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In this Issue:

  • Election Results from Last Wednesday
  • NEW MEMBERS NIGHT this Saturday
  • SURVEY Coming to You Next Week!
  • Welcome to MORE NEW MEMBERS...
  • New SAILING BOOK CLUB Initiated!
  • How the Club's Payments are Processed
  • Dale Jepsen One Design Regatta Report

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ELECTIONS HELD, Bridge includes Bennett. Curran, Erickson & Bodtke, Trustees are Joe Bartlett, Don Jorgenson, Sally Poorman & Michael Poulos

With tight balloting and one tie, the Members of our Bellingham Yacht Club selected new officers for the year 2010-2011.  Michele Hurst Bennett was elected to be our next Commodore; Troy Curran was chosen as Vice Commodore; Jody Erickson moves to Rear Commodore, and Michele Bodtke was chosen as Fleet Captain.  Three positions were contested, with Jody opposed by Gary Baker and Michele Bodtke by Mick Corcoran.  In the Vice Commodore Race, John Gargett ran against Troy, and they tied!  John graciously conceded the election to Troy, who was the incumbent Rear Commodore so he could move up.

It was a tight race, and Commodore Pete Foti (who will become Past Commodore, unopposed!) thanked all the candidates who ran for office, including the five other Trustee nominees, Tom Aston, Pam Heward, Arne Ahlen and Geoff Chamness, plus Dick Labadie, whom we failed to mention in our Tuesday Bulletin.  Apologies, Dick!

NEW MEMBERS NIGHT SATURDAY highlights Social Committee Report

Jane Sylvester and Missy Steffen report: Fall is upon us and there are several programs planned for the upcoming weeks:

This Saturday night we will host a special night for new BYC members. The event will start at 5:00 pm with special drink prices of $3 and yummy appetizers.  New members since January 2010 will be honored at this event, so if you joined our Club this year, please come!  Of course, everyone is welcome --- all you "old" Members please come and help make our new members welcome! 

Margarita night was held a couple weeks ago and was a great hit.  We plan to have more of those events...if you want to see your favorite drink featured as a special let us know!  

A brunch is planned for October --- we promise the date next week --- so  be watching for more information.  Of course, the gala event on the 13th of November will be the annual gala Commodore’s Ball (see Roster Section 1B, page 14 for a description of this Club-year highlight.)  Also in the planning is a Wine Tasting Night, and Oktoberfest.

Monday night football began last night and continues (thanks, Bob Kehoe) and Thursday night is cribbage night (thanks, John Gargett). 

We are looking forward to the months ahead and  many special events! --- Missy and Jane

Monday Night Football EVERY WEEK!

Thanks to volunteer Bob Kehoe who spearheaded it, you can enjoy Monday Night Football on our Club's five flat screen TV's every week during the season, and the Superbowl next January...and if Seattle makes it, the playoffs, too!  Wine and draft beer and well drinks (Mt. Gay and Crown Royal are among the upscale well brands at our Club) are only $2.50 on Monday nights!  And...the Etchells Fleet will be grilling cheeseburgers and Polish Sausage every Monday Night too!  Proceeds from the Fleet's modest food prices go towards the High School Sailing Team.

Bring your snacks and appetizers to make it more fun...and cheer on your favorites.  Start time is the same as the game in your newspaper or TV schedule each week!
The new access system for the BYC bar and downstairs hall doors is operational.

If you had a code for entry in the old door locks,  you will receive an email on using your code on the new system.  Access for all active members is in the works and details for obtaining a code will come forth soon. (The office door still uses the "old" lock system and if you currently have office access, your office code still functions.)

The new system supports key card access in addition to digits.  If you use a key card for access somewhere else, you may be able to supply your existing key card information; or, if you wish not to just have a numeric code, you can purchase a new key card for use at the club.  Details will follow on this option as well…

IMPORTANT!!!  The bar door code 262625 will no longer allow entry into the club.  If you use this code (or are using any other members code) for access, you need to obtain your own code.  Please email Al Callery at and upon authorization, you will be issued your own code and instructions for use.

REMEMBER!!  Your new code should not be shared with others. Please respect this Club policy.  All access to the Club is now logged, and we will be reviewing door usage to control misuse.  Thank You!   --- Ray Poorman & All Callery

Look for the BYC Questionnaire.  We want to hear from You!

By September 28, a BYC Questionnaire will be made available to every member of our Club.  When you respond, we will be better able to serve you!
You can get the questionnaire four ways: It will be sent to your email by the “Pirate Survey” system and you can respond directly on line; Steve Moore will send it to your email address as an attachment and you can drop it in the Club’s Survey Box in the Lounge or mail it to the Club; You can pick up a copy by the box in the Club; or you can get it from the BYC.ORG website.

Look for your copy next week, and be sure to submit a response for yourself (and every member of your family, if possible) by October 12 so they can be tabulated and included in a report to the Board of Trustees on October 14th and to you, too! 

Thanks!   --- The Marketing Steering Committee

Club Scrub is Saturday, October 9, 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

The annual Club Scrub is scheduled for Saturday, October 9, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Please put it on your calendars now!  This is a great opportunity to help your Club and get to know our Members one-on-one, and it’s fun, too.
Here’s how it works: There will be a lists of tasks to be done on a table when you come in.  Pick your task and go to work, simple as that.  Routine things, like cleaning chores and office filing, changing bulbs and tidying up storage areas.  Complicated tasks, including possibly electric or carpentry work (volunteers in these areas, bring your most-used tools, please.) And every-year things: Cleaning the walk-in cooler.  Painting.  And this year things, too, like organizing and inventorying the downstairs pantry…and getting rid of excess stuff there.

Yes, if you wish, you can volunteer early. Call John Van Haalen at (360) 650-9319 or email him at to get a specific choice of tasks or to discuss what you can do. 

If you’re a member, please be there, and if you’re an officer or trustee, you should be there.  There are also fun, small benefits for you: free pizza and liquid refreshments at the end of the session, coffee and doughnuts at the start.  The Club Scrub saves the Club a maintenance bundle, thanks to all of you volunteers who come down for it!


Here are the new Members who’ve joined us this month, and were approved at last week’s Board of Trustees’ meeting:

Steve & Kathy Jacobsen, Active Members.  They’re moving to Bellingham this month, so they will have a new address; they presently live at 2013 Hillside Drive NE, Tacoma, WA 98422, 253-961-6932 cell,, with a 35’ Sail: Jeanneau 35 named ‘Just Talkin’ II’.

John Stocklass, an new Active Member, 3137 Brown Road, Ferndale, WA 98248, 360-927-3239 cell,, Sails an Etchells named ‘Beauzeaux’.

Paula McCandlis Dozal & Joe Dozal, Active Members, 1806 G Street, Bellingham, WA 98225, 360-220-9157 cell,, sailing a Sun 27 named ‘Anna Gyjerine’.

 Robert & Susan Kimsey, Non-Resident Members, 3837 Evelyn Drive, Salt Lake City, UT 84124, 801-913-1137 cell,, power boaters with a 65’ Hampton named ‘Rejoice’.

Jan Geleynse, another Active Member, 2225 Walnut Street, Bellingham, WA 98225, 360-319-2128 cell,, no boat right now.

Welcome to all of you!  Hope to see you Saturday night…

A New Sailing Book Club is Initiated...!

A New Bellingham Yacht Club Sailing Fleet Book Club will be meeting every Wednesday for 6 weeks beginning October 6th through November 17th from 7 p.m. until 9 p.m. to read and discuss the book “Understanding the Racing Rules of Sailing through 2012”  by Dave Perry, all-American Sailor and Champion racer, coach, teacher and sailboat racing author. (This book contains the complete text of the ISAF Racing Rules of Sailing and US SAILING Prescriptions)

No Boating or Sailboat Racing experience required!  The BYC Sailing Fleet Book Club is open to all, from youth sailors, to new sailors, to advanced racers and anyone who has an interest in learning and discussing books on Sailboat Racing.   In addition to discussion with novices and experts alike, the sessions will include Racing Rules Quizzes to test your knowledge. There is no cost for this event. To register, send your name, phone # and e-mail address to Jon Knowles, call 360-303-5465.   A more detailed discussion and book detail is here.

How your Club payments are now processed...

Many of you have inquired about the BYC's forms for registering for events, making membership payments, and paying club invoices.  We have 
always had the ability to build secure forms, however this year the club was required to make significant changes to meet new PCI 
Compliance standards, This required every online form in the BYC to be rewritten to interface with the new systems, additional verification abilities, and and new procedures to be put in place.

The result is a two part system for all forms.  Each event or payment type has it's own submission form, it notifies the applicable parties 
of a registration and/or payment description.  For instance the PITCH form notifies the PITCH committee, and the accounts office.  This 
allows us to gather and distribute additional information not allowed by a secure payment system.  The second step of the form uses allows 
the user to make credit card payments via Google Checkout or mail in a payment by check.

For credit card processing we chose Google Checkout as our payment provider. The interface with the forms is easier to maintain, allows payment directly into the existing BYC club accounts, increases the privacy of financial data, and allows extensive auditing. If you have never used Google Checkout it is an excellent way to set up on-line payments.  The first time you pay you will be required to set up an account, if you have an existing Google Email, or ID you may tie the checkout account to your google ID.  If you do not have a Google ID, or want to set up a separate payment account you will need your current email address, and to choose a strong password of at least 8 characters.  Once you have created the account and entered your credit card information, you may continue and pay the invoice.  In the future you can pay other BYC invoices, or make secure online payments to other vendors reducing the risk of disclosing your credit card data!  The club never receives your credit card number, only the payment, reducing the risk of fraud and identity theft!

As always we strive to improve the capabilities of our club, and welcome your comments and questions.  --- Past Commodore Ray Poorman [Ray is our on-line guru, contributing countless hours of work on our systems! --- ed.]

Dale Jepsen One Design Regatta (DJOD) Report...

The 2010 Dale Jepsen One Design Regatta (D.J.O.D.) in conjunction with the Laser District 6 Championship went off well, with 65 boats lining up on 2 courses to do battle with old friends and nemeses. Conditions were challenging for racers and for the crack race committee, with the first day bringing light wind and the second day bringing on the thunder.  On day one, Division B banged off 4 races, while the Lasers on Division A got a nice sun tan as they wallowed in their boats.  Jamie Ashton and Michele Bodke worked hard to line things up , with several false starts.  Eventually, they did manage to get off one light wind race.  On Day 2, the tables were turned on their heads.  Boats on course B were blown off the course while the Lasers stayed and did battle in 18 to 25 knots.  The Laser course managed to get 4 races off, while the One Design Course squeaked out 2 light wind races after coming back from a postponement. 

Kyle Martin from the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club won the Laser event.  He was also the overall trophy winner.  Lily Grimshaw braved the winds on Tuesday in a full rig, being the only female competitor on both days.  Robyn Lesh managed to get second place in the radial division behind a very strong Hanne Weaver, who ended up throwing out a bullet after 5.  We had all of the functioning BYC Bytes fired up and ready to go.   The kids made a gallant effort on Sunday, but the elements proved too much. It was a good day for the kids to practice their upside down sailing techniques as 25 knot puffs would send them tumbling over. Jeffrey Werner brought home the gold medal after his first place performance on Saturday.

On Course B, Ken Marshak continued to dominate the A CAT fleet, while Spencer Snapp and crew from Port Townsend rocked the 11 boat 505 fleet. Flying Scots were in attendance from as far south as Vancouver Washington.  Bryan Tyrell and crew took the prize again this year.  The dwindling Northwest Tasar fleet also had a presence, with boats coming from Portland to Vancouver.  Julian Hannabuss from the Jericho Sailing Center in Vancouver B.C. took first prize honors.

We had a great party, with free beer sponsored by Hand Therapy Incorporated.  The folks at Samson did not disappoint, with another generous helping of high quality rope.  We also had some great prizes from the folks at our local West Marine.  West Coast Sailing in Portland was a title sponsor.  They provided the T shirts for that course, and owner George Yioulos came up to school us with his Laser Sailing prowess.

This was another fantastic event that could not have happened without the support of more than 35 volunteers.  For those of you who helped, thank you very much.  We will begin planning shortly for next year.  It will be better than this one.  I would love to attain the elusive goal of 100 boats on the water.  With your help next year, I'm sure we can make it happen.   --- Michael Poulos 
Hey, there, you old P.C.'s...Don't forget the dinner this Thursday, 5:30 at the Clubhouse!

Remember to submit your articles to  Deadline is Monday noon.

Fairwinds and Following Seas, your JibSheet editors.

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