This week's BYC Jib Sheet

A BYC Fact:

The mirror above the wine bar in the  Upper Lounge lists the names of the scores of Volunteers that helped remodel our Club in 2010.

Special Events
28, Wed, 7-9, CR, Navigation Rules of the Road Class
7, Fri, 5:00, LG, F@5, Lighted Boat Parade & Member Drive Party (Story)
8, Sat, Lighted Boat Parade (Trophies & Party follows)
12, Wed, 7-9, CR, Anchoring and Mooring Class
14, Fri, Fri@6, White elephant gift exchange
21, Fri, Fri@5, "Winter Solstice"
31, Mo, New Year's Eve Party

Regular Events:
28, Wed, "Warm Wednesday", Knit Night
30, Fri, 5:00, Lg, Blue Moon F@5, Joe Young & Laurel Overstreet, vocals  
3, Mon, 5:00, MNF Giants at Washington

5, Wed, "Warm Wednesday"
10, Mon, 5:00, MNF Texans at  Patriots
12, Wed, "Warm Wednesday"

Save These Dates:

Jan 26, Sat, Boat Show Bus
Feb 15, F@5, Member Mixer
Mar 16, Sat, St. Patricks Day Party
Mar 23, Sat, Club Scrub

Our Sponsors:

Apple Specialists:
Autos:               Wilson Motors
Yacht Sales & Charters:
Canvas, Upholstery: 
Casino, Dining, Resort:
Catering Services & Facilities:
Commercial Internet & Network Integration:
Communications, Marketing: 
Electrical Repairs &
Supplies, Furnaces:
Engine Repairs &
Floral Designs:
Insurance, General
& Marine:
Marine Cooling Systems:
Marine Manufacturing:
Marine Services:
Marine Supplies:
Outboards, Stern Drives,
Boats & Repairs:
Printing Services: 
Realtors:     Dawn Durand, 
Security Systems & Locksmith:
Surveyors:   Matthew Harris 
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Upcoming Highlights:

Check the "Upcoming" events calendar on the left, too!

This Week...

(NEW) Our Youth Sailors are going to join the fun and make some ginger Boat houses for the Holiday Port at the POB.  Wednesday, November 28 at 6 is our first meeting. Bring your creativity and youth sailors and join the fun!  6 pm at the club on Wednesday the Ward Room!

Rules of the Road Seminar this week!  The first of the Education Committee's scheduled US Power Squadron seminars is happening at the club this Wed night, Nov 28, at 7pm. This seminar is open to the public with a special price of $20 for BYC members. So bring your friends. This is the first of six seminars that will improve your Seamanship skills and make you a safer boater. And it's no secret...safer skippers inspire confidence among their crew, and everyone has more fun. And while you're at it, mark your calendars for our second seminar, Anchoring, on December 12. See you there! --- Tom Dalgliesh, Education Committee Chair

IT'S A "BLUE MOON FRIDAY AT FIVE" this week at the Club. On Nov. 30th join us for lasagna, garlic bread and salad plus music by Joe Young and Laurel Overstreet (vocalist). The Bar will be open, the music playing, and good times to be had; leave the cooking and cleaning to us. Also, invite your friends to see what the BYC is all about! ( We have a great limited-time only Membership Special going on -- right now! (see below*)  It's hosted and sponsored by your Bellingham Yacht Club.

IT'S "SINK THE DINGHY" TIME AGAIN, when we pitch in for a good charitable cause.  This year we're setting the goal of raising $25,000 to fund a peremanent, annual BYC Scholarship at the Bellingham Technical College.  Each year's winner will be studying something to help with boats, i.e., welding, electronics, Diesel mechanics, etc.  We've already got $1,000's raised, and by Wednesday night I bet it's over $10,000...or even $15 or $20 thousand!  Bring your check in any'll hear more at F@5.

*GET A FRIEND’S ATTENTION!  Be ready by December 1st through New Years’ Day! Our BYC will be having a membership drive.  For just these 32 days the Board is waiving the usual initiation fee of $200 for active resident memberships! Please join all your officers and trustees by promoting this rare opportunity for a boating friend; and if you identify a candidate soon, you can bring them to the Lighted Boat Parade party on Friday night, December 7 (the awards celebration for participants is on Saturday).  The club will be decorated in its finest holiday décor. There will be other great events over the next 6 weeks to which to bring visitors. Please join me in helping to promote this membership drive during the holidays (hey: why not have your buddy’s spouse give a BYC Membership for Christmas?)  I’m looking forward to seeing you down at the club as well as growing our BYC family. --- Angie Santosuosso, Membership Chair

Next Week...

NEW: KNITTING & CROCHETING:  Why not join the WhyKnots next week, Dec. 5th, at Warm Wednesdays?  Learn how to knit/learn new knitting techniques/enjoy your fav drink and knit with others in front of our cozy BYC fireplace!  Sound like fun? Then come on down and join the WhyKnots -- all levels from beginners to advanced are welcomed!  We will have appetizers and snacks and the Bar will be open.  On the 5th, Elva of Wear On Earth Consignments and Yarn Shop of Lynden will be there with a wonderful yarn selection and her knitting experience.  See you next Wednesday at WhyKnots Knitting Circle on Warm Wednesdays.  For more info: please contact Kathy Brown at 

Boating News

For Everyone:

Note the dates to left for this year's Lighted Boat Parade.
New Classes for Boaters Scheduled!  We have scheduled three US Power Squadron seminars as well as a couple of fun education events, all right here at the club. The Power Squadron seminars will be open to the public with preferred pricing for BYC members. So bring your friends --- the dates are 11/28 and 12/12.  These are the first two of six seminars that will improve your Seamanship skills and make you a safer boater. And it's no secret...safer skippers inspire confidence among their crew, and everyone has more fun. --- Tom Dalgliesh, Education Committee Chair

GET THIS MOORAGE:  There is a 50' sublease Slip available from Dec 1. Thru June 1, at Gate 3, Lateral C, in front of the club! Contact Mark at 360-319-1880. 

For Racers:

See the first item above...and if you think your boat is fast, click this link!

For Cruisers:

Other than the first items above, no news this week.

For Youth Sailors:

Other than the first items above, no news this week.

For Fun & Fascination:

Steve Ross's Photo Contest:  No one correctly identified last week's photograph, taken on the Intracoastal Waterway in South Carolina.  This week we have a photograph of a "project" boat. Any guesses as to where this diamond in the rough might be located? Send your answers to

Club News

(New) New Members:

Ahoy! Just in time for the holidays! The Board recently approved the following additions to our membership rolls
  • Returning members Glenn and Janice Butler live in Bellingham and pilot a 42' Nordic Tug, True Blue. They are sponsored by Craig Henderson and Bob Simica.
  • Another returning Bellinghamster is Ray Gilbride. He pilots a Uniflite 36 named Alta Luna. Jonathan Knowles and Mike Welsh are his sponsors.
  • Mark and Lisa Harding moved recently from Connecticut to Bellingham. Enthusiastic sailors, they are currently boatless. Their sponsors are Mike and Marian Welsh and Jody Erickson.
Look for these new members at the club and introduce yourself. Make it a point to tell them about your favorite club activity, and to make it easier for members new and old, please remember to wear your name badge whenever you are in the club!


Commodore's Column:

    I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  While eating up those leftovers, remember to write those special recipes for the Cook Book Committee
    Youth Sailing is involving some of our young Sailors in the Port’s gingerbread house contest.  This will give our Club some exposure and holiday cheer!  If you have a little one who wants to participate contact Bart Maupin; you won’t want to miss seeing the fun the kids should have creating them…
    This Friday the 30th is a Blue Moon (BYC) sponsored F@5.  Joe Young and Laura Overstreet will be entertaining us and there will be food for everyone. Lasagna will be on hand with Salad and Garlic Bread! Enjoy  a good time and thank all our volunteers… please come down, bring some new guests and have some fun.
    Remember, on 12/1 we help kick off our new Membership Drive and Angie and her committee have a lot of fun-filled events planned!   Meanwhile, this weekend I’ll get a tree for our lower lounge.  If you can help decorate please give me a shout.  We’ll do it during Monday night football.
    I will publish our Committee Roster next week; board members, if you have corrections to the original draft you received, send them along.  All committee chairs will be calling their committee members to advise them of their next meeting. 
    We have a lot of events coming up in the Month of December….so please stay tuned.  The Calendar for next year will also be out within the next two weeks and should be posted on our website soon.
    Finally, remember the Lighted Boat Parade is just around the corner…. FC Mick Corcoran has a lot to tell you, so stay tuned!  If you can help, contact Mick.
    Enjoy the Holidays and all they have to bring!  Fair winds ~ Jody King Erickson

Other Club News:

    For the Lighted boat parade, December 7 & 8: Help Mick Corcoran, Fleet Captain, on either or both evenings by offering to take Members out on your boat for the Parade; helping with parade registration, or securing or donating prizes for participants.  Email Mick at
    For the Post-Parade Warming-Up Buffets & Parties both nights: Help Kathy Brown, Social Chairperson on either or both parade evenings with the buffets (soups, stews, bread or rolls, appetizers, cookies & sweets or clean-up; or with the partying itself (leading sing-alongs, providing music, or other festive activities.  Email
Fair seas from Joe Coons, Jib Sheet Editor.  Send stories by noon Monday to