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June 28 Fr Youth Sailing BBQ (Story)
July 4 Th Deck Open (Story)
July 12-14 PC Cruise, Anacortes
Aug 2-4, Sucia Cruise
Aug 16-18 Buccaneer Cruise
Aug 24 Sat CrabFest


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July 5, F@5
July 12-14, Cruise to Anacortes

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June 25-July 1, 2013

FRIDAY: YOUTH SAILING FAMILY BBQ: Lower Lounge...RSVP to Arne & Anna Ahlen by tomorrow, June 26th. See the e-mail flyer you got on Monday! 
MEMORIALIZE YOUR BOAT! Our new tabletop configuration allowed us to add tables! A few lucky Members can "name" a table, and that means having its name, description and its owners' names on a plaque in the table's center. The big table for four is $400, and the two smaller tables for two are $250 each (one small one has already been named).  Contact Joe Coons at or (360) 739-1528 to learn more or place your order.  LATE FLASH: If you already have a table from 2010, but want to change your plaque wording, you can do it free by contracting Joe now --- no charge!

HAVE YOU GOT YOUR MEMBER MATERIALS?  All of our new members should now have their member cards and rosters as the last batch was sent out last week. If you have any questions or have not received your materials, please contact Susan Henderson at

SURVEY REMINDER: The Policy and Planning Committee has been working on long range planning since last October. That plan includes what Members want their club experience to be. As you have probably heard, one idea that is being discussed is how the business operation of the club will be handled, such as with a clubhouse manager. We want to hear from you!
    Here is a link to a survey asking what you want your club to be like. Please fill it out if you have not already done so, and please be candid!  Your submissions will be forwarded to the Committee for compilation until the end of June. Thank you! --- Michele Bodtke, Vice Commodore & Committee Chair

SAVE THE DATES!  JULY 4 ON THE BYC DECK: Bring your picnic and hang out for the fireworks! JULY 12-13-14: Past Commodore's Cruise to Anacortes, come by land or sea! 
SCHEDULE CHANGE:  OCTOBERFEST will be September 28 because of a too-busy schedule (remembering the Commodore's Ball & Halloween)...

THE JULY 4 CRUISE is on to Garrison Bay, and as is traditional, it's run by Pete & Jamie Foti.  The Flyer is here.

GOOD NEWS: Our Audio guys, Andy Brown and Ray Poorman, are trying a system change that they hope will solve our mike problems.  Maybe it will be in by this's hoping!
BURGER SPECIAL CONTINUES: Our Wednesday Weekly Racing & Burger Night has continued to be a success and a fun evening at the club. In addition to our cheeseburgers, we will be offering vegetarian black bean burgers for our Club's non-meat eaters. Carnivore or not, come on down and enjoy a tasty burger and beverage this Wednesday! Also, if you'd like to get involved with grilling, please contact Matt Ouilette
WOW PLANNING: Our Women on the Water regatta will have a planning meeting this Thursday, June 27 at 6:00 p.m.  Please attend. WOW is to be held on Saturday, July 27th this year, and we encourage ALL of our local sailors to start putting together a team. Important note: While WOW exists to promote women racing, and all female crews if possible, boat owners are allowed to be on their boat in case of emergency. Boat MUST be helmed by a woman
    WOW is also looking for prize sponsors, and other sponsors. Prizes given during our raffle can be sailing related or not, we typically have bottles of wine, hair products, sailing gear, general boating prizes, etc. We would LOVE any donations that could be given. Lastly, we want to thank our generous sponsors already on board: Tim Mumford at Squalicum Marine, Jeff Vernon at PSI, and Ray Poorman at San Juan CableWe absolutely couldn't do this regatta without you, thanks guys!  
    We hope to see you at the meeting this Thursday, any questions can be directed to Regatta Chairs Sally Poorman, 319-0380 or Jan Robertson, --- Sally Poorman

HELP WANTED: We are looking for a new Membership Secretary! With Marian Welsh’s retirement from the BYC Membership Secretary post, the Club needs to find a replacement. This fulfilling position will quickly involve you and have you making new friends! The Membership Secretary compiles new member applications and passes them through to the Board. Once approved, the Secretary adds member information to our database, prints membership cards, and compiles and mails new member packets. New member info is sent to the Jib Sheet, email communication secretary, and name tag teams, and the secretary also helps with club mailings and the annual membership renewals, and responds to membership information requests from our committees and Board. Training is provided as the job is passed along. Contact Marian if you are interested (360-527-2741) for more details and time requirements. Thank You!

WE NEED A SMALL FREEZER!  As our club grows, so does the need for additional storage space at the bar/lounge. We are looking for a small chest freezer to store burgers and pizzas up closer to the bar. If you have a small freezer sitting around in the garage not getting use, this is a great chance to make a useful donation to your club! Contact Matt Ouilette here
A reminder that this Friday we are having a YOUTH SAILING FAMILY BARBEQUE (see flyer e-mailed to all members).  Meanwhile, registrations for sailing classes are about the same as last year and we have had to cancel the first week of class.  Except for the Small Boat Cruising Camp session August 12, there are still many spots available so help us with recruiting.
RANGER 16 DONATIONS REQUEST: We continue to look for volunteers to help with upgrading Mo'Betta for keelboat sailing and cruising instruction.  We need the following items for which members may have used parts they would be willing to donate: jib sail, VHF radio with antenna, 12 volt marine battery, fire extinguisher, internal depth sounder, winch covers.  Contact Arne Ahlen (360-201-9895) or Bob Hollingsworth (360-733-7126). --- Arne Ahlen

BYC RACERS ARE BUSY: In addition to Wednesday racing, several boats traveled to Anacortes for the Windermere Regatta, where Dave Steffen’s Vitesse, and Mick Corcoran’s Blackfoot took 1st place in their respective divisions.  There was a great turnout of Bellingham Boats and sailors with Vitesse, Blackfoot, Blade Runner, Bruce, Dreamtime and Flying Circus racing and numerous BYC members on other boats.
    Meanwhile, this weekend, Etchell’s sailors participated in the Keelboat One-Design Regatta where they contended with light winds and currents, but were able to complete four races. Todd Keotje and the crew of Hraven made a heroic attempt on the Pt Roberts elapsed time record but were turned back off Sandy Point and ultimately enjoyed a great day on the water; Etchells results are here. --- Bart Maupin
PITCH POSTERS ARE HERE and I need a few volunteers to help post them around Puget Sound; our intent is to have them posted in every yacht club and marine store from Olympia to Vancouver, BC!  We already have a person putting them up in Vancouver, Bellingham  and Seattle, so we especially need help with Tacoma, Olympia and Victoria. Simply walk in with poster (tape & pins) in hand and ask the manager for permission and the location to post.
    If you are travelling to these towns and would be willing to put up some posters please contact me to coordinate. We have a stack of PITCH posters in the front lobby and you are free to grab one if you can post it in a place that potential entrants may see it, just make sure to let me know where it is so we don’t duplicate efforts.  Thanks! Randy Nulle 360-920-3178

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  Guess we are still waiting to see that summer sun come for good! 
    The F@5 was very nice this week.  Most everyone brought something to share, the sun was out and we all had a good time.  The Ship’s Store featured lovely gray sweaters, and we had several sign up to purchase these great items, and they also showed off our hats and white T-Shirts ($15.00 each, a great price)!  Be sure to check the Ship’s Store at the club.  There are always new items coming in from our Ship’s Store Committee.   
    Friday @ 5 has been a long tradition in our club, and we all love to get together and share food and stories on the first and third Friday of each month.  As our club has grown, this program has also grown, a lot!  The event is designed to bring groups together to promote a theme and help provide a main dish: It is easier for 6 or 8 people to share in bringing the main food while the rest of our membership fills in with the side dishes and the desserts (in the past, only one person brought the main dish, but there are too many of us for that to work these days!)  That’s why this year I challenged all of our Board members to sponsor a F@5 and get several …say, two or three…new-member couples to assist, so our new members would get familiar with what it takes to help sponsor a F@5. Well, there is only one left that is still up for grabs, August 16th (during my term, at least), so our Board members will be sponsoring it!  If you are a new Member and can help out, give me a shout and I’ll point you in the right direction.  Get a group together, think of a theme, share in providing the main dish and we will have Steve Moore make a flyer for the occasion.  I am, as always, here to help.  Please contact me!
    I know we have a few golfers out here, and I am trying to work in a golf gathering at Sudden Valley for our BYC members.  If you are a golfer and would like to help organize this, contact me.  I plan to have a meeting regarding this soon!  My contact numbers are below so I know who would like to pitch in with an event of BYC Golf!
    Reminder: Thursday 4th of July the Deck will be open for watching the fireworks.  Bring your special 4th of July dish and come down and have fun with your BYC friends!  Be ready to stay late, as traffic is always a trick after the Fireworks.
    Don't forget, bring those recipes when you bring a dish to a BYC function.  The cookbook committee needs your help!
    Until next week…..pray for sun….as our summer continues, and boat safe and have fun!
    Fair Winds and Following Seas --- Jody King Erickson (360) 223-2119 

Jim Gibson correctly identified last week's picture of a rustic chair in Bamfield, BC. Thanks to Al Callery for sharing the photo.
    This week's photo shows an idyllic country pub. If you recognize the location, please send your answer to  

Jib Sheet Editor this week is Joe Coons.
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