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Youth Open Sail at Zuanich Point Park
Around Lummi Island Race/Summer Solstice BBQ at Inati Bay June 21-22nd
Fri @ 5 Dick Johnson Potluck


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Weds: Hamburgers/Brats
Thurs: Tacos

Fri: June 20: F@5 Potluck
Fri: June 27: F@5 

June 21-22nd Around Lummi Island Race/Summer Solstice BBQ at Inati Bay
July 3-6th Garrison Bay-July 4th Rendezvous/Cruise/Raft Up
July 11-13th Sucia Island Luau Cruise/Rendezvous
July 18-20th Past Commodore's Cruise 
August 2nd Commodore's Picnic at Inati Bay
August 22-24th Buccaneer's Cruise at Inati Bay
September 13-29th Desolation Sound Cruise
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JUNE 17-23, 2014
    WED:  June 18 - 5PM Burgers and Brats
    THURS: July 19th Youth Open Sail at Zuanich Point Park
    FRI @ 5 June 20 -All volunteer potluck--Come and share your memories of Dick Johnson 
    NEW MEMBER ORIENTATION June 18th 6:30-7:30 in the Ward Room
June 21st-22nd
     PORT TOWNSEND BOAT WIRING WORKSHOP June 24th (see article)
OUR COMMODORE'S COLUMN: It's been a week of great sadness and reflection at the club, with the news of Dick Johnson's death. I'm still expecting that Dick will be at the club the next time I walk through the door. His passing has left a huge void in all of our lives. 
The family is planning a celebration of Dick's life to be held on July 14th. I'll be working with Bill Apt, who is Dick's cousin, to coordinate with the family. We will reach out to you for help when the need presents itself. As for Katrina - everyone is working hard to find her a good home.
In the meantime, I feel we need to have a club gathering to share pictures, stories, and memories of our friendship and love for Dick. We may need to have more than one. I don't want too much time to pass before we gather for this purpose. So, because Dick was such a stalwart past commodore and member of the club, for so many years managing the bar for the club, helping to keep the club alive as it transitioned from full restaurant to volunteer club, this Friday@5, June 20th, we will have an 'all volunteer' pot-luck gathering. It's time to raise our glasses and toast the man who meant so much to the Bellingham Yacht Club. May he rest in peace. --- Serving you from the Helm, Michele Bodtke, Commodore (360) 720-4155
NEW MEMBER ORIENTATION SESSION: Join us in the Ward Room at 6:30 on Wednesday, June 18 for our presentation Bellingham Yacht Club - What's It All About? Find out who we are, how we are organized, how we do things, and what it means to be a member. This is YOUR club, and we want you to get the most out of it. Commodore Michele will be there along with other "seasoned" members to help answer your questionsWe look forward to seeing you! ---Marian Welsh
THIS WEEK MARKS THE START OF YOUTH SAILING! On Thursday, June 19th we will be hosting our first youth open sail. Between 11am & 4pm the Zuanich dinghy dock will be busy with instructors and kids new to sailing. This event is open to all local youth that have registered with Megan Link. Places are still available, please see visit for details.
Also starting this week you will be able to catch the youth race team out on the water going through their drills on Monday and Thursday evenings throughout the summer. Give them a wave as they pass you....Mike Powell - Youth Fleet Captain 310-877-7940360-306-8336


THE DOWNSTAIRS REMODEL FUNDRAISING TEAM IS STILL HOPEFUL!  If you haven't yet had a chance, please take a moment to make a donation of any amount toward the beautiful remodel of the Ward Room and Youth Sailing area downstairs. Here is a link to connect you to our BYC.ORG website where you can make a donation to help the Club recover it's well-spent money on this beautiful project. *We will contact you personally to OK any mention of your gift. THANK YOU! --- Joe Coons
FOR SALESailing Dinghy and Trailer - Cute and Fun!  See pic here. 9.5’ cat-rigged sailing dinghy, comes with oars, fenders, cushions, and a trailer. Asking $1200 O.B.O. Just add water and kids! ---PC Michele Bennett
LEARN TO WIRE YOUR BOAT AT PORT TOWNSEND WORKSHOP June 24, 2014, 9am - 4pm. For details, see the flyer here.
A GREAT MEMBER BENEFIT! Sea Magazine is offering us a free year's subscription! All you have to do is click here.

WED: “Come on down” for ‘burgers ’n brats hot off the grill, starting at 5 and continuing on ‘till the fleet comes in!
THU: Don’t miss Gringo Tacos!  Oh, yeah! 
FRI@5: June 20th, we will have an 'all volunteer' pot-luck gathering, in honor of Dick Johnson. As a guideline, members who's last name begins with A to H please bring a salad, last name I to R bring a main dish, last name S to Z bring a dessert. If you have a specialty and it doesn't fit this breakdown, don't worry just bring it. Thank you! --- Steve Hayward

*June 21-22nd* Around Lummi
Island Race/Summer Solstice BBQ at Inati Bay ---Contact Bart Maupin: cell 360-201-1650 or email:
*July 3-6th* Garrison Bay-July4th Rendezvous/Cruise/Raft Up ---Contact Jamie & Pete Foti:
cell 360-319-6992 or home 360-734-8226 or email:
*July 11-13th* Sucia Island Luau Cruise/Rendezvous ---Contact Angie Santosuosso: cell 360-319-7863 or
*July 18-20th* Past Commodore's Cruise ---Contact Jody Erickson: Cell: 360-223-2119  Email:
*August 2nd* Commodore's Picnic at Inati Bay ---Contact Michele Bodkte: cell 360-720-4155 or
*August 22-24th* Buccaneer's Cruise at Inati Bay ---Contact Shaun Thompson: cell 360-661-1327 or email:b.shaun.thompson@gmail.comGinger Thompson: cell 360-303-5346 or
*September 13-29th* Desolation Sound Cruise ---Contact Rich Hanset: cell 408-839-1530 or email:

AROUND LUMMI ISLAND RACE/SUMMER SOLSTICE BBQ AT INATI BAY Our next rendezvous/cruise is this weekend, Saturday, June 21st to 22nd at Inati Bay! This cruise will be combined with a sailing race from Bellingham Bay around Lummi Island. The race begins in Bellingham Bay near the club and goes out and around Lummi Island and ends at Inati Bay. After the race, the sailors will meet over at Inati Bay and join the rest of the cruisers for the Summer Solstice BBQ Party. This will be a great opportunity for our sailing-racing fleet and cruisers to hangout together and celebrate the longest days of summer at our beautiful Inati Bay!
   In order to make this event a success, Bart is looking for volunteers to help coordinate food and supplies at Inati Bay. Bart Maupin is the contact person for this event. You can contact him for further information and to offer help with this event by his cell (360)201-1650 or email: Thank you! Submitted by: ---Angie Santosuosso

Ahoy and Aloha to my fellow BYC friends and cruisers!!! I am beginning to plan for another wonderful cruise and I really need your help!!!  We need volunteers who would like to help with the BYC Sucia Island Luau Cruise which will take place on the weekend of July 11-13th.  As you know I have been very busy planning all of the cruises this year and now it's time to share the fun and joy of hosting and helping with this event. This is a Family Luau Cruise where we'd like to have both children and adult luau themed games as well as a BIG Hawaiian themed Luau BBQ. In order to make this a great event, it will take some coordination and group effort to get the food, supplies and games to Sucia and to set up and clean up after our cruise. ***WE HAVE THE ENTIRE GROUP SHELTER AREA BETWEEN ECHO BAY AND SHALLOW BAY RESERVED FOR THE WEEKEND*** Please call or email me if you can help out.  I love to plan cruises for you, my fellow BYC friends, however, it would be easier and more fun to have extra help! Aloha and thank you for your support! ---Angie Santosuosso Cell: 360-319-7863 email:

PAST COMMODORE'S CRUISE: Rosario Resort Marina July 18, 19, & 20, 2014Let’s celebrate an “Old Fashioned Summa time Picnic!” The Past Commodore’s Cruise to Rosario Resort Marina on Orcas Island is right around the corner! Be sure to put the dates on your calendars!! Boaters need to get their slip reservation in ASAP!! click here for more info..
    There is going to be an organizational meeting for this event on Monday June 30th at Nikki’s at 6:00pm for anyone who would like to help in creating this grand event. Please come, everyone is welcome! This is going to be a wonderful event with lots of things to do for all ages! 
    Here are a few things we have planned for this event:
Friday Night: Pot luck on the dock.
Saturday: Lots of fun things to do! Hiking, trip to the Farmer's Market, Golf (BYC 1st Annual Tournament?), SPA Days, a visit to Orcas Island Yacht Club, an afternoon at the Pool? The Picnic will start in the afternoon with many events for the kids as well as adults. Get ready for sack races, Bocci Ball, Horse Shoes, and of course a Crab Feast!  We may even crank up a few freezers of Homemade Ice Cream! Yum! We will have a good menu for everyone to enjoy and many special beverages for everyone, young ones, drinkers, and non drinkers as well!. Hope to see all of you there for a weekend filled with FUN!
Sunday: Breakfast on the Dock!
    Thanks to all of our members who make our club a success. Just come join the fun! Help us celebrate an “Old Fashioned Summa Time Picnic!”  ---Past Commodore Jody King Erickson

FALL CRUISE: DESOLATION SOUND Updated details here. There's a meeting on 8/11, the cruise is 9/13-9/28. --- Rich Hanset, Cruisemaster

SAILING NEWS: AROUND LUMMI ISLAND RACE/SUMMER SOLSTICE BBQ AT INATI BAY Our next rendezvous/race/cruise is this weekend, Saturday and Sunday, June 21st to 22nd at Inati Bay! This cruise will be combined with a sailing race from Bellingham Bay around Lummi Island. We are still looking for a cruiser or anyone planning on being at Inati on Saturday who would be willing to light the BBQ as the racing fleet finishes. Drop me an email if you’re interested.--- Bart Maupin
SEND OFF PARTY FOR OUR ADVENTUROUS OCEAN RACERS! On July 7, 2014, BYC’s own Ward Naviaux and Anacortes’ Andy Schwenk will begin their quest…a double-handed race to Hawaii on Ward’s Santa Cruz 27 Blade Runner in the 2014 Pacific Cup from San Francisco, CA to Kaneohe, HI.
    Also in July, BYC members Donna Olsen, Evan Walker and Lee Falta, along with ‘Bellinghamsters’ Brian Lawrence, Vince Townrow and Dean Headstrom will compete in the Victoria to Maui race to Hawaii on the mighty Passepartout, a Stevens 47 out of Anacortes Yacht Club.
   In the true spirit of the Bellingham Yacht Club a send off party was enjoyed on Saturday night by supporters with wonderful snacks and a special ‘Blade Runner’ drink concocted by SteveScott and Cathy, who were 'rushed off their feet', trying to keep up with the orders! Everyone joined together to wish these teams all the best on their great adventures! ---Neil Bennett, Fleet Captain, BYC, PHRHF Handicapper, BYC, Pink Boat Regatta Chair 2014, BYC 206.919.0371

13th BIENNIAL PACIFIC RIM CHALLENGE REGATTA RETURNING TO BYC IN SEPTEMBER 2014! This will be the third time, since its formal beginning in 1990 here in Bellingham, that the PacRim Regatta will be held here. This is truly an event that puts the Bellingham Yacht Club, along with the Bellingham Sister Cites Association on the International Stage. Here's a little history.
    From September 6-13, 2014 we will be hosting racers and ambassadors from around the Pacific Rim again here in Bellingham. Join competitive racing sailors from Japan, Russia, Canada, Australia and New Zealand for five days of exciting buoy racing in Etchells and San Juan 24’s. All Whatcom County Yacht Club members racing sailors are encouraged to applyMore information and application is here!  ---
Fleet Captain Neil Bennett
BE A HOST FAMILY FOR PAC RIM REGATTA PARTICIPANTS! Would You Like To Host A Couple For The Pacific Rim Regatta at Bellingham Yacht Club In September 2014!?
    One of the most rewarding experiences is to host a couple from another country. This September 6th-13th is a truly unique opportunity for the members of the Bellingham Yacht Club to host the racers and Ambassadors coming to the Bellingham Yacht Club for the Pacific Rim Regatta. 
    Being a host requires little more than opening your home to house our participants, ensure they arrive at the BYC each morning and picking them up in the evening. Our schedule is posted on the BYC Website (Pacrim.BYC.Org).  To apply, you simply need to go click on the link on the main page or you can access it here
    Also, as a host, you are cordially invited to participate in the morning and evening activities, and will be able to attend (at a modest cost), the opening and closing ceremonies as well as special events planned for the Ambassadors throughout the week.
    If you would like to participate, please sign up at the BYC Website, and if you have any questions, you can contact Teresa Van Haalen (  Teresa is coordinating the hosting for this important community event.

BE 'IN THE KNOW'! Would You Like To Follow What Is Happening For The PacRim Regatta This September? You can follow what is planned for PacRim 2014 by going to PacRim2014.Com and subscribing to our official site by clicking on the Follow button in the upper right corner.  This is a great way to keep up to date on what is planned and on new posts.
THIS WEEK'S QUOTE: Sailing a boat calls for quick action, a blending of feeling with the wind and water as well as with the very heart and soul of the boat itself. Sailing teaches alertness and courage and gives in return a joyousness and peace that but few sports afford. ---George Matthew Adams

STEVE ROSS'S PHOTO CONTEST: Saturna Island, as viewed from Boundary Buoy, was the subject of last week's photoScott McEniry named a nearby island, no one else was close.
    This week we shift our focus from an island to a lake. If you know the location, send your answer to

   Jib Sheet Editor this week is Cathy Franklin
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