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May 11, Around Lummi Race
May 17-19, Cruise to LaConner
June 14-15, Luau/Pig Roast


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May 17, Fri, F@5 
May 31, Blue Moon F@5

May 17-19, LaConner Cruise

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MAY 7-MAY 13, 2013

A FABULOUS OPENING DAY! Results and more in our Commodore's Column, below!

SPECIAL NOTICE: This Saturday the Club opening is delayed until 7:00 p.m.  Sorry for the inconvenience. --- Mark Schmerler

IT'S GETTING CLOSE: The May Cruise to LaConner is just 11 days away: See the story below and reserve now! 

IT'S HERE: The BYC Automatic Payment Option (Direct Debit)! We have gotten a good response so far from savvy people who appreciate what a convenience it will be for all, and we strongly encourage everyone to sign up today. If you didn't get the letter, send a note to Click if you missed the prior announcements! --- Mike Welsh, Asst. Treasurer

OPEN HOUSE REPORTWhat a great Open House we had on April 27th. In spite of rain and chilly weather, lots of visitors turned out for the day of activities at our Club, and we garnered a lot of new Members as a result.  Angie Santosuosso was chair of the event, and she was assisted by nearly every Club committee as we were on hand to tell everyone about our BYC.  Tables were set up to explain programs and activities, lots of Members were on hand to connect with guests to answer questions, and each activity drew a crowd, especially (surprise!) the beer tasting! it was fun meeting new members and chatting with interested visitors. Our thanks to all our current members who helped make the day such a welcoming event, and a hearty WELCOME to all those who joined the BYC.
PAST COMMODORE PAYOFF:  The Past Commodores, in the person of their President, Steve Ross, once again presented a check to the Club at the Opening Day Ceremonies.  The check, enough to pay for half the Inati Bay lease and for the entire web site expense, is just one of the PCs' contributions to the Club.  Thanks, ladies and gentlemen!

BURGER TIME EVERY WEDNESDAY...  The traditional Burger & Beer for racing nights continues. Patties with cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, chip and condiment complements start coming off the grill around 6:00.  (Matt Ouilette, chair, could still use another volunteer or two for future Wednesdays...

THE WAY WE WERE... Did you know that the BYC once had annual revenues of over one million dollars, a membership of over one thousand voting members, and several employees dedicated just to its management?  We have written a brief article (click here) about our Club in the early 1990’s – the years when the club changed from an underutilized, large, restaurant/bar/social club to the smaller organization that was the forerunner to today's BYC. We hope this provides insight into the "why" of our studies and planning for future Club management! --- The Policy and Planning Committee

GREAT SAILING CLASS OPPORTUNITY: The Club is now offering sailing classes aboard our Ranger 26 Sailboat with Bob Hollinsworth.  The initial class dates are May 18 & 19 for the first class session and June 1 & 2 for the second. What a great opportunity! For full information, click here! --- Arne Ahlen

COOKBOOK CONTRIBUTOR REWARD!  You can get a free copy of the historic BYC “Mates Favorites” cookbook by sending just six of your favorite recipes to the cookbook committee!  They’re doing this because they need to have quite a few more recipes submitted in order to bring out the new edition economically.  It’s easy to send in recipes with the online form at Members.BYC.Org. Here is a great flyer prepared by the Committee, or for full details, click here. --- Alex Marr

YOUTH SAILING BEGINS SOON: The Summer 2013 Leisure Guide published in the Bellingham Herald came out Sunday, May 5.  This is the last big ad for our summer youth sailing program.  Help spread the word on this great activity!  Though registrations are ahead of last year, there are still spots available for all the program's weeks (ten sessions starting 6/24-8/30).  Registration available online at --- Arne Ahlen

HELLO CRUISERS! The La Conner Cruise is set for May 17, 18 & 19, and you can come by Sea or by Land… With 250 feet of dock space on either side of the south visitors dock (that's nearest to town) reserved, we can have a total of 500 feet of reserved space for the nights of May 17 and 18.  There is also a great parking area for “Land Yachts” if you chose to come by land!
    To make your reservations for dock space, each boat needs to do this with the LaConner Marina on their own, online first at, and then call 360-466-3118 to give them the first night's payment by credit card.
    We’ll start out with a dock party on Friday evening, May 17Saturday, you're on your own to enjoy the shops and restaurants of Laconner. In the early afternoon there will be Wine Tasting at Washington Sips and then a Sunday Morning breakfast on the dock hosted by Mike Crawford.
    Cruisemasters are Mike Crawford, Mary Burns and Joe & Carol Young, For information call Carol at 360-739-4796.

     The Bellingham Yacht Club has been rocking this past week.  Friday at 5 was such a hit with Andy & Kathy Brown's Southern Pulled Pork!  Everyone enjoyed the food and from what was reported there was not a drop left in any of the pans.  Special thanks to Andy and Kathy for their help and organization of a wonderful pre-Opening Day Friday at 5!  Thanks also to everyone who brought items to share.
    Opening Day was spectacular this year.  The buffet was nice, and the ceremonies went very well.  The sun came out and the temperatures were wonderful for the 2013 Parade.  Special thanks to Troy & Cori Curran for offering their Typhoon as the 2013 Opening Day Committee Boat.  The parade was terrific.  Commodore’s Choice award went to PC Steve Ross and his crew on Serendipity. The People’s Choice award went to Mary and Mike and their crew on M & M.  The Best of Parade award went to Gordy Lavigueure & Mona Wilson and their crew on Lavitude.  I must admit, Gordy, you went all out and it showed...what a spectacular display, especially the floating horse…it was amazing!  I so enjoyed it! Special thanks to all those volunteers that helped make our Opening Day such a success, especially all the Pirates that went over and above to make the day a special one with grog and delicious food!   And a special thank you to Bishop Kevin for all his well wishes and a Blessing of our Fleets! I also want to thank our speakers at the ceremony; everyone stepped up to make this year’s 2013 event a special one. It was awesome!
The Ships Store added a few new items for the Opening Day of Boating.  We now have T-shirts and hats to add to our store!  Be sure to stop in and see the new digs.  Special thanks to the Ship’s Store Committee for all the help in developing this for our members.  (We are out of Burgees but will be getting those in within the next few weeks.  Thank you Mike Welsh for helping us out with that reorder.)
    This week brings a week of sunshine to get everyone out and thinking about being on the water with those special friends and the summer months that wait us.  Don’t forget that Sunday is Mom's day.  Remember your mom and have a wonderful week ahead.
    Fair Winds and Following Seas --- Jody King Erickson
Rob and Lisa McCardle (in separate entries), Mark Harding, Jib Gibson, and Marsha Riek all correctly identified last week's picture of Iguazu (or Iguassu) Falls, on the border between Argentina and Brazil. Thanks to John Van Haalen for the photo.
    This week's picture is on another inland waterway, one that carries both pleasure and commercial traffic. If you know the location, please send your answer to Thanks to all who participate and happy boating season!

Jib Sheet Editor this week is Joe Coons.
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