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Key volunteers: 
Mike Welsh, Asst. Treasurer; Carol & Joe Young, bar managers!

Mar 5, Tues, Wine Tasting 5:30-7PM (Story)
Mar 8, Fri, Members Mixer 6PM (Story)


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Mar 15, Fri, F@5 St. Patrick's Day Party
Mar 29, Fri, Blue Moon F@5
Apr 5, Fri, F@5
Apr 19, Fri, F@5 About PacRim

Mar 19, Tue, W2W Wine Committee 6PM
Mar 20, Wed, Education Night 6PM
Mar 22, Fri, BYC "Town Hall Meeting" 6PM
Mar 24, Sun, BYC Jazz Supper Club 5PM
Mar 30, Sat, Langei-Taylor Mem'l 4PM
Apr 7, Sun, Club Scrub
Apr 13, Sat, Spring Dance
Apr 20, Sat, Zodiac Youth Sailing Fundraiser

Apr 21, Sun, Emerald Downs Bus Trip

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MARCH 5 -11, 2013

TODAY, TUESDAY MARCH 5th! A Wine Tasting Happy Hour from 5:30 to 7 p.m. hosted by The BYC Wine ClubLaurent Martel, wine representative for Noble Wines will present the tasting. Appetizers will be available. Reserve your tasting glass today with Kathy Brown at or Heather Ouilette at

FRIDAY: A SPECIAL MEMBER’S MIXER: Designed especially for new Members and their Sponsors, it’s informative for all, Friday, March 8 at 6 p.m.  The bar will be open with complimentary appetizers hosted by the Marketing Steering, Programs and Membership Committees.  It will answer questions such as “how to access the Club when it is closed"; “How to join the Race Committee, the Investment Club, volunteer with the Youth Sailing Program or the Spring Dance Committee; who is looking racing crew; where is the best place to go cruising; how do I reserve the BYC facilities; what is “PacRim”; or Is there an Opening Day party?”
    These questions and more, any you ask, will be answered by your officers and board along with members of our BYC Committees, good reason to come to this Member Mixer!  Contacts: Carol Young,; Kathy Brown at, or Angie Santosuosso at
BYC BAR PIZZAIt’s Here! By special request!  Hot, right out of the oven, 12” Pepperoni Pizza for just $7.50. Starting this Wednesday, February 27th. YUM!  --- Joe Young, Bar Manager

COMING SOON...see left listings too

YOUTH SAILING:  Many thanks to all those that helped to contribute to a successful Youth Sailing Event March 2.  A lot of fun was had by kids and parents and we managed to net a $522 contribution toward the Youth Sailing Program.
    A reminder that our next fund-raising event is coming up April 20.  There are still a lot of spots available on the Schooner Zodiac Cruise and this is our biggest fund-raising event of the year.  Even if you personally are not available that date, please consider reserving one or more spots and donating the space to relatives or friends.  We can help find youngsters who would be happy to go on the cruise if you cannot. The basic ticket price is $95 per person, with an early registration discount prior to March 10, or a $25 per person discount if two or more family members register at the same time. Please go to the website and click on "Zodiac Cruise Registration Form" to reserve space.  --- Arne Ahlen
GREAT MEMBER PAYMENT NEWS!  BYC will soon have the option available for you to pay monthly for all of your BYC expenditures. Just think, no more remembering to pay your bar tab every night before you leave the club. No paying for every single event separately. Just enjoy the club, attend the events, buy your drinks and make one easy monthly payment. We will do all the accounting for you and simply let you know what you spent over the past month.
    In addition to checks and credit cards we will soon have the ultra-convenient option of Automatic Payment, where your monthly expenditures are debited directly from your bank account. No need to even write a check or lick a stamp. You will be sent a statement at the end of the month, and two weeks later (giving you time to check) that amount will be debited from your account. How easy is that?
    BYC intends to be progressive in our accounting policies as we keep in step with the rest of the world and other yacht clubs in moving toward electronic payments. Not only is this a tremendous convenience for the membership, but it will certainly also help your club reduce the volunteer time spent handling cash and the expense of credit cards.
    More details will follow over the next month.  --- Mike Welsh, Asst. Treasurer
EDUCATION COMMITTEE PRESENTS ARCHAIR GREAT LOOP CRUISE!  What is the American's Great Loop, you ask? You could Google it and find tons of information. Or you could join us at the club on Wednesday March 13 as our friends John and Larie Nelson regale us with tales and pictures of their 7000-nautical mile cruise around the Loop, which includes the Gulf of Mexico, ICW, Great Lakes, the mighty Mississippi and the various connecting waterways. The Nelsons completed their journey in about 9 months on their 32' Nordic Tug through a cruising locale unfamiliar to many. Larie is ready to go again! So come on down to the club! Click here for more details.  --- Marian Welsh
OUR NEXT JAZZ SUPPER CLUB MARCH 24: We had such a good time --- fine reviews --- and we have The Jennifer Scott Trioso put it on your calendar and sign up soon at the bar when your at our Club (or email  That night there's no WSO, no Downton Abbey, a larger menu (and we won't try to  cook all those steaks simultaneously),better lighting on the band and a better listening environment planned.  YET...the price will be the same, $32 per person for dinner, tax, tip, and entertainment! This is the last jazz event until fall, and we need your reservations by March 18! --- Matt Dennis & Joe Coons
WATCH WEDNESDAY RACES FROM THE CENTER OF THE ACTION!  Imagine, kicking back after a hard day on a 40’luxury yacht to spend a couple of hours on beautiful Bellingham Bay?  And imagine, it will cost you nothing!  You’ll be watching the excitement of the BYC sailboat races right from the start/finish line in the center of the action while enjoying the beverage of your choice…  Yeah, sure, maybe we will ask you to honk a horn or raise a flag once or twice, or write down a few numbers on a pad. No big deal! 
    Want to sign up for this light duty? Randy Nulle is our Wednesday night Race chairman this year and he is looking for a few helpers to assist him in starting and finishing the racers as they sail, crash, drift and generally put on a show all around us. Racing starts on April 3rd. Come on out and try it. It’s fun!  Let Randy know if you would like to help out with the Wednesday Night Race Committee. No experience is necessary.  --- Randy Nulle 360-920-3178

A REMINDER FROM ORCA MARINE COOLING SYSTEMS about preparing for the new boating season: You’re probably thinking seriously about getting your boat back in regular use again. One way to help insure that your upcoming season will be enjoyable and trouble-free is to remember to make a thorough check of your engine cooling system before taking off on that first trip. Orca Marine Cooling Systems offers a tune-up kit to help maintain your heat exchanger and keep it running in top-notch condition . They also manufacture and design a wide verity of heat exchangers and cooling systems. Call 360-734-6860 or visit their website at

HELP WANTED FOR OPENING DAY: Fleet Captain Mick Corcoran writes, "A plea if you will, for some volunteers to form the Opening Day Committee.  As you know this is one of the BYC “Big Events” to start off our boating season. If you can help out, your assistance would be much appreciated." Please contact Mick via email,  or on his cell: 319-5448. 
VESSEL SAFETY DECALS AVAILABLE! Get a courtesy Vessel Safety Check for the upcoming season!  All the details are here... 
HELLO EVERYONE! Thanks to Terry Tavelli, the 2013 registration is up and running on the web site.  Please register as soon as you can, then get your crew together and come out this Saturday as we kick off the first BYC race of the season with the frostbite series.  At this point it is looking like sunshine, but that is subject to change by the time you read this.  The Frostbite series will give everyone a chance to (1) make sure their crews get along and (2) give us a little practice for the upcoming Wednesday series, and the Tulip Cup in Anacortes April 6th. 
    We will have a mandatory skippers meeting at 9am at Gate 3.  I hope to see everyone there.  Bart Maupin, Sail Fleet Captain

NEW KEELBOAT SAILING PROGRAM: A Ranger 26 sailboat Mo'Betta has been donated to BYC and we are trying to set up a program for its use. ASA Instructor Bob Hollingsworth is volunteering his time to teach classes; we need more volunteers to work on the boat and to gather membership interest in the program.  The objective: teach sailing skills for keelboat cruising. The program would generally follow the outline to get ASA sailboat charter certification, with classes targeted to youth or adults starting in May-June with weekend basic classes and then the summer, more advanced.  Anyone interested, call Arne Ahlen (360-201-9895) or John Stocklass (360-927-3239).
    Mo’Betta still needs work to get her ready, and we’re looking for volunteers to assist.  Some work requires experienced help but much of it is simple! Call Bob Hollingsworth (360-733-7126) or Mike Corcoran ((360-319-5448) to pitch in.

DO YOU HAVE YOUR STATE BOATER ED CARD? If you were born after December 31, 1954, and you operate a boat with a 15 hp or greater motor, you need to carry a WA Boater Education Card. The fine for not having one is currently $87. Those born before 1955 should have one too, as Canada and Oregon do not exempt the oldsters from their education requirements. For more information on the state requirements, visit For information on the local Bellingham Sail and Power Squadron boating education class specifically geared toward meeting the Washington requirements, visit If you have questions, you can talk to your friendly BYC Education Committee (Tom Dalgliesh or Marian Welsh).
Spring time is on its way and the buzz is starting to happen.  I cannot wait to see more of that sunshine, some 60 degree weather and yes, the flower lady needs flowers! 
    The Friday @ 5 this week was a great hit! Special thanks to Sally and Ray Poorman and of course Tierney for sharing her 21st Birthday!  It was very well attended and everyone had a wonderful time. Happy Birthday Tierney!
    This week brings a wine tasting on Tuesday evening and a New Members mixer on Friday!  Come one come all and enjoy the fun!  Then, I have scheduled a Town Hall Meeting for Friday March 22 @ 5:30 pm.  Please put this on your Calendar.  PC Michele Bennett started these Town Hall style meetings and I feel they are a very useful tool for our membership. Therefore I want to carry on this tradition and hold our first Town Hall Meeting this year.  These meetings help everyone to get together, and have a voice to see what is working and what is not.  This will be an open forum and discussion will follow. If you have a topic that you would like to explore, please send those to me so we can get it on our Agenda.  See you all there!
    Get on the Bus to see the Ponies! The Bus to Emerald Downs is scheduled for Sunday April 21st.  There will only be 42 seats available, so sign up early.  I will have all the particulars and a signup sheet at the Friday New Members Mixer.  Details to follow...
    Don’t forget there are “Yellow Event Cards” for your wallet on the bar, with the events for the rest of the year listed for your scheduling! If you have not received yours, you can get one anytime, and of course, we will have them at the mixer on Friday as well.
    Have a wonderful week everyone, boating season is just around the corner!  And don’t forget to set those clocks: Day Light Savings begins March 10th!  “Spring Forward” and we welcome more sunlight! 
    Fair Winds and Following Seas --- Jody King Erickson

RACING NEWS The 2013 racing season started off well for Mick Corcoran and his crew on Blackfoot as they took the 1st place trophy at the Shaw Island Winter Classic, squeaking out the victory over Anacortes Yacht Club's Wild Rumpus. The following weekend they took third place in a fleet of 21 boats during the Anacortes Yacht Clubs "Girts Rekevic's Memorial Foul Weather Race". During both races sailors experienced a full spectrum of conditions from strong constant winds to no wind and currents.  Fortunately the weather was favorable and sunglasses were used to block the sun instead of protect against driving spray.  It was great to see BYC members out in full force for both races filling crew spots on several competing boats.  Everyone enjoyed themselves and all the boats and crews made it home safely despite a few headaches the next day.  
    Our Racing season is scheduled to begin March 9th with the first frostbite series, so get your crew together and dress warmly; we were lucky the last couple weekends, but I don't think spring is quite here yet! --- Bart Maupin, Racing Fleet Captain


Meredith Ross submitted the only correct answer to last week's photo -- which is of the shrimper along the south side of North Pender Island, BC. Dave Bradley was close, although a few islands too far east of Pender to be correct.
    One of our Past Commodores submitted this week's photo. If you know the location, send your answer to

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