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WEEK OF JUNE 21-27, 2011

  • The Commodore Reports on the Town Meeting
  • Featured Activities in our Bar this Week
  • More New Members Join Us
  • Coming Cruises Outlined
  • Volunteers Needed
  • An Etchells Regatta and an Etchells Report
  • Outdoor Furniture Delivered, Campaign Continues

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Bar Open: Wed-Sat 5PM - Close Bartenders: Wed & Fri Paid; Thu. Van Haalen's; Sat. Jim Langei, Arne Ahlen
Special Activities this Week: Sat 9AM Ward Room: Windows on the Bay | 2PM Comm Rm: Heart of Sailing

Sponsors: LFS Inc. Gary Baker Realtor Matthew Harris Surveyor | Hardware Sales, Inc.

Summer’s here!  What’s on your agenda?

Ah – the first day of summer.  Finally!  According to Cliff Mass’ weather blog, we may actually start experiencing some summer weather:   Cooler than normal for the next week or so but then we may well enjoy a normal summer from that point on.  Let’s hope he’s right!  So, what are your plans?  Are you planning an extended cruise?  Or perhaps just a few extended weekends to the Islands?  Whatever your agenda, send a quick note to the Jibsheet (Jibsheet@BYC.ORG) and let folks know… maybe there’s a few of you headed in the same direction and you can buddy-boat for a day or two.  Are you just back from somewhere?  Share your stories!  Poor Garufa hasn’t left the dock much this year, but Neil and the dogs and I hope to put a few miles under her keel before the snow flies again and we’ll be sure to share our “tails”.

Last week your Board met for its monthly meeting and we also held our quarterly Town Hall Meeting on Friday night.  The main topic was membership dues for the coming year.   For those of you that attended the Town Hall Meeting… thank you!  Your attendance and involvement is very much appreciated.  For those of you that did not attend, here’s a quick recap and a bit of background information:

According to the by-laws, the Board is allowed to raise the dues “CPI plus 5%” without having to go to the membership for a formal vote.  With the CPI last year being around 1%, the Board can raise the dues no more than 6% (or $21 for an active member).  In reviewing the financials, the Club has a current positive cash flow, but a negative net income -- so we’re paying our bills and have some money in the bank, but we’re not able to set aside enough to accommodate the depreciation.  Feeling that it is better to pay a little more now than the possibility of a lot more later, it was the Board’s recommendation that the dues be raised the full 6%.  When this was presented at the Town Hall Meeting, it was the feeling of the members present that they would be willing to pay $400 in dues (or an increase of $50).   There was also a discussion around a single-person membership category and a family membership category.  This would require a change to our existing by-laws and another vote by the membership.

So where do we go from here?  I will be calling a General Meeting of the Membership as soon as I can confirm a few schedules and find a date that will work.  More information will be sent to all including a proposal of a couple of motions to be voted upon, so please stay tuned to your Jibsheet.

At your service, Commodore Michele

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Wednesday Night Mess Deck:  $5 Burger & Beer
Bring the family down for Dinner on the BYC Deck Wednesday for $5 Burger & Beer Special and Kids have a $3 Burger & Soft Drink.  The forecast is calling for Summer this week.  (You might want to take advantage it if because I think we Fall will start next week!!)  

Please also show your appreciation for last week's last minute fill-in Cooks, Bob Kehoe and Tim Mumford.  These guys have saved my “Stern” more than once. 
New Beers On Tap
I’ve got 2 new kegs in the cooler ready to be tapped.  The Elysian Immortal IPA out of Seattle & the Chuckanut Brewery Pilsner.   

The Immortal is a great IPA.  It’s not as heavy as the Boundary Bay IPA, but equally tasty. This goes on tap once the Boundary Bay is emptied.  The Chuckanut Pilsner is an award winner beer from our local brewery down the street.  This beer was a great success at Dave Steffen’s 50th Birthday in which a small 5 gal keg was polished off in a couple of hours.    I would like to “unseat” Stella Artois with this local beer which is a better beer and better priced (and not distributed big bother Budweiser!).  

[No worries Stella fans, the 2-to-1 sales ratio you hold over all the other BYC beers will be a tough nut to break….. at least humor me with a taste!]
Jonathan Knowles, Bar Chair

We are certainly in the cruising and sailing season again, and the BYC has three great cruises planned:

The Crab Fest Cruise is July 30 & 31 when we will all go to Inati Bay for a relaxing raft up and crab fest weekend. 

The Buccaneers Cruise is August 19th, 20th & 21st, also over at our Inati Bay outstation.  This cruise, hosted by Troy and Cory Curran, is always a huge hit with the kids (and adults) with prizes for the best pirate costumes, treasure hunts and games for kids. 

This September 16th, 17th and 18th will be the 7th Annual Bellingham Yacht Club Autumn Equinox Cruise to Poets Cove Resort & Spa hosted by John Gargett & Patti White which will include the annual Saturna Island Wine & Harvest Festival and a planned French Ball on Saturday night.
In addition to these annual cruises, we also have six other events planned – a Joint Racing and Cruise fleet raft up at Sucia Island (August 5, 6 & 7), the annual Commodores Picnic at Inati Bay (September 10th & 11th), a new joint fleet Jack Island Race & Inati Bay Predicted Log (October 15th & 16th), Round the County – where the cruising fleet supports our racing team is November 11th, 12th & 13th, and finally the Lighted Boat Parade will be in December.
Information on all these cruises is available on the BYC Website by visiting or you can contact this years Cruise Chair, John Gargett at 360-656-5700.

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The following volunteers are needed:

Education Chair:  We have speakers lined up to speak and members eager to hear them… we just need someone to organize it.  Estimated time required: a couple hours a month.  Interested?  Contact:

Junior Sailing Chairman:  Steven Kersey has done an absolutely amazing job these past 4 years and has built the Junior Program to a very impressive level – but work and family demands have come to the forefront and Steven needs to take a step back.  Most of the organizing has been done for this season and Steven has promised to be available for questions, so you won’t be left high and dry.  Is one of your kids involved in the Junior Program??  Want to be part of the future of the BYC??  Come get involved!  Interested?  Contact:

Burgee Committee:  This could be a committee-of-one, or invite some friends to make it a team effort.  The burgees donated to us by visiting yacht clubs deserve to be showcased in a respectful manner.  They need to be inventoried and a proper display method derived that will complement our already beautiful interior.  Think you’re up for the task?  Interested?  Contact:

Bartenders:  John VanHaalen is on the hunt to add more volunteer bartenders to his pool.  No experience necessary – we’ll train you!  Interested?  Contact:


Jack and Linda Levine live in Lemont, Illinois and sail 36' Hunter named Friendly Confines.

Bernie and Rea Korthuis hail from Juneau and pilot Lindy Lu, a 48' Tollycraft.

Returning members Sue Cortelyou and Karen Bush are now leaving  the heat of Goodyear, AZ behind for summers aboard their 40' Bayliner Rocket here in our great Pacific Northwest.

Hopefully we will have a chance to catch all these new folks back in the club this summer. Be sure to say Hello!

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This weekend Bellingham’s Etchells Fleet 16 is hosting their annual regatta.  Teams from Bellingham and possibly Victoria, Seattle & Port Townsend will battle it out for two days on Bellingham Bay for the Championship Trophy.  This event will highlight the excitement and competiveness of  One-Design Sailboat Racing.

The International Etchells Fleet was founded by builder/designer Skip Etchells in 1967 on the East coast. Over the years, the fleet has developed into one of the most competitive one design fleets in the world. There are currently more than 800 active boats in 50 fleets around the world.

The Bellingham Etchells Fleet has been continuously active since 1981. The Fleet currently has an active membership of 10 boats. In addition to our regular Wednesday racing, the fleet holds an annual Etchells Regatta and participates in the PITCH Regatta. Our fleet members have participated in world championship regattas around the word, including events in San Diego, San Francisco and Perth.

Etchells racing is close and exciting with a premium placed on boat speed and tactics. The fleet is always open to new members.

You can view this event from a spectator boat and from Boulevard Park.   Race Committee Volunteers are still needed.  If can help out this weekend, please contact Sail Fleet Captain, Randy Nulle,


Why not contact our new member, Mark Schmerler, at 360-460-1419 and share your plans and thoughts?  It'll be his and Rozlynne's first trip aboard their trawler, and they'd love to share your ideas and experiences!


Our new four tables and 16 chairs arrive tomorrow (Wednesday 6/22) and we're excited to get them.  Please, if you can, help us pay for them by making a contribution at the bar or by mailing your check to Treasurer, Bellingham Yacht Club, 2625 S. Harbor Loop, Bellingham, WA 98225.  Thank you!  --- Joe Coons

Sponsors: Squalicum Marine  |  The Landings @ Colony Wharf  Tri County Diesel Marine


We explored the logistics of being open on July 4, and parking was a big problem.  It seems we can't reserve those precious parking spaces on Squalicum Harbor's busiest day of the year, according to our lease with the Port of Bellingham.  The result: Our Members would have to come to the Club before 6PM or so and then stay untril the lots cleared, as late as 11!  When we discussed this with the Membership at the "Town Hall Meeting", only a hgalf-dozen liked the idea, so we dropped it.  SORRY!


There has been some interest in another bartending class, but it takes four registrations to hold it.  We need bartenders (see above) and if you're interested, contact John Van Haalen at


BYC sends 4 teams to the Etchells World Championships

The International Etchells class held its annual world championships this past Jun 5-11 in San Diego, CA. BYC qualified and was represented by 4 separate teams this year. Qualifying Skippers that participated were reigning fleet champion Dave Steffan, Gary Baker, Tom Malone and John Pedlow.
The first day brought 10-12 kt breeze with lumpy seas. John Pedlow was sending daily reports back to the Etchells fleet at home and reported after the first day:  Dave just smoked the second race today.  He was in 2nd at the first 4 marks and ended up with a great 6th in the race.  This is a TOUGH fleet and congratulations are in order.  Tom is hanging well in the top half. John and Gary are well positioned to make their move! Beautiful weather good winds.  
As the week went on the winds got lighter and the preparation that Tom Malone and his team had put in started to show. Tom and his crew of Chris Glass and Any Walker turned in a very consistent regatta with their worst finish being a throw out 50th and their best a 16th. Although Dave’s 6th held up as the best finish of the week for the Bellingham team, in the end Tom, Chris and Andy won the battle of the Bellingham boats and finished a very respectable 34th out of 83 participants.
John’s daily reports really gave the flavor of what was happening with the conditions. He writes: The weather marks are particularly challenging.  It's easy to lose 10 of 15 boats in the last 200 yds of the beat.  There is a setting current at the mark and unless you are top 5, the water is really chopped up.  It you overstand, you let port tackers in and if you don't lay, it's very ugly. Team Pedlow sailed its best race so far with a 21st finish. We stand 45th in the regatta going into today's last race. The racing here is all about finding lanes you can live with.  Starts are always important, but getting upwind lanes may be more important.  Tom had a great start yesterday, but couldn't get to the right side soon enough.  We had a good start and were able to get to the right by ducking only 2 boats.  If you don't get a lane, you get "ping-ponged" up the beat. Yesterday was cloudy with a low marine layer obscuring Pt Loma at times.  We are all learning about the impact of the marine layer movement on wind - some of us the hard way! Our starts featured 3 general recalls and finally a black flag start that tossed 3 boats.  It was mostly a "go right" day with winds in the 8-12 range.  We sailed the 5 leg race with 2.4 mile weather legs.

Thanks to John Pedlow for those daily reports that kept everyone back home on the edge of their seats.
Also present at the regatta were our Pac Rim and PITCH friends from Victoria, BC. Kirk and Karen Palmer. The 5 of us along with another team from Seattle represented the Pacific NW very well and we all had a great time in San Diego. We should all be very proud that our club was so well represented at such a major, world class regatta!
Results can be seen at
Randy Nulle, Sail Fleet Captain

AT LAST, SUMMER IS HERE: Remember to submit your articles to  Deadline is Monday noon.

Fair Winds and Following Seas from your JibSheet editors: Kathy Brown, Joe Coons, and Jim Langei.

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