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Club Scrub: 40 people, 3 hours @$20=$2400 work for our Club!
Oct 25 Fri Halloween Party (story)
Oct 28 Mon Seahawks Game
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October 22-28, 2013

WSLCB SHUTS DOWN BYC BAR  On September 27 two undercover (non-member) Washington State Liquor Control Board agents entered the BYC bar during the Octoberfest Celebration, and, without wearing name tags or presenting BYC member cards, were allowed access, served and purchased drinks. As a result, our paid bartender and the Club were both issued citations and sanctions.
    On October 4 the Board of Trustees met with WSLCB to review the charges and discuss sanction options, which included a monetary fine or a period of license suspension (bar closure for the Club), for both the individual and the Club.
    The Trustees met again on October 14 and agreed to accept a five Day License Suspension between Wednesday, November 8 and Thursday, November 13. The decision rationale was that the entire membership has a responsibility to monitor access of persons to the Club, and to ensure that only members and their legitimate guests are allowed access to the club and ultimately, to the bar. The fact that these two, unnamed, unlabeled, and unrecognized (i.e. unidentified) agents were able to not only gain unchallenged access to our private event, but to order and receive drinks, then ‘hang out’ for 40 minutes, with no intervention by Club members, warranted more than a financial penalty.
    We are a Community: we have a responsibility to ensure that only those members of our Community are allowed to enter and purchase alcohol; our very existence depends on this. There are times when we allow guests without sponsorship, but these are rare and very well advertised. In all other times, only identified members and guests enjoy the privilege of access to our wonderful and beautiful clubhouse and bar.
    Please do your part to ensure that we are able to continue to enjoy our Club. A few hints include: grab and wear your name tag when you walk in (don’t wait, it’s hard to get back on a busy night), even if you think you know everyone and everyone knows you; you never know when a new member or a non-resident member may walk in. Have your membership card ready and available when you get to the bar: It’s required.
    With your cooperation we will happily and collegially operate our club for all to enjoy. --- BYC Board of Trustees

FRIDAY AT FIVE: HALLOWEEN PARTY THIS FRIDAY (October 25th).  Kids and adults, come one, come all! 5:00 until ???; please bring hearty fall main dishes, snacks and desserts to share with the BYC buoys and ghouls…there will be prizes for the best kids', individual and couples costumes! Games for the kids & music! music! music! Contact Judy Mickel-Griffin, call 707-245-7490.  The poster is here.  Also, volunteers are needed on Thursday between 1-4 p.m. (two have signed up so far, and we have lots of fun decorations to put up.)

THE COMMODORE'S BALL IS LESS THAN TWO WEEKS AWAY! November 2nd is the date, the reservations deadline is this Thursday 10/24, as we need to tell the caterer how many will be attending. This year's theme is a Venetian masquerade ball, however, there is no set dress code. Dressy to formal, you don't have to wear a tuxedo or a floor length gown. Masks are encouraged but not required. What I want most of all is for people to attend and have a good time - so please join us. If you've had trouble making reservations on-line please give me a call (360) 720.4155. ---Michele Bodtke, Commodore
SOCIAL PROGRAM PLANNING MEETING: Are you interested in helping maintain our traditional Social Programs and Clubhouse Events? Do you have an idea for a new program or event? Did you really enjoy a particular happening last year you'd like to see happen again? If so please join us for a planning meeting this Wednesday at the club, 5:30 in the lounge. Michele Bodtke, Commodore 
SUPER SUCCESSFUL SCRUB! The Club Scrub was a great success this past Saturday, with over 36 folks on hand taking on our chores. The most obvious thing was installation of new back bar cabinets and --- finally --- installation of the second cash register at the bar. But other successes included cleaning all the upholstered chairs upstairs and down, a really good paint room reorganization, thorough bar and cooler cleaning, outside pressure washing, and an amazing cleanup of our downstairs furnace room for the first time in many years. Workers included Mary & Jerry Writer, Mike Seal, Jonathan Knowles, Michele Bodtke, Donna Olsen, Frank & Margie Belzele, Cathy Franklin, Lurinda Ford & Jim Gibson, Penny & Tom Dalgleish, Neil Bennett, Steve Johnson, Tom Reinerts, Christine Furman, Sarah Tario, Anna & Arne Ahlen, Phil Dyer, Mark Schmerler, Mary Baker, Gus Hodge, Judy Erickson, Mike & Maya Allsop, Joe & Judy Coons, Bill Heward, Don Jorgenson, Dick Labadie, Mark Santosuosso, Terry Tavelli and Tim Thompson. (Our apologies if we forgot someone!)
MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL IS BACK: Back by popular demand, the BYC bar and lounge will be open every Monday night throughout the football season. The bar will open on Mondays at 5pm and close upon completion of the Monday Night football game. Drink specials and bar snacks will be available so come on down and enjoy watching some football with friends.  $1 tacos will start back up on Monday Oct 21st. and will go thru the football season as well.
LISTEN UP: Matt Ouilette, Bar Chairman, can't do it all alone: He really needs help with these.  Call him at 220-9496 or email to pitch in.  Thanks!
MINUTES ARE POSTED: By the time you get this, Terry Tavelli will have posted the September regular Board Meeting minutes written by Secretary Susan Henderson on the Members' section of the BYC.ORG web site. Now Jan Robertson takes over as secretary for the coming year...thanks to both of these volunteers!

WHO TOOK THE MIKE STAND? There was a mike stand in the audio-video closet a couple of weeks ago, and I bought a clip that fit our new wireless mikes and put it on the stand; now it's gone!  Can I have my clip back, please? Thanks! Joe Coons
STEVE ROSS'S PHOTO CONTEST... Mark Harding, Jim Gibson, Marian Henderson, and Meredith Ross correctly identified last weeks photo of the beach houses on Denmark's Ærø Island.
    This week we see a number of boats engaged in fishing. If you know the location, send your answer to

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