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WEEK OF JULY 12-18, 2011

  • PITCH is Coming Soon...
  • Our Commodore's Message: WOW! What a Regatta
  • A Member Reports From Hawaii
  • The Ross Quiz Continues...
  • And Another Deck Furniture Reminder

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Sponsors: Wilson Motors | Bellingham Yacht Sales & Charters Northwest Explorations

Bar Open: Wed-Sat 5PM - Close Bartenders: Wed & Fri Paid; Thu. Giles Little; Sat. Neil & Michele Bennett
Special Activities this Week: Tue 6-8 Comm Rm: Investment Club; Thu 6-?? Comm Rm: Board Mtg


Our stalwart Past Commodore Steve Moore does a great job coordinating these!  Here's his flyer for this week.  See you there!



CYC Thursday’s Racers invited for $5 Burger & Beer special was a success. 

Since there was no BYC Wednesday Racing last week, the “$5 Sailor Burger and Microbrew Beer” special was moved to Thursday and the CYC Racing Fleet was invited.   It was a great turnout of about 60-70 BYC & CYC Sailors who helped set a record bar sales for a Thursday night.  There was a lot of positive feedback with bringing the racing fleets together for an evening , so expect to see a couple more  joint BYC-CYC Thursday nights through the rest of the season.
Wednesday Night Mess Deck:  WOW! $1.00 Fajita Tacos (BRING CASH!)

The Women on the Water  (WOW) Regatta overestimated the amount of Fajita meat needed last weekend and had 20 lbs  leftover.  We could Salt in barrels it and serve it with Hard Tack at some future Buccaneer Cruise,  but grilling it up for fresh Fajita Taco’s on Wednesday sounds much more appealing...SO: The cost is $1.00 per Taco with all the Black Beans you can eat.  Since these funds go directly towards WOW, everyone needs to bring a fist full dollars and PAY IN CASH.   There will be WOW Kitty setup next the buffet and it’s on the honor system.  Feel free to drop in some additional donations to WOW and help support women’s sailboat racing.   Once the tacos are sold out, the Sailor Burger will be available.
A Stella Story

Although I had joked about getting rid Stella in last week’s Jib Sheet,  I ‘m honest in telling you that I was caught by surprise when the keg ran out last Saturday.   There was a full keg when I did the inventory just a week earlier!  (Way to Go BYC!).  But…, there is no need to worry or get your skivvies in a bowline,  2 kegs are on order and scheduled to be delivered on Thursday.    BUT… In the mean time, why not try a pint of our local brewery down the street  award winning beer, the Chuckanut Pilsner.  $3.50/pint.
--- Jonathan Knowles, Chief Bar Muckety-Muck

Sponsors: San Juan Sailing & Yachting |  Mike McGlenn, Surveyor | Phil Dyer, Realtor

The club’s Learn to Sail program has grown tremendously over the past several years due to the time and energy Steve Kersey has put into it. Today we have a strong youth instruction program and a fleet of dinghies, including seven new FJs. The club has actively supported youth sailing and the newly formed high school sailing team. With this growth comes change, continued opportunities, and new responsibilities.
The club is poised at a point of decision – how to continue to maintain the Learn to Sail program, and just as important, deciding the long range planning goals. Many issues need attention, including: maintenance of the Learn to Sail Program, use and management of the sailboat fleet, costs & fees, the clubs role in the high school sailing team.
I would like to put a planning group together to address these issues and others that pertain to sailing instruction and boat management. I expect the committee would meet regularly until a long range plan and attendant policies have been drafted, accepted by the board and put into practice. This is important work and will help determine the direction the club will take into the future. If you are interested in participating on this committee please call me at 360-720-4155.
Thank you for your consideration,
Michele Bodtke,
Fleet Captain 

Sponsors: Squalicum Marine  |  The Landings @ Colony Wharf  Tri County Diesel Marine

It’s time to start getting excited about the PITCH 2011 regatta.  This year brings change – Dave Steffen and KarMART Motors have graciously become the PITCH primary sponsor.   
KarMART offers great choices and options, with five different brands under the KarMART umbrella.

Long time sponsor, Past Commodore Rick Wilson, of Wilson Motors and the Mercedes Benz brand was not able to participate as the primary sponsor.  Rick, Wilson Motors and Mercedes have been great supporters over the years and we wish them well.  

The PITCH committee has been busy and expects this year’s regatta to be as much fun as year’s past.  Watch the Jibsheet and your email for volunteer opportunities.
---Neil Bennett, PITCH Regatta Chair


There was no winner last week identifying last week's picture (editor Joe Coons forgot to give you the hint!)  This should help you identify the picture here: "This set of hand-operated locks are still in use on a waterway started 200 years ago that is still in use connecting the east and west coasts of this country."

And here’s this week’s photo, not of a waterway but of a watercraft returned from a very long journey – a journey that none of you have taken.

Send your guesses about what they are to Steve Ross at

Sponsors: Special-T Striping & Sign | Chuck McCord, Realtor | West Coast Marine Services


The 14th annual Women on the Water Regatta took place on Saturday and yours truly was out there with her Team Voodoo.  Dawn Durand began this regatta 14 years ago and recently handed over the reins to Sally Poorman.  Sally and her team did a spectacular job both on and off the water – scoring first place overall and making sure every lady went home with both a prize and a little more confidence when it comes to being out on the water.  Team Voodoo didn’t score very well (someone has to come in last, right?) but we still had a great time and we learned an awful lot.  And I have to thank my husband, Neil, for being our ‘token male’ on board and the wealth of patience and good humor he brought with him that day.  Actually, ALL the men that hopped on board the boats were terrific and got into the spirit of ‘Mr. WOW’ – whether it was donning wigs or frilly skirts, they all joined in the fun and camaraderie of the day.  Jeff Vernon once again proved he is a ‘force’ to be reckoned with – when he arrived at the Clubhouse in his full ‘Gale Force’ attire, winning the crown of Mr. WOW once again. 

Ladies – if you’ve ever thought about racing but were just a wee bit intimidated about stepping on a race boat with a lot of men – please give the WOW regatta a try next year.  Women skippers are always looking for crew and everyone leaves a winner.

AND THIS WEEK, racing will be in full swing on Tuesday and Wednesday and we have a Fridays at Five on Friday, so I hope to see you all there.  Oh, and the day we’ve been waiting for is almost here… crabbing opens on Friday!  HOOTY HOOT!

At your service,
Commodore Michele


Our inflatable tender that was missing is back home, though Fleet Captain Michele Bodtke is secretive about how it returned...thanks for getting it back to us, whoever you were!   --- Editor

Sponsors: LFS Inc. Gary Baker Realtor Matthew Harris Surveyor | Hardware Sales, Inc.


This is from one of our newest members, John and Patricia Harris, whose boat was damaged in the tsunami that hit Hawaii.  Repaired, they are now headed north – destination Bellingham!  This is our second report, forwarded by Commodore Michele Bennett.

From: John Harris <>
Subject: Sailing into the gyre
 Date: Friday, July 8, 2011

Comments in brackets [ ] are from Patricia Harris

One week out, 800 miles north of Hawaii, we're sailing slowly into the North Pacific high pressure area, where the Pacific Rim's plastic garbage collects. We're seeing scattered bits of flotsam so far, not enough to be a problem to us. The new AIS and radar take a lot of the anxiety out of night watches. [AIS, Automatic Identification Sustem, is required of large, ocean-going vessels throughout the world: You might ask yourself, who enforces that requirement here in the middle of the Pacific?  At any rate, I like the AIS monitor sharing the screen with the new radar, that lets me also see approaching squalls before the boat takes off and the drenching begins!]

We crossed wakes last night with a tanker bound for Japan. He responded courteously when we hailed him by his ship's name. [Ship's name, direction, speed, and how long  before we collide (!!!), as well as other pertinent facts pop onto the monitor almost immediately.]

We expect to have to motor at least a couple of days to reach the westerlies we need to sail home to Juan de Fuca's strait. [First, the "westerlies" are strong winds from the west, generally found in the northern, higher latitudes and the Strait of Juan de Fuca marks the entrance to Puget Sound, after which we will travel another 100+nm before arriving in Bellingham.] The gribs are a big help in deciding when to turn on the "iron genoa". [Gribs are wind and pressure charts that we get by email every day and the "iron genoa"/main motor.]
Still eating well from fresh and frozen stores and one mahi mahi.




We'll have another listing of donors next week...but we're still short some $$$ for the new deck furniture, so we still need your help.

If you can donate, please make a contribution to the project.  You can send your check to Treasurer, Bellingham Yacht Club, 2625 S. Harbor Loop, Bellingham, WA 98225, or you can contribute with cash, check or credit card any time the bar is open.  Thank you!

Sponsors: Dawn Durand Realtor  | Rasmussen Marine Electric |  Seaview North Boatyard

AT LAST, SUMMER IS HERE: Remember to submit your articles to  Deadline is Monday noon.

Fair Winds and Following Seas from your JibSheet editors: Kathy Brown, Joe Coons, and Jim Langei.

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