak of the wind storm, Dick and I went down to check on the Youth Dock at Zuanich.  It was crazy!  The wind had turned to the east and barreled straight down inside the East Entrance.  The youth dock was being hit by 40mph winds and 1’ – 2’ waves were spraying all over the J24, Optis and FJ’s.  By the time we arrived at the dock, a couple of Good Samaritans from the WWU Sailing Team had already been plucking Opti’s out of the water.  As we started to secure the boats down, members Chris Jacobs, Tim Thompson and Susan Henderson showed up to lend a hand.
Next I went down to check out the BYC Laser Dock at F-East, which had ripped out its dock cleats during a storm last winter.  Although it was still attached to the dock, and all the boats were OK, a big 5’ chunk of the 2x4 support structure that a mooring line was attached to, had been ripped off.
An unusual crazy scene later that afternoon, when I was attending a wedding at the Zuanich Boat House, was noticing a solo power boat blazing around in the bay in the rough seas.  It was Tom Day taking his newly built Hard Drive Marine Landing Craft out for a joy ride!   (Actually, he was doing some sea trials, since he designed the boat for the waters up in Alaska!).  I just imagined him with an ear-to-ear boyish grin on his face.
This upcoming week is going to be busy…  BYC Elections kick off with Nominations Night on Wednesday.  We have one candidate who intends to run for Fleet Captain and so far 7 candidates for the 4 Trustee positions (See the Nomination Announcement above).
Our annual PITCH Regatta kicks off on Friday, with the traditional BBQ Burger Night as out-of-towners arrive.  The racing beings on Saturday and runs through Sunday. All members are encouraged to purchase dinner tickets and attend the Saturday Party after racing.  Let's all cheer for our Bellingham Yacht Club racing teams for a repeat win of the Kelly O’Neil team trophy.
The dues notices will be going out next week and will reflect a nominal increase of $30.   This increase, which is still below the inflation/cost of living, is necessary for many reasons... one of which is a change in our lease terms with Windows on the Bay Catering, that will allow us more access to the use of a professional kitchen - which will in turn allow the club to offer more services and amenities to the membership.

And finally in two weeks, on Saturday September 12, is the BYC Commodores Picnic & Race.  This event signals the end of the summer boating season, and my term as Commodore.   The Commodores Picnic is a long-standing BYC Tradition that celebrates ALL BYC Commodores.  It has been held at our Inati Bay Outstation for over 40 years.  This year, I’ve asked Monica to come up with a “Mexenormous” menu that will include my favorite food groups… Carne Asada, Camaróns, Carnitas and fresh caught Crab Tostadas.    A passenger shuttle to Inati will be available from the BYC Guest Dock. On a personal note, I’m appealing to all my Sailing/Racing friends to participate in this year’s Commodore Cup (fun) race to Inati Bay for the Picnic.
Now it's time to get back to cleaning up all the downed trees and broken branches…
Commodore Jonathan

This Week's Photo Contest

Last week's photograph was of a no-longer-in-use fish cannery near Ketchikan, Alaska. No one correctly identified the location.


This week we see a busy harbor. If you know the location, send your answer to


Signs that mean business!

   Jib Sheet Editor this week is Past Commodore, Michele Bennett
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