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WEEK OF JULY 19-25, 2011

  • Muddling through: News from Our Bar
  • Our Commodore's Message: Friends to the Rescue
  • A Member Reports From Hawaii
  • The Ross Quiz Continues...

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Bar Open: Wed-Sat 5PM - Close Bartenders: Wed & Fri Paid; Thu. Terry Tavelli; Sat. Heather Rettmer
Special Activities this Week: Thu 6pm CRm Board Mtg; Thu 6pm WRm CG Aux; Sat 10am CRm Windows/Bay


The 18th Annual Moore Invitational is tomorrow, Wednesday, July 20st at 6:00 (1800 hours). ALL CLASSES will start in one (1) start!   NO DINGHY’S in the race, and the Race Committee will set the course.

There will be a Pot Luck at the Clubhouse immediately following the race, so be sure and bring a Potluck to share with all!

The Clubhouse will open at 4:15 if you’d like to put your dish in the Club.   --- Past Commodore Steve Moore

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The club’s Learn to Sail program has grown tremendously over the past several years due to the time and energy Steve Kersey has put into it. Today we have a strong youth instruction program and a fleet of dinghies, including seven new FJs. The club has actively supported youth sailing and the newly formed high school sailing team. With this growth comes change, continued opportunities, and new responsibilities.
The club is poised at a point of decision – how to continue to maintain the Learn to Sail program, and just as important, deciding the long range planning goals. Many issues need attention, including: maintenance of the Learn to Sail Program, use and management of the sailboat fleet, costs & fees, the clubs role in the high school sailing team.
I would like to put a planning group together to address these issues and others that pertain to sailing instruction and boat management. I expect the committee would meet regularly until a long range plan and attendant policies have been drafted, accepted by the board and put into practice. This is important work and will help determine the direction the club will take into the future. If you are interested in participating on this committee please call me at 360-720-4155.
Thank you for your consideration,
Michele Bodtke,
Fleet Captain 


We're just about two-thirds of the way to our goal. (We want to wrap it up so we can put up the plaque with the list of contributors on it!)  Our latest donors include Jan Geleynse, Michele & Neil Bennett, and Bud & Alana Hansen.  We need the other $1200 to get over the top; I told our Board we could hit this goal, so I'm hanging out there for all to see!

If you can donate, please make a contribution to the project. You can send your check to Treasurer, Bellingham Yacht Club, 2625 S. Harbor Loop, Bellingham, WA 98225, or you can contribute with cash, check or credit card any time the bar is open.  Thank you!  --- Joe Coons

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The 30th and 31st of this month is our now annual Crab Fest which will be held at Inati Bay.  Our Commodore went out this weekend and had no problem catching crab and so you do not want to miss this family fun raft up at Inati Bay.

This will be a relaxing raft up and crab fest, and it is probable the first boats will arrive Friday night, July 29th.

This entire cruise will be an evolving cruise, meaning that who ever shows up will be participating. There is no formal schedule, this is a raft and Crab Fest up for fun.  Here's the schedule:  
Friday & Saturday: Boats away from Bellingham and over to Inati Bay.    
For those of you that can make it Friday night: Lets plan on a beach fire and have some great stories by the fire. Maybe also some of those s’mores! (These beach fires are so much fun, we will just have to do it again on Saturday evening!) Oh, and did anyone say this was a Crab Fest?  Better haul the pots before dinner!  
Saturday morning: (at a time when everyone is ready) – A Potluck Breakfast. Now this might be on the boats, it might be on the shore, but the goal is to just continue to relax and have a good time with your friends from the Bellingham Yacht Club.  
Saturday afternoon: (or late morning, whenever) – Play on the beach. Maybe hikes on Lummi. Maybe a little napping. Maybe a little reading, but for sure, setting the Crab Pots for Saturday Dinner.  
Saturday night: Beach Fire. Oh, and did anyone say this was a Crab Fest?  Better haul the pots before dinner!  
Sunday: Well, Sunday we will head back home, but probably not before another potluck, hike, beach relaxing…..

If you have never been to one of our Bellingham Yacht Club's raft ups at Inati Bay, now is your chance. The only formality is the date. It is a great nearby location for family and boating fun. It might be 5 boats, it might be 50, but head on over!

For Information Contact John Gargett, 656-5700,


Wayne Kelsoe gave a thoughtful, but incorrect, answer to the canal question. The correct answer is the Gota Canal in Sweden.

The ship garnered several correct answers. Dean Altschuler, Phil Dyer, and Lisa McArdle all identified it as one of the Viking burial ships in Oslo. (They were used for sailing before they bore their charges to Valhalla.)

This week's photo is of a special landmark.

Send your guesses about what they are to Steve Ross at

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The Missing Muddler
Last month there was a request for a cocktail with “Muddled” Lime & Lemon.  Apparently, this requires the use of a “Muddler???.    When it comes to cocktails, unless it involves a bottle cap opener or a 16 oz frosted mug, I’m clueless!    So, I Googled "muddler"!  Apparently it's a small little wood billy-club-looking thingy used to mash fruits and spices into Cocktails.  Now, armed with this knowledge, I headed down to the local Cash & Carry to pick me up one (1) Muddler.   Then, for a week, the Bar was a bit more upscale and able to offer “Muddled” drinks.  Well… it was a short lived rise into the upper echelons of our society, because by the following week, the Muddler was Missing!

Why anyone would be interested in looting our now-indispensible Muddler is beyond me… perhaps for use as an instrument of torture to get a realcitrat crew in line? “Trim those sails now you scurvy dog  or I will deny you of Muddled Cocktails!”

If you know of the location of the Bar’s Muddler,  please return it. No Questions Asked!
Wednesday Night Mess Deck:  Moore Invitational Regatta Pot Luck
There will be no regular racing this Wednesday, instead it will be the 18th Annual Moore Invitational & Potluck for sailors not heading to WIRW (which is most everyone!)  If you either plan to race or come down for post race party, please bring a potluck dish to share.

Thanks go out to Bob Kehoe and Missy Steffen for cooking Fajita Tacos for the Wednesday Sailors.  It was big hit @ $1.00 a Taco, with all proceeds used to help offset the Women on the Water Regatta.   Over 60 tacos sold in about an hour!
Thursday Night Joint CYC/BYC Racing $5 Burger & Beer Special
Because of the Moore Invitational on Wednesday, the $5 Burger and Beer special is being moved to Thursday for CYC’s Thursday Night Racing Series.   Using our special Liquor license endorsement, all Thursday night Racers and their Crew are invited into the club for post racing socializing.  Even if you’re not a racer, come down and meet some of the races and enjoy a $5 Burger & Beer ($3 for a Burger & Soft Drink).
--- Jonathan Knowles, Bar Chair & Chief Muddler


Do you sometimes find yourself asking ‘why do I bother to belong to a club?’  ‘I don’t need anybody to enjoy my boat – so why should I join?’ 

I’ll give you one answer:  camaraderie.  It’s that feeling of fellowship that exists whenever you leave the harbor – even if you are just going out by yourself. 

Here's a quick example… on Sunday, husband Neil, Fleet Captain Bodtke, and boat dogs, Mocha and Mambo were out on Garufa to gather our crab pots.  On the way back, Garufa’s engine started to cough and sputter and what was supposed to be a ‘quick trip’ (even in a sailboat) was soon developing into a very slow limp towards home.  Around Star Rock, the engine quit completely.  Not one to panic too easily, we hoisted a sail and grabbed our cell phones.  (hint:  keep a copy of your BYC membership book on board your boat)   Call number 2 found success.  PC Ray Poorman and his wife, Sally, were headed north from Seattle by car...  

We explained our dilemma and they happily diverted towards the harbor, hopped into SunStar and motored out to assist.  Though we tried to sail in, a sudden untimely wind shift had us slipping closer to the breakwater than we wanted, so Ray tossed a line to Neil, I doused the sail, and Michele kept us off the rocks.  A short tow to our slip and we were safe and sound once more. 

Now, I’m not suggesting that belonging to the BYC guarantees you a free towing service, but it was comforting to know that there were friends willing to help. 

Our membership contains a wealth of knowledge and experience on so many levels.  Are you baffled by a boat problem and aren’t sure who to call?  Toss a question out to the members in the Jibsheet (  You’ll probably get more advice than you thought was possible!

At your service,
Commodore Michele

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This is from one of our newest members, John and Patricia Harris, whose boat was damaged in the tsunami that hit Hawaii.  Repaired, they are now headed north – destination Bellingham!  (Forwarded by Commodore Michele Bennett)

From: John Harris <>
Subject: Sailing beyond the gyre
Date: Approximately July 15, 2011

After pleasant upwind sailing in sunny weather for 8 days, Kehaulani found calm seas and squalls at 35 degrees north. We alternately motored and sailed slowly until we finally found consistent westerlies at 45 degrees north. Our barometer topped out at 1040 millibars, the highest I've seen. The water and air are quite cold, and we're wearing our fleece and weather gear. We did enjoy a couple of albacore tuna, who kindly joined us for dinner.

We've sailed 1400 miles so far, about 1200 to go.

The so called gyre was fortunately much less littered than we had heard. We saw occasional floats and bits of fishing nets, but not much more debris than we've seen elsewhere. There are 5 boats in our radio net, and we covered the high pressure area rather thoroughly, and nobody found Oprah's floating garbage dump. Not to say we humans aren't trashing our planet, but the North Pacific isn't as bad --- yet --- as it has been described.

We're presently tacking downwind in 10 knot westerlies. The grib predicts slightly higher winds as we move further east. We have plenty of food, fuel and water. ETA undetermined yet, but we hope to be in Bellingham by the first week in August.  --- John

Dear Family and Friends,
John does such a good job of communicating about our travels!!! I am not adding    
much...just a note about my observations.

It is impossible not to appreciate the many colors, shapes, forms and textures of the elements of God's creation that we are dealing with every day...the wind, the waves, the ocean beneath and the skies above, including many inhabitants of these spaces!

The beauty of the soaring Albatross (continually shying away from my camera, I might add!!!)is quite different from my earlier concept from photos or drawings of the Albatross( admittedly derived from my limited exposure)  We have seen seals pop up behind the boat waiting for us to toss them a fish and then disappear with lightning speed (btw, seals do not go for buttered toast!)  Sadly, we also saw in the distance a large seal with what looked like a fishing net draped over his head, meaning his days are now numbered.

Many days in the last two weeks have ended in unique but beautiful sunsets, different from the Caribbean or South Pacific varieties, both in colors and styles.  Yesterday, however, could be termed a "Study in Grays" with little variation between the sea and the sky, making it very difficult to appreciate (and photograph?) the pod of silver gray dolphins that came dancing by the boat last evening. 
Of course, we all prefer those sunny blue sky days and inky nights full of dazzling stars, and so far this trip has yielded only a few of these.  Nevertheless, the first two weeks, just completed, have been a good sail, and I am very happy (right now) not to have missed this experience.  --- Pat


AT LAST, SUMMER IS HERE: Remember to submit your articles to  Deadline is Monday noon.

Fair Winds and Following Seas from your JibSheet editors: Kathy Brown, Joe Coons, and Jim Langei.

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