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Feb 19 6-7PM Cruising Safety Class (Story)
Feb 22 Sat 6-8 Wine Tasting (Story)
Feb 28-Mar 2 Anacortes Cruise
Mar 8 Sat 6PM Cruising Class (Story)
Apr 6 Sun Jr Sailing Dinner/Auction (Story)
Apr 26 Sat Club Open House/Charterfest


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Saturdays at 7pm Games night
Feb 28 F@5
Mar 7 F@5

Apr 11-13 Roche Harbor
May 23-26 Fisherman Bay
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Apple Specialists:
Autos:               Wilson Motors
Yacht Sales & Charters:
Canvas, Upholstery: 
Casino, Dining, Resort:
Catering Services & Facilities:
Electrical Repairs
Electrical Repairs &
Supplies, Furnaces:
Engine Repairs &
Financial Services:
Insurance, General
& Marine:
Special-T Sign & Graphics  
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Marine Services:
Marine Supplies:
Outboards, Stern Drives,
Boats & Repairs: 
FEBRUARY 18-24, 2014

REPEATING TWO IMPORTANT NOTICES (But read the rest, too!):
When you become a member of the club you were provided with two important credentials: A BYC Membership Card and a BYC Name Tag. Here's why: Our liquor license allows us to serve only Members of the Club and their signed in guests (subject to the guest policies you'll find in your Roster). Presenting your card to the Bartender on duty automatically assures you that your charges are going to the right account (protecting you) and verifies your Membership (protecting the Club).  You should always carry your BYC Membership Card --- it's a habit we all should develop! Please don't ask to be served without this crucial credential.
    Likewise, wearing your name tag and having your guests wear one of the temporary ones at the door (where you've written not only their name but, under it, yours in parenthesis) keeps the bartenders, and all the rest of us, informed who is in the Club with whom and protects our valuable liquor license.  
    A Note: Your BYC name tag was provided free with your new member materials. If you lose it, you can contact Marian Henderson who will order a replacement for you at nominal cost.
WARNING: Some Members' eMail directories have been "Hacked".  If you get an email from a BYC Member and it says, for example, “Please view this documentdon't do it.  Trash it right away.  Otherwise (as several have learned the hard way) your computer will be invaded by malicious software.  As your editor I get 30-60 emails each day and I always look carefully at emails to be sure everything "looks right" i.e., the names should match, you should know them, etc., and I always update and use first-class anti-virus software.  I happen to use Norton/Symantic, and the $50 or so I pay to renew yearly is a lot cheaper than having to bring in pros to purge my computer of bad stuff!  Here's another tip: When you put your cursor on any link, most email handlers show in your screen's corner the address the link is going to; be sure it matches what the email said, and has the usual "com" or "net" suffix, and no jibberish (especially with an "RU", for instance.)
TOMORROW NIGHT, WEDNESDAY: GET READY TO CRUISE! In Preparation for our Anacortes Cruise (see below), Member Ward Naviaux, MD, an Emergency Room Physician at St. Joseph’s Hospital and avid cold (and warm) weather sailor, will offer a short presentation on cold weather illness/accident prevention and cure. It's set for Wednesday, February 19, 2014 from 6 - 7:00 PM. Please bring your favorite ‘keep warm’ item (hat, gloves, devices) for sharing and showing!
FUN EVENT THIS WEEKEND: "OUR BYC WINE-TASTING PARTY"!  This Saturday, February 22, from 6-8 p.m. you can join BYC friends for a night of wine tasting and hors d'oeuvres. Tickets are sold through BYC website and are only $10.00 per person. Tickets are limited so don't delay! Roll down the coming event calendar to 2/22 and click away!
ALSO, IT'S OUR NEW "GAMES NIGHT": Last weekend on Saturday, beginning at 7:00, Members and guests came down to our Club and played cards and other games;  It was fun, so we3've decided to make it a regular Saturday diversion. There are supplies for some games at our Club, but if you want to bring a favorite, feel free.  Thanks to Lisa Harding for leading this new activity!

FRIDAY AT FIVE THIS WEEK: Come on down for relaxed comraderie as usual...and bring something to share! 
IMPORTANT FOR CRUISERS: Our first cruise of 2014 is less than 2 weeks away, February 28th-March 2nd. Sailors, Power Boaters and Land Cruisers, check out the fun activities we've got planned for the Winter Fleet Captain's Cruise to Cap Sante Marina in Anacortes! Folks wishing to join in on the fun in Anacortes but don't have a boat or don't want to bring their boat over can still come participate in all the events.  There are some wonderful accommodations in the town of Anacortes if you feel like getting a room for 1 or 2 nights.
    Here's what's happening: Friday @ 5pm: "Happy Hour" on the enclosed party barge"; Saturday Morning: Boating Challenge arranged by our Fleet Captain Neil Bennett; Saturday Afternoon: Stroll along Washington Park, walk into town for shopping or visit one of the local breweries or restaurants for lunch; Saturday @ 5pm: Chowder Cook Off Supper (see cook-off rules below) on the party barge, and please bring a salad, bread/rolls or a dessert to go along with the chowder supper; Saturday Night: Relax on your boat or come into town and go dancing with the energetic folks; Sunday Brunch @ 9am: Pancakes, Scrambled Eggs & Sausage provided.  Please bring anything else you'd like to share like Mimosas, juice or a thermos of hot coffee or tea.
    If you have any questions, please contact me by phone or email.  You will only have until Monday morning 2/24 to give me your boat information; boat name, vessel make, LOA (length overall), beam and preferred-side tie.  I will send in all of our information to the harbormaster who will make our slip assignments. Looking forward to cruising with you all!  --- Angie Santosuosso Cruise Chairman 360-319-7863(voice or text message)
    Chowder Cook Off Rules: The Chowder Cook Off will be held between 5-6:30pm; Chowder can be of the seafood, meat or vegetarian variety; All participants must make at least 2 quarts of chowder for judging & sampling purposes; Bring your chowder in a crockpot to keep hot, electricity will be provided; Please bring your own soup ladle; Bowls and spoons will be provided; Please place the name of your chowder on a 1/2 sheet of paper; Don't put your name on the chowder --- keeping it anonymous is more fun!  Prize awarded for the Crowd Favorite at 6:30 p.m.
SAVE THE DATE FOR OUR CRUISING SEMINAR:  On Saturday, March 8th at 6pm, you are invited to come to a presentation of all the cruises planned for 2014.  We'll have information on the following cruise destinations: Roche Harbor-April 11-13; Fishermen's Bay-Lopez Island-Memorial Day Weekend May 23-26; Deer Harbor-Orcas Island-June 6-8; Inati Bay-Around Lummi Race Summer Solstice Party Cruise- June 20-22; Garrison Bay 4th of July Raft Up-July 3-6; Sucia Island (Echo Bay)-Family Luau-July 11-13; Rosario Resort-Orcas Island-Past Commodore Cruise-July 18-20; Inati Bay-Commodore's Cruise-August 1-2; Buccaneer's Cruise-Inati Bay-August 22-24; Desolation Sound/Gulf Islands-September 19-29; 
    This is a great opportunity to learn about our cruising website, how to sign-up for the cruises you'd like to attend and how you can co-host a cruise with your friends or with new friends!
We'll be serving a variety of pizzas and salads for your enjoyment for $10 per person.  
THE BYC JAZZ SUPPER CLUB A SUCCESS AGAIN! There was a good turnout for the second BYC Jazz Supper Club of the year last Saturday.  The "Committee", Matt Dennis, Joe Coons, and Marty Mitchell will be announcing details in a few days for the last one of the Spring on Sunday, March 30. Watch BYC.ORG for details. 
GET READY TO CRUISE! In Preparation for our Anacortes Cruise (see below), Member Ward Naviaux, MD, an Emergency Room Physician at St. Joseph’s Hospital and avid cold (and warm) weather sailor, will offer a short presentation on cold weather illness/accident prevention and cure. It's set for Wednesday, February 19, 2014 from 6 - 7:00 PM. Please bring your favorite ‘keep warm’ item (hat, gloves, devices) for sharing and showing!
BYC YOUTH SAILING PROGRAM FUNDRAISER  The BYC Youth Sailing Program, which has provided sailing instruction to 85 to 100 local students per year, ages 8 – 12, over the last five years will be hosting a Steak Dinner and Silent Auction on Sunday, April 6, 2014 (put it on your calendar now!)  The proceeds of this Dinner and Auction will be used for upgrades to the 18-foot inflatable Safety Boat, affectionately known as ‘Prime Rib’. Please join us for an evening of Food, Fun and Auction excitement. Donations are being solicited from BYC members, local businesses, artists, musicians and more. This event is open to members and non-member guests who will be able to enjoy all of the amenities of your Club.  This will also be an opportunity for non-members to view the extensive renovations that have been made to the downstairs Youth Lounge area. Tickets are $35.00 and will be sold on the website soon. The exciting details --- and the fabulous prizes --- are listed here, as are the contacts for info and donations. --- The Junior Sailing Leadership
THE COOKBOOKS ARE DONE! Yes, the long-awaited new BYC cookbook, THE GOURMET GALLEY, is now available at the club. Lots of ideas for meals, and great recipes, $10 at the bar. 

SLIP AVAILABLE: 50ft slip to sublet through the summer.  Contact Terry Robertson (360) 510-2083

WHEN I RAN AN INTERNATIONAL COMPUTER BUSINESS, I had one customer (Andy Anderson in Bismark, North Dakota) that seemed to be hexed! If something could go wrong with anything we did, it happened to him (and usually him only.)  And Andy would then call us and unload an expletive-filled rant to his account exec. As long as I live I'll never forget overhearing my sales rep on the phone as he said, "don't call me an SOB, Andy, you SOB!" That was the kind of phone call from which sales legends are made.
    Well, as your Jib Sheet editor, I seem to have a hexed submitter: Poor Tom Dalgliesh! Tom has been doing a good job running our classes, but two weeks ago his story for the class last week came in too late for me to include, and then last week, I forgot to include it.  Tom, justifiably, was upset, although unlike Andy, I just got an email with no  cursing. I have tried to reassure Tom, and  now you, that it was an error of omission, not commission, but I'm not sure he's convinced. I hope you are. Thanks for your understanding!
    And that brings me to another point: Having done both the Jib Sheet and The Roster/Yearbook editing for most years since 1998, seventeen years, this is absolutely my last year: On September 30, I will delete all the files from my computer after backing them up and handing them over...  If you have any interest in one of these jobs, please talk to Commodore Michele Bodtke or next year's likely Commodore, Jonathan Knowles.  I promise to help you get comfortably started. (Maybe Tom Dalgliesh would like to take it over?)  Call me if you have questions, 739-1528.
THE NEXT CRUISE AFTER ANACORTES is April 11-13. (see story above). If you can’t figure out how to locate the schedule on the website, or you don’t know where some of these places are, or you just want to learn more about how much fun cruising with the BYC can be, join us Sat. March 8 at 6:00 PM for a cruising presentation by Angie and Neil…and maybe a couple of guest lecturers to boot.
WE WILL STILL NEED VOLUNTEER BARTENDERS to help Steve cover events, except now there'll be a pro on hand to help with your bar duties. Thanks, volunteers! Email Steve here.  Don't you love our new bar glassware?
BYC SUPPLY USERS:  If you use paper goods, plastic cutlery, disposable drinkware, napkins, paper towels, etc., you'll be glad to know that Member Margaret Kassner has taken over the buying & stocking of all this stuff for our Club!  That means from now on it should always be on hand...but that also means that you should talk to Margaret before buying anything on your own!  That way, we won't have three different kinds of forks, plastic cups or napkins in stock, but not enough of any one to do the job...a problem we've often seen recently! You can reach her at
As I prepare for this week's board meeting, I find myself getting increasingly excited about getting out on the water and the boating season right around the corner. I hope many of you will join me at the season's first cruise to Anacortes February 28 through March 2nd --- come by land or sea. Check out the story above and our BYC.ORG cruising web page for details. It should be a great shakedown cruise!
    After much deliberation among the charter companies, the port, and other interested marine groups, the annual Charter Fest celebration date has been set for April 26th. We will be hosting our annual Open House/membership drive that day. Save the date!!! This is a very important day for the club, as we showcase the benefits of membership. This is a great way to get involved, meet members, and enjoy a day at the club. We will need many volunteers to help that day. If you are interested in participating please contact Gary Baker (, Donna Olsen (, or Lurinda Gibson ( 
    Hope to see you this weekend at the club!  ---- Serving you from the Helm, Michele Bodtke, Commodore

Last week's photo was of Pyramid Lake, Nevada, taken from an airplane on approach to Reno. No one submitted a proper answer, although Darlene Wagner, Rick Laursen, and Rick Steidley sent in reasonable guesses ranging from Iceland to the Sea of Cortez!
    This week's photo is back at ground level. If you know the location, send your answer

   Jib Sheet Editor this week is Joe Coons
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