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DECEMBER 31, 2013 - JANUARY 6, 2014
NEW YEAR'S EVE: There will be no formal party at the club this year - however, the club will be open. Come and spend the evening with friends, or drop in for a toast before heading out for the evening. And January 3rd will be a no-host Friday@5 - the first Friday of the year. Hope to see you there.
WELCOME OUR NEW BAR & LOUNGE MANAGER: Steve Hayward is our new BYC Bar & Lounge Manager, starting later this week. Steve and his wife Monica have spent most of the past several years in Arizona and Mexico, now returning here! Steve comes with years of experience, including owning and managing his own bar and restaurant. He has spent most of his life around yacht clubs, and is an avid boater. Steve will be on the job Thursday & Friday, and will be formally introduced at our next general membership meeting on January 8th. Stay tuned for for further meeting details - including the plans for that night's dinner in next week's Jib Sheet. ----- Michele Bodtke, Commodore
A VIVID REMINDER OF HOLIDAY FOOLISHNESS: A former Member writes: "With the holidays, I'd like to share a personal experience with you about drinking and driving. As you may know some of us have been known to have brushes with the authorities from time to time on the way home after a 'social session' out. Well, three days ago, I was out for an evening at a friend's home, and had several cocktails, followed by some nice red wine. Feeling jolly, I still had the sense to know that I may be over the limit. That's when I did something that I've never done before...I took a cab home! Sure enough, on the way home there was a police road block, but since it was a cab they waved it past. I arrived home safely without incident, a real relief and surprise, because I had never driven a cab before: I don't even know where I got it and now that it's in my garage I don't know what to do with it!!!"
It's events like this that cause us to always ask for your ID before serving you at the Club, and making sure you are OK.  Thanks for your co-operation!
TRADITIONAL PAST COMMODORE'S CRUISE DATE SET: PC Jody Erickson has set the Past Commodore's Cruise date for July 18-19-20 at Rosario Resort with lots of activities!  Put it on your calendars now and plan for a fun time! 
WE WILL STILL NEED VOLUNTEER BARTENDERS to help Steve cover events, except now there'll be a pro on hand to help with your bar duties.  Thanks to all our volunteer BT's...
WONDERFUL NEWS! On 12/20, in the spirit of holiday giving, Paul Myers was on deck with a presentation for Sink the Dinghy. This year our efforts have been focused on completing the funding for the Bellingham Technical College Foundation Endowment Fund, and on Friday we reached our goal! We now have raised over $25,000 - I am so proud of the our club and the generosity of it's members. The beauty is that the endowment is permanent, and a scholarship will be given each year in the name of the BYC to a student studying a marine-related trade. We should all be very proud! Thank you for digging deep and sharing with those less fortunate. --- Commodore Michele

THE ROSTER IS COMING, HERE ARE THREE THINGS TO DO (DEADLINE 1/26/2014): (1) Send your best photos for inclusion in our BYC Roster. If you're not already in the Roster (which is mailed around February 1), we want a good shot of your faces and your boat! (We can crop your photo for you!)  Look at this year's Roster photo pages in the back of the "Members" section to get an idea what we want. Send photos with the names of the subjects listed to  (2) Send us the name of organizations you work for. This will give our Members a list of BYC folks with whom they can do business.  They also go there... (3) Be sure you check your address in the your 2013 Roster to be sure it's correct; if not, let us know at! (4) Remember that the Roster address listings are never to be used for any solicitation of any kind not directly related to our BYC!  Thanks! --- Joe Coons. Roster Editor
CRUISING REMINDER: Angie Santosuosso is the BYC Cruise Chair for the 2013-2014 boating season. She has planned some amazing cruises for our members, including 3 on land and more than 10 on water!  We need you to help host one or more of them, to destinations such as Deer Harbor, Rosario Resort, Sucia, Friday Harbor, Anacortes, Poet's Cove, Desolation Sound and of course our own Inati Bay! She's done a lot of the groundwork, reserving slips and supplying basics needed; your job will be to help with the planning of activities and helping at the cruise. Contact her if you can help!  It'll be fun for all, including you!  Contact Angie at 360-319-7863
FOOTBALL AT THE BYC: No more Mondays this season, but as you'll read below, we'll be open for the Superbowl on Feb. 2, and also open whenever the Seahawks are playing in the NFC Playoffs. See you at our BYC!
CHRISTMAS PARTY WINNERS: We missed getting these names in last  week, but the winners of the male ugly sweater contest were Gordy Laviguere and Tom Day . The winners of the women's contest were Susan Henderson and Mona Wilson. The two winners for the kids were Maxwell Day and Jack Knowles. (Is it appropriate to congratulate winners of these contests?)
SATURDAY JAN. 25 IS THE BOAT SHOW BUS DATE! Leaving at 8:30 a.m. and returning at 7:30 p.m., you’ll have fun with no parking or ticket hassle, and admission to both shows (in the water and in the exhibition hall). On the bus, great food and drink both ways; only $45.00 P/P covers it all!  Sign up at BYC.ORG on line to have all the details properly recorded! Seats are limited…
THE SUPER BOWL PARTY IS SUNDAY FEBRUARY 2: With luck the Seahawks will be battling for the title as world champs!! Get your chili recipes out and tuned-up. We had 17 soups for the Lighted Boat Parade - let's see if we can get over 30 chills for the annual cook-off. The silver ladle trophy is on the line. Stay tuned for details. Super Bowl Party - February 2nd. With luck the Seahawks will be battling for the title as world champs!! Get your chili recipes out and tuned-up. We had 17 soups for the Lighted Boat Parade - let's see if we can get over 30 chills for the annual cook-off. The silver ladle trophy is on the line. Stay tuned for details. 

ABOUT FRIDAYS AT FIVE: We are returning to the original plan for Friday@5: Camaraderie at the end of the week, supplemented with appetizers and finger food provided by all those that attend! Of course, this does not preclude a group from sponsoring a Friday event, and providing more than finger food! If you or your group would like to do that, sponsor a Friday@5 you will be reimbursed up to $150 towards the cost of food. Please contact me if you would like to reserve a date. Commodore Michele or 360-720-4155
JOE COONS SAYS, "I'M GETTING OLD!"  That's why he's looking for some folks to help with writing and editing of the Jib Sheet and the Roster.  He has pledged to teach you all about the tasks, too, making you more computer-proficient.  He will train you and work with, at least for 2014, you'll do, at most, half of the job,  Call him at 739-1528 for details or email

FROM THE COMMODORE... Your Finance Committee and Board have been combing through the financial statements assessing the health of our club. The details are many (as you might imagine). My goal is to have a presentation ready for the February membership meeting that outlines our major expenditures both ongoing and long-term; income sources; and contingency savings. There are many facets to our club, including our responsibilities as owners of real estate and watercraft, and as a landlord. The bottom line is that we need to keep current with our liabilities, and this means, too, that we need to be sure we are generating enough revenue. 
    We have decided to take two approaches: 1) Run a more efficient bar and lounge, and 2) Be sure our bar prices keep up with costs. As of 1/1 bar prices will increase $0.50 per drink. We are still below market and our value remains high: camaraderie with good friends in a beautiful clubhouse on the waterfront. We felt this was the most equitable approach, asking the Members that benefit most from using the clubhouse to carry the expense, rather than increasing the cost to all members. 
    Please join me February 5th for a more detailed presentation. Save the date, as it's important for us all to understand the financial issues of our club!
    Wishing all of you a healthy and happy New Year--- Serving you from the helm, Michele Bodtke, Commodore

MINUTES ON LINE: Club Board Secretary Jan Robertson reports that the recent minutes are regularly posted online at our web site when you sign on at MEMBERS.BYC.ORG.
STEVE ROSS'S PHOTO CONTEST... Last week's picture was of the Franz von Assisi Kirche, which sits on Mexikoplatz in Vienna, Austria. The river is the Danube, and the picture was taken because of the two naval patrol vessels moored below the bridge. Lisa Megard and Quinn Selsor were both close in their answers, while John Raasch and Mark Harding were exactly correct.
    This week we see blue sky and an ornate building. Hint: this is somewhere in the Western Hemisphere. If you know the location, send your answer to

   Jib Sheet Editor this week is Joe Coons
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