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Oct. 1: Installation of Officers (Story)
Oct. 10: Oktoberfest (Story)
Oct. 18: Club Scrub (Story)

Oct. 25: Commodore's Ball! (Story)


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Mon: Football Night 5:30
Wed: Hamburgers/Brats
Thurs: Tacos/Carne Asada

Fri: Potlucks

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SEPT 30-OCT 6, 2014

WED: 1 Oct: 5pm Burgers and Brats, 6:00 PM INSTALLATION OF OFFICERS and Dedication of the (New) Ward Room; THURS: 2 Oct : 5pm Carne Asada; FRI: 3 Oct: FRIDAY@5! SAT: 4 Oct: Bar open
MON: 6 Oct: Monday Night Football; WED: 8 Oct: 5pm Burgers and Brats; THURS: 9 Oct: 5pm Carne Asada;  FRI: 10 Oct: Oktoberfest!  SAT: 11 Oct: Bar open
SAVE THE DATE - CLUB SCRUB The fall club scrub will take place on Saturday, 18 October. More details to come, but mark your calendars for this fun (and important) event.

BIG EVENT THIS WEDNESDAY: BYC Installation Night is this Wednesday, 1 October, as the Club begins a new year. This event is always a highlight for the year with awards and recognition for a range of Club Members. This meeting is also PC Joe Coons' last official act as an involved member of the Club. As MC for the event, he's promised one of his "looks back" at our Club over his years on involvement, so you won't want to miss it! He's also just published a book!! You can read about it here. --- PC Michele Bennett
Fridays @ 5 -  "Throwback Years"
    Remember how fun the Friday's @ Five used to be??  It was the social event that has kept our club community together for over the past 15 years.  So, this Friday October 3rd, we are celebrating a "Throwback  Friday's @ 5" ...  All Potluck and All Volunteer.  We're calling all those members with 10 or more years in the club to come down on Friday and get the next generation energized to keep the legacy social function going strong into the future.
    Invite your fellow members, bring an appetizer and old club photos if you have them.   If you have a bartender license, dust it off and help behind the bar for 20 minutes  (don't worry, we'll have Steve Hayward and some "ringer" bartenders will be there to help). --- Jonathan Knowles
Let's celebrate Oktoberfest! Friday, 10 October. Mark your calendars. 
    Dust off the lederhosen, shake out the dirndls, dig out Great-Aunt Gisela's cookbook, and plan to join in the fun! Watch for further details...

COMMODORE'S BALL - 25 OCTOBER!  89th Annual Commodores Ball will be a Celebration of Naval & Maritime History.  The theme will be "Master & Commander". A novel by Patrick O'Brian set in the Royal Navy during the Napoleonic Wars and centered on the friendship of English naval captain Jack Aubrey and the Irish–Catalan physician Stephen Maturin. Although Master & Commander time period is early 19th century, I encourage a celebration of all naval or maritime history from the 1800's to present day.
    Detailed information & formal invitations will be coming soon.
    If you're able to serve the the Commodores Planning Committee, please contact Ann Knowles 360-303-5884;

We’re getting into the swing of fall now, and it’s pretty much business as usual in the bar and lounge. Here’s the latest:
MON: Continuing with Monday Nite Football, with Monica’s special bacon-wrapped hotdogs and carnitas available at the buffet counter. 
WED: Burgers ’n’ Brats. Remember this Wednesday is installation of trustees and flag officers, so be sure to stop by for that. 
THURS: Stop by for carne asada or a bean burrito or two (or three), not to mention sampling Monica’s nearly famous roasted salsa — YUM!
FRI: Stop in for an old-style Fridays @ 5 with appetizers and dishes to share! Let’s make this a special event, so be sure to bring a dish or two and let the good times roll!
SAT: Club opens at 5.
See you in the lounge!  --- Steve Hayward

Dale Jepsen One Design Regatta Report:
An Epic Dale Jepsen One Design Regatta, at least 1/2 of it!
    I worried about what would happen for months.  We have been doing such a good job with the regatta both on and off the water, that the buzz has been steadily building.  I knew we were going to have a great turnout, with sailors coming from all over the Northwest.  What I wasn't sure about, was the volunteer support from folks who have been ridden hard by PITCH and PACRIM.   September has been the busiest month for racing in a long time.  People have been asked to step up weekend after weekend to help with this committee and that food prep and this safety boat etc., etc...  Well, to my welcome surprise, we had a great volunteer turnout for a fantastic regatta. It has been such a fun event, and we have a dedicated group of steadfast volunteers who continue to make it so. 
    More than 70 boats showed up to do battle on Bellingham Bay.  Saturday offered about as good as it gets, with steady afternoon winds around 15 knots. The race committee was able to bang off 5 long races, and by the end of the day, the competitors were feeling the pain.  We had the largest showing anywhere in the northwest this year for 505s, with 20 of them on the line.  There were healthy fleets of Lasers, with 27 full rigs and 8 radials.  There was also a large fleet of Tasars which included the current world champion and second place finishers.  The high school sailing team was on hand in their FJs and Laser radials.  Bellingham was the place to be for small boat racing.  After the day's sailing, competitors gathered in the club for merry making.  Christian Opfer brought the base and we had a full throttle karaoke party into the night. 
    Folks slept well, and on Sunday we waited and waited..... and waited on shore.  The high pressure system left us with a mirror pond for most of the day.  The abandon gun sounded in the early afternoon, and we were back to the club for awards and more merry making. 
    This is a fantastic event and with the help of great volunteers, it continues to thrive.  If you haven't come out to see what's happening during this DJOD, I encourage you to see what you have been missing.  I hope we are making Dale Jepsen proud, as he looks down on our 70 plus boats filled with smiling faces experiencing clean racing and a great party to boot. --- Mike Poulos, DJOD Chair

NEXT TRIP: Hosting Sailors for the Round the County Race!
    It has been a difficult, emotional, rewarding year as Commodore. We have accomplished much: we now have a paid bar manager - the result is a smoothly functioning lounge for our members, regular burger and carne asada nights; we have a beautifully remodeled Ward Room, new kitchen with ovens, and new Junior Room - with rigging stations soon to be completed for the kids to learn and practice on; we had very successful PITCH, DJOD, and PacRim regattas - hosting sailors and ambassadors from around the region and the Pacific; and our Junior programs flourished and continue to grow. 
    Life's moments were also endured along the way. We lost some wonderful friends, Dick Johnson and Veronica Vernon, while others are aging and no longer able to participate. It reminds us all how fragile life really is and that you should make the most of every day we have with each other. 
    I want to thank all of you for your support this year. Managing a yacht club of our size is not always an easy job - it takes many people and many volunteer hours. It's not always been a smooth and easy road; we do our best to handle the challenges that face us. My wish is that Jon and his new board has a fun and successful year - may we all be there to help when we are able. 
    Thank you again for a memorable year. It's been my pleasure serving you and the club, Michele Bodtke, Commodore

Last week's picture of the entrance to Nice (France) Harbor was correctly identified by John Van Haalen, Mark Harding, John Raasch, and Pam Heward. Quinn Selsor and Rick Laursen named nearby harbors.
    This week we see another old-world harbor, guarded by a substantial fortification. Cropped from the picture are the lovelies sunning on the beach. Perhaps the Dead Pirates will decide to establish an outstation here. If you know the location, send your answer to

   Jib Sheet Editors this week are Joe Coons and Michele Bennett
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