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JANUARY 14-20, 2014
A SPECIAL FRIDAY AT FIVE THIS WEEK! This F@5 is sponsored by our BYC Jazz Supper Club Committee, and we'll have a 20-piece live jazz group giving us some music beginning around 5:30. You heard this gang on Opening Day, 2013: About 20 very proficient teens who make up The Bellingham Youth Jazz Orchestra will be on hand playing as a group and in small ensembles showing us their skill with big band swing and solid jazz. They are great...and there will be free sandwiches and salad on hand!  (See the story below about the next BYC Jazz Supper on February 16).
SUNDAY JANUARY 19th IS A BIG DAY!   Beginning early the PHRF Sailing Annual General Meeting will be taking place, with both Directors and Handicappers in attendance. The meetings begin at 10:00 AM and run until 3:00. If you are a racer and ever wondered what goes on in making handicapping decisions, these meetings are open to PHRF members. Don’t be shy, come down and welcome the hard-working volunteers (they may stay for the game)! --- Neil Bennett, Fleet Captain
AND, SUNDAY IS THE BIG SEAHAWKS NFC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME between our Hawks and those pesky 49ers. This past Saturday we had a lot of fun with a gang of BYC-ers cheering on our Hawks as they beat the Panthers, and you'll want to come down this week as we repeat the fun. "Angie the Cheerleader" will be leading us, and if it's like last week, it'll be a blast!  The bar will be open, there'll be some food, and you can bring goodies, too, while all the big screens are tuned in to our last step before the Superbowl!
JAN. 25 BOAT SHOW BUS SIGNUPS UNDERWAY: Donna Olsen has a detailed new flyer for the trip here! You won't want to miss all this for only $45.00 P/P!  Sign up on line only at BYC.ORG to enter all the details! Seats are limited. GET YOUR RESERVATION IN NOW, DEADLINE AROUND 1/15! 
SUNDAY 2/2 SUPER BOWL PARTY: The club will be open at 1pm. Game time kickoff is 3:30pmOur event will start off with BYC's traditional CHILI COOK-OFF.  Details to follow, including rules for the contest, however be prepared to present your chili no later than 1:30 PM and to clear the chili pot at kick off (the rules are here). The coveted "Silver Ladle" trophy will be awarded at the club during the football game. Contact Neil Bennett (number below) for questions.
    One-Hundred (100) dinner tickets are available for the event. Ticket includes an amazing Tritip steak, Caesar salad and baked potato bar. Dinner tickets are $25, which includes a $1 square on the board. Prizes will be awarded throughout the game to square holders. All dinner tickets will be pre-sold before the game. Dinner tickets are available for purchase exclusively for use by adult BYC members and their families through January 26th; after this date guests of members may buy dinner tickets. No Member (householdor members' guest may buy more than four dinner tickets. 
    To  purchase tickets, contact one of the following Superbowl Party Hosts: James Santosuosso (360) 927-4844Neil Bennett (206) 919-0371Tim Mumford (360) 961-8128.
THE BYC JAZZ SUPPER CLUB IS BACK! Sunday, February 16, is the next BYC Jazz Supper Club, with a great evening of Beatles Hits played as instrumentals by a first class piano, bass, and drums trio with a delightful supper menu in the works. The menus will be announced later this week, there will be three choices including a veggie selection. Details are here. By this Wednesday you should be able to get your tickets from BYC.ORG. Roll down the coming event calendars to 2/16 and click on it. Reservations must be made on line!
CRUISING REMINDER: Angie Santosuosso is BYC Cruise Chair for 2014. She has some amazing cruises for our members, including three on land and more than ten on water!  You can help host one or more, to destinations such as Deer Harbor, Rosario Resort, Sucia, Friday Harbor, Anacortes, Poet's Cove, Desolation Sound and our own Inati Bay! Angie's done a lot of the groundwork, reserving slips and supplying basics; you will help with planning of activities and at the cruise. Please contact her to help!  It'll be fun for all, including you! Email or call 360-319-7863.
PAST COMMODORE'S CRUISE SET: PC Jody Erickson has set the date for July 18-19-20 at Rosario Resort with lots of activities!  Put it on your calendars now and plan for a fun time! 
RECIPROCAL NEWS: The Royal Vancouver Yacht Club will be unable to offer reciprocal moorage this summer due to construction.
FIRST AND FOREMOST, a big THANK YOU to the volunteers who give so unselfishly of their time to tend the bar for the rest of the members! We couldn’t make this work without you. If you are interested in getting your “ticket” and tending bar, contact Bar Manager Steve at It’s a great way to get to know more folks, and we even manage to have a bit of fun in the process!
    Meanwhile, you’ll be seeing a few changes at the bar soon. The wine bar is being restocked and wine service relocated to (go figure) the wine bar! We are also planning to bring back wine tastings.Stay tuned for more. By popular request, we are also bringing back schooners of beer. That means you now have three choices for the suds: bottles, 16-oz pints, and, now, 12-oz. schooners. We’ve also had requests for hard cider at the bar, and will be stocking that soon. 
    Be sure to wear your name badge in the lounge, and please have a membership card available when making purchases at the bar. This serves two purposes: (1) some of the bartenders are newer members and are not likely to know all the members on sight, and (2) we absolutely cannot serve non-members unless they are registered and signed in as guests, complete with temporary name badge. The bartenders are under strict orders to check credentials before serving, so don’t be surprised if you get “carded.” 
   That said, this is your bar and lounge, so “come on down” and enjoy the surroundings and the great company! ---- Steve Hayward
OUR BOARD of Trustees is making some title changes in our By-Laws for standing committees:  The Programs, Building and House, and Audit Committees will, if approved, be re-named the House Events, Building & Maintenance, and Financial Management Committees respectively. [Because it's a textual detail, it doesn't require a Membership vote. --- Ed.]
THE MEMBERSHIP MEETING LAST WEEK featured reporting from Commodore Michele mainly about the Club's new organization charts which will help you visualize how we work.  You can see them here... 

WE WILL STILL NEED VOLUNTEER BARTENDERS to help Steve cover events, except now there'll be a pro on hand to help with your bar duties. Thanks, volunteers! Email Steve here.
THE ROSTER IS COMING, HERE ARE THREE THINGS TO DO (DEADLINE 1/26/2014): (1) Send your best photos for inclusion in our BYC RosterIf you're not already in the Roster (which is mailed around February 1), we want a good shot of your faces and your boat! (We can crop your photo for you!)  Look at this year's Roster photo pages in the back of the "Members" section to get an idea what we want. Send photos with the names of the subjects listed to  (2) Send us the name of organizations you work for. This will give our Members a list of BYC folks with whom they can do business.  They also go there... (3) Be sure you check your address in the your 2013 Roster to be sure it's correct; if not, let us know at! (4) Remember that the Roster address listings are never to be used for any solicitation of any kind not directly related to our BYC!  Thanks! --- Joe Coons. Roster Editor
Go Seahawks!! With the win Saturday the Hawks are one step closer to the Super Bowl!! The club will be open for the divisional championship this coming Sunday. Come join us cheer the Hawks on to victory! 
    I'm currently in Maui for a long weekend --- I get back Tuesday 1/14. While here we at the Lahiana YC for a tropical drink, and while we were there I read their "Jib Sheet" called Tale of the Whale and learned that no matter where the club, we're all facing similar issues. One thing in particular caught my eye; how to get young families and young boaters into the club and active in the boating community?  Now that we have our bar manager Steve in place, I'm hoping your board will be able to direct some of it's energy towards this and other planning issues. I would like to hear from you directly about the club's future and what you think our focuses should be. Please send me an email or better yet, give me a call (360-720-4155) or talk to me the next time you see me at the club. 
    Hey: Spring and summer are right around the corner - it's going to be a fun boating season at the club!  ---- Serving you from the Helm, Michele Bodtke, Commodore
BOATING COMMUNITY NEWS: Our colleagues at the Corinthian Yacht Club are sponsoring a dance to raise money for The Community Boating Center down in Fairhaven. Good for them! You can get info about the event here.
Last week's picture was of the Yacht Eclipse, moored off Santorini Island in Greece. Terry Tavelli and Mark Harding correctly identified the vessel, while Meredith Ross knew the location. Terry provided additional information: The Eclipse was built in 2010, length 162.5 meters, beam 22 meters, speed 25 knots, 23 guests and 70 crew.
    This week we have a slightly smaller vessel in our view, one perhaps more familiar to BYC members. If you know the name of the yacht, and why it is flying that national flag, send your answer to

   Jib Sheet Editor this week is Joe Coons
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