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October 25: Commodore's Ball!


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Weds: Hamburgers/Brats
Thurs: Tacos/Carne Asada

Fri: Potlucks

August 22-24th Buccaneer's Cruise at Inati Bay
September 13-29th Desolation Sound Cruise

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AUGUST 19-25, 2014
Welcome to KarMart, our newest Advertiser! Click "Autos" in left column!
WED: Aug 20 - 5pm Burgers and Brats THURS: Aug 21 - 5pm Carne Asada   FRI: Aug 22 - Friday at 5:00! C'mon down to your Club, bring a dish to share!  
WED: Aug. 27 - 5pm Burgers and Brats; THURS: Aug. 28 - 5pm Carne Asada    FRI: Aug 29: Come on down to your club! SAT: Closed (summer hours)
NEWS:  Jeffery Werner, Riley Allsop & Liam Hood took home the prestigious F. Gardner Cox Sportsmanship Trophy at the national 2014 Junior Sailing Championship. The award is US SAILING’s oldest Junior Championship sportsmanship award and is a perpetual trophy awarded per fleet to the team who exhibits the highest tradition in fairness during the regatta. The Herald story is hereCongratulations to this winning team!
(All events at Inati Bay) Friday Aug 22:
* Movies on the Beach - Double Feature The Goonies (PG) and Captain Ron (PG-13);  Potluck & BYOB - Grill Your Own & Side dish sharing 
Saturday Aug 23: (Round trip transportation for the day available.)
* Pirate Treasure Hunt for Kids & Adults; * Buccaneer BBQ - Pork Chops, Corn and Cold Salads' * Buccaneer Grog -  Soft Drinks and Keg Beer served with meal; * Pirate Karaoke; * Dungeness Derby (Crab Pots will be ready on the beach); * Best Pirate and Wench Contest for Kids & Adults; * S'mores Campfire Guitar Jam 
Sunday Aug 24:
* Morning Sunrise Coffee; * Pancake & Sausage Breakfast
Please drink responsibly and be respectful of all members and children.
SUNDAY, AUGUST 24, SPECIAL EVENT! The Summer Learn to Sail programs are coming to an end; we had a great year with around 160 courses having been provided to the youth of Bellingham!  Now, as a thank you and a send off to those who participated in our BYC sailing camps, we would like to invite students and families to our Sunday Sailing Send Off on Sunday, Aug. 24. With sailing between 10:30 a.m. and 2 p.m. followed by a barbecue at the BYC from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m., sailors and families are invited to come for the sailing, the barbecue or both! Parents/family members are also invited to watch students sail or even sail with the students them-selves.  Please RSVP to for the barbecue no later then Friday 22nd so we can plan food and supplies. 
   And thank you all so much for participating in our BYC summer sailing program. It's always amazing to see new enthusiasm and faces on the water! Hope to see you there! --- Mike Powell, Youth Fleet Captain & Megan Link, Program Coordinator

PITCH - RACE COMMITTEE! This is a great weekend on the water and lots of fun. We need some folks to help with race committee. It's easy - and if you've never joined us - don't worry, we'll teach you everything you need to know. We could use a few folks on the mark boats and some on the committee boats. The dates are August 30 and 31 - Labor Day weekend. If you are interested or have questions please contact Michele Bodtke, Race Officer, or 360-720-4155.  
MORE PITCH HELP: PITCH registration volunteers neededWant to help with PITCH but don’t have time to go out on the bay for the whole day? We will be needing volunteers to staff the registration desk at the upcoming KarMART PITCH regatta on Labor day weekend. August 29-31 If you can help work a one to  two hour shift on either FridaySaturday or Sunday afternoon or evening, please contact Linda Levine 360 756-7916 or No experience is necessary but there will be a cash register training session on Thursday evening 8/28 for all volunteers.
YOUTH FLEET PITCH FUNDRAISER: We are still collecting items for the youth fleet raffle to be held in conjunction with the KarMART PITCH regatta on 8/31. This has always been a great fundraiser for the youth fleet. If you have or know of any business that would be willing to donate a suitable item for the raffle please contact me at or Randy Nulle at --- Mike Powell, Youth Fleet Chair
PITCH POSTER UPDATE. Thanks to all of you that have helped spread PITCH posters these past weeks. We still need a few volunteers to post them around Puget Sound; our intent is to have them posted in every yacht club and marine store from Olympia to Vancouver, BC. We have covered Bellingham, Anacortes, Everett, Vancouver and Seattle but still  need help with the San Juan Islands, Victoria, Tacoma and Olympia.
Simply walk in with poster  and ask the manager for permission and the location to post. We have a stack of PITCH posters in the front BYC lobby and you are free to grab a few if you can post them in a place that potential entrants may see it, just make sure to let me know where it is so we don’t duplicate efforts. 
 Thanks! Randy Nulle 360-920-3178

PC Michele Bennett will pilot our Sailing Vessel Garufa around a race course on Bellingham Bay.  Three other Club boats, Spartan, Vitesse & G2 are also participating.   The purpose of the race is to raise money for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. The Pink Boat Regatta, is a 501(c)3 tax exempt production of Sound Contributions, of which our FC Neil Bennett is a Board member.
    You can help by ‘buying buoys’ in the form of donations to Garufa, Spartan, Vitesse or G2. Every $100 earns a buoy.  At the end of 3 hours, the boat with the most buoys passed, plus the donation buoys wins the ‘race’.
    For any single (individual or couple) who donates at least $100.00 to ANY ONE of the above boats, I will cook a Paella dinner, to be held at BYC, in September after the elections.
    Donations can be made by credit/card/paypal on line at – find Garufa on the right hand side, click on buy a bouy: it's easy. Or, mail check to:
Pink Boat Regatta, 2442 NW Market St #265, Seattle, WA 98103.
    Thanks for your support of Garufa, PC Michele, & the Breast Cancer Research Foundation!  --- F. C. Neil Bennett
FULL OR PART-TIME AMBASSADORS STILL NEEDED FOR FUN! In addition to Home Hosts (below), we need Ambassadors to join in the PacRim fun and help make our visitors comfortable. John Gargett has posted a terrific explanation here. Please take a look....If you can't get away for the whole time because of other obligations, they need part-time Ambassador's too!  Click here for detail on part-time involvement.
PACRIM NEEDS A LITTLE MORE HELP! The PacRim Committee is making a big effort to get the last few home hosts and Ambassadors for our visitors September 6-13th. It's a way to be involved in this historic, biennial event. It's a great way to feel truly international! Click here for this week's details from Chairman John Gargett.
SPEAKING OF PACRIM...The Hospitality Committee For PacRim 2014 is looking for some bakers to help out. We need some breakfast breads, muffins (or whatever you do best!) to serve our guests at the club each morning. We need these yummies eight days, Sept. 6 through Sept. 13. Pick the day(s) you can bring something, and let Gail Haines ( or Brenda Dennis ( know what you will provide. We will send reminders. Thanks for your help in getting our sailors and ambassadors off to a good start each day. If you want to come help serve, let us know. The more the merrier!
PACRIM STILL NEEDS ONE OR TWO HOME HOSTS! Thanks to the hard work of many volunteers we have just a few visitors coming to PacRim 2014 who haven't got confirmed home stays here. Hosting visitors from another Country is one of the most rewarding cultural experiences possible. Being a host requires little more than opening your home to house participants, ensure they arrive at the BYC each morning and picking them up in the evening. Our schedule is posted on the BYC Website (Pacrim.BYC.Org).
    As a host, you are cordially invited to participate in the morning and evening activities, and will be able to attend (at a modest cost), the opening and closing ceremonies as well as special events planned throughout the week.
    To participate, sign up at the BYC Website, or contact Teresa Van Haalen (  Teresa is the hosting coordinator.
BE 'IN THE KNOW'! You can follow what is planned for PacRim 2014 by going to PacRim2014.Com and subscribing to our official site by clicking on the Follow button in the upper right corner, a great way to keep up to date.
See You at the Club! -- Steve Hayward

*September 13-29th* Desolation Sound Cruise ---Contact Rich Hanset: cell 408-839-1530 or email: For more info, click here

CREW OPPORTUNITY TO DESOLATION SOUND! New member Mike Lewis is looking for 1-2 crew candidates to join him on his 1977 Tartan 30C sailboat "Jade" for the Desolation Sound cruise Sept.13-28. Prep work on the boat is being finished, and he'll be making practice cruises leading up to the cruise date; candidates or club members in general can join in. Mike is an experienced hobby fisherman with over 20 years trailer boat fishing experience around Vancouver I. and offshore to 24 miles, but only been sailing for a year. He got a Bareboat Cruising certificate last summer. He says "I'm adept at technical work, but have near-zero cooking skills, so candidates will hopefully bring theirs to not go hungry!"  If interested and available, please contact Mike at or 206-226-4899
Lots of PITCH, PACRIM, and PBR stories above: BIG NEWS!

See story at the top of this Jib Sheet and in the PITCH section... 

AHOY, EVERYONE! With PITCH, PACRIM, Youth Fleet Activities and Cruises, your Club is really humming this month and next! Put the BYC on your schedule to attewnd or even better, help out with some of these events. You'll have fun, be near our wonderful bay, and sharing time with folks who, just like you, love the water, the boats, and our great BYC Camaraderie! See you there...
Serving you from the Helm, Michele Bodtke, Commodore (360) 720-4155

Last week's photograph is of Entrance Island, just outside Nanaimo, BC. Dean Altschuler, Scott McEniry, & Jim Gibson correctly identified the location, while Quinn Selsor named a similar lighthouse. 
This week we see a busy, sunny beach. If you know the location, send your answer to

   Jib Sheet Editor this week is Joe Coons
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