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DECEMBER 17th through 23rd, 2013
HAPPY FRIDAY AT FIVE THIS WEEK! On this December 20th F@5, we're having the Bellingham Yacht Club Christmas Party! Gather up your Christmas sweaters (especially the ugly ones), or wear your favorite holiday accessories...we're having a contest for the best ugly Christmas sweater and the most festive Christmas outfits for adults and kids too! There will be an optional $10 White Elephant Gift exchange, real gifts-not the crazy ones, LOL! A SPAGHETTI FEED WILL BE PROVIDED ALONG WITH BREAD AND SALAD!!!  (If you help by bringing your favorite holiday appetizers and desserts that'd be awesome!)
    We're looking forward to spreading Christmas cheer with all our wonderful members! Happy Holidays! --- Angie Santosuosso

First, send your best photos for inclusion in our BYC Roster
If you're not already in the Roster (which is mailed around February 1), we want a good shot of your faces, and we can crop out the rest of your photo for you!  Look at this year's Roster photo pages in the back of the "Members" section to get an idea what we want. Send the photo with the names of the subjects listed in the email to
Second, we're adding to our Roster the names of organizations you work for. This will give our Members a list of BYC folks with whom they can do business.  Send the names to the the same address,
Third, be sure you check your address in the Club Roster to be sure it's correct; if not, let us know at!
Fourth, remember that the Roster address listings are never to be used for any solicitation of any kind not directly related to our BYC!  Thanks! --- Joe Coons. Roster Editor
CRUISING REMINDER: Angie Santosuosso is the BYC Cruise Chair for the 2013-2014 boating season. She has planned some amazing cruises for our members, including 3 on land and more than 10 on water!  We need you to help host one or more of them, to destinations such as Deer Harbor, Rosario Resort, Sucia, Friday Harbor, Anacortes, Poet's Cove, Desolation Sound and of course our own Inati Bay! She's done a lot of the groundwork, reserving slips and supplying basics needed; your job will be to help with the planning of activities and helping at the cruise. Contact her if you can help!  It'll be fun for all, including you!  Contact Angie at 360-319-7863
OUR BAR MANAGER IS COMING SOON! Commodore Michele Bodtke reports that recruiting of a bar manager is moving forward, and there should be a new employee in that position starting right after the New Year's Holiday. Remember, we'll still be using volunteer bartenders, too...if you are on the volunteer list, you'll be kept informed of the revised schedule. (Bartending is a great way to get to know more BYC Members!)

DON'T FORGET!!! SATURDAY JAN. 25 IS THE BOAT SHOW BUS DATE! Leaving at 8:30 a.m. and returning at 7:30 p.m., you’ll have fun with no parking or ticket hassle, and admission to both shows (in the water and in the exhibition hall). On the bus, great food and drink both ways; only $45.00 P/P covers it all!  Sign up at BYC.ORG on line to have all the details properly recorded! Seats are limited…

A GIFT IDEA: Buy a boat show ticket for someone!  Order it online at our BYC.ORG web site...
RETURNING TO OUR ROOTS! We are returning to the original plan for Friday@5: Camaraderie at the end of the week, supplemented with appetizers and finger food provided by all those that attend! Of course, this does not preclude a group from sponsoring a Friday event, and providing more than finger food! If you or your group would like to do that, sponsor a Friday@5 you will be reimbursed up to $150 towards the cost of food. Please contact me if you would like to reserve a date.  Commodore Michele or 360-720-4155
JOE COONS SAYS, "I'M GETTING OLD!"  That's why he's looking for some folks to help with writing and editing of the Jib Sheet and the Roster.  He has pledged to teach you all about the tasks, too, making you more computer-proficient.  He will train you and work with, at least for 2014, you'll do, at most, half of the job,  Call him at 739-1528 for details or email 
LANDSCAPING HELP NEEDED! Carol Snowball is looking for help with our BYC landscaping. If you are interested, you know you'll be working with a master of the art! Please contact Carol (714-0903) or me --- Commodore Michele

MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL: Our BYC bar and lounge opens at 5pm and closes at the end of the game. Drink specials and bar snacks will be available; come down and enjoy it with friends; $1 tacos served at the games!
FROM THE COMMODORE... Another victory for the Seahawks on Sunday the 15th!! One step closer to the post season - January is going to be a wild month, I can feel it coming. 
    Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season and that you are ready for your family festivities and celebrations. Christmas is just over a week away - seems hard to believe. This Friday@5 will be the club holiday party. Jim and Angie Santosuosso are organizing a spaghetti dinner with salad. Please bring an appetizer or dessert to share. After dinner you may chose to participate in an ugly Christmas sweater contest and/or a $10 gift exchange (both voluntary, don't stay away if you don't have a sweater or a gift). It should be a rousing time - hope to see you there. 
    Here's offering Best wishes and happy holiday! --- Respectfully and with warm Season's Greetings, Michele Bodtke, Commodore

BY-LAW CHANGE TO BE PROPOSED: Pursuant to the By-Laws, the board is proposing to make minor changes to the Junior Membership class definition, replacing the old one in your 2013 Roster. This change is to Art. III, Section 3(F) is being made per By-Law Art. XVII, Section 3; with new text to read "(F) Junior: A junior member shall be any person under the age of twenty-one (21) years, or a full-time college student under the age of twenty-three (23) years, who has met the requirements of Section (2) above. A junior member may not vote and may not hold office. The BYC Board of Trustees will determine and publish in the BYC Policies the rights and privileges of junior membership, which may vary by age. Upon attaining the age of twenty-one (21 or 23) years, a junior member shall be required to apply for active or intermediate membership, paying such fees and meeting such requirements as the Board of Trustees may require."
    Approval of this Change by our Membership will be requested at a future, regular Membership Meeting, the purpose of which will be announced.

STEVE ROSS'S PHOTO CONTEST...  Last week's picture was taken at the dock in Fossil Bay, Sucia Island. Dave Bradley, Scott McEniry, Steve Moore, John Raasch, Al Callery, and Jim Schoenecker all submitted correct answers. Jim Gibson was close, but more interested in the bait we used to catch the fish. Of course, I told him exactly what we used and where.
    This week we see a cat, who would certainly have enjoyed that fish. Time and distance conspire against him though. Hint, this picture was taken at a place whose name is TABEPNA [something]. If you know the location (or want to take a guess), send your answer to

   Jib Sheet Editor this week is Joe Coons
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