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October 25: Commodore's Ball!


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Weds: Hamburgers/Brats
Thurs: Tacos/Carne Asada

Fri: Potlucks

August 22-24th Buccaneer's Cruise at Inati Bay
September 13-29th Desolation Sound Cruise

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Casino, Dining, Resort:
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Electrical Repairs &
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AUGUST 5-11, 2014

WED: Aug. 6 - 5pm Burgers and Brats; THURS: Aug. 7 - 5pm Carne Asada    FRI: Aug 8: Come on down to your club! SAT: Closed (summer hours)
MONDAY, Aug. 11: An important planning meeting for the Desolation Sound Cruise. Hosts Angie and Rich already have 8 or 9 boats signed up, and it sounds like fun (you can do the whole thing, or part, or just tag along). It's from 7:30-8:30 that night, and the agenda is here.
NEXT WEEK:  WED: Aug 13 - 5pm Burgers and Brats THURS: Aug 14 - 5pm Carne Asada   FRI: Aug 15 - Friday at 5! C'mon down to your Club, bring a dish to share!  
OUR FLEET CAPTAIN CARES: Read Neil Bennett's touching letter here and see why it's important to help out in the Pink Boat project for Michele and so many others! Or, register right now here! 
AMBASSADORS NEEDED FOR FUN! In addition to Home Hosts (below), we need Ambassadors to join in the PacRim fun and help make our visitors comfortable. John Gargett has posted a terrific explanation here. Please take a look....
RANDY KLEMANN REMINDED ME TO REMIND YOU that both LFS and Redden Marine offer our Members 10% off on qualifying purchases...
LUMMI ISLAND NOTICE: Fire risk is very high. Be careful! Beach fires must be below the most recent high tide level; fires larger than 2' diameter prohibited. 
THE PACRIM PUSH IS ON! The PacRim Committee is making a big effort to get the last few home hosts for our visitors September 6-13th. It's a way to be involved in this historic, biennial event (it'll be 12 years before you have another chance) and it's fun and easy to here for all the details from Chairman John Gargett.
SPEAKING OF PACRIM...The Hospitality Committee For PacRim 2014 is looking for some bakers to help out. We need some breakfast breads, muffins (or whatever you do best!) to serve our guests at the club each morning. We need these yummies eight days, Sept. 6 through Sept. 13. Pick the day(s) you can bring something, and let Gail Haines ( or Brenda Dennis ( know what you will provide. We will send reminders. Thanks for your help in getting our sailors and ambassadors off to a good start each day. If you want to come help serve, let us know. The more the merrier!
SEA GRANT NEWS: The Washington Seagrant program got $1.5 Million for waste pumpouts, and part of it is for another pumpout in our San Juan Islands. The grant requires a 25% match, so they're scrambling to raise that. You can also get a free pumpout adapter [I'm not sure what that is!] by contacting
After a very successful Commodore’s Picnic Weekend, we’re all cleaned up and back to normal at the club. Come on down for Burgers ’n’ Brats on Wednesday, starting at 5 and continuing ‘till the fleet’s in, and don’t forget Monica’s Mexican on Thursday, featuring the best carne asada and bean burritos this side of the border! On Friday the grill be hot, so bring something to throw on the grill and a side to share, and park yourself on the deck to enjoy that million dollar view! 
    In a few weeks we’ll be opening for Monday Night Football again! Check back for updates on opening time, food service, and more! 
 See You at the Club! -- Steve Hayward

*August 22-24th* Buccaneer's Cruise at Inati Bay ---Contact Shaun Thompson: cell 360-661-1327 or
Ginger Thompson: cell 360-303-5346 or

*September 13-29th* Desolation Sound Cruise ---Contact Rich Hanset: cell 408-839-1530 or email: For more info, click here

PITCH POSTER UPDATE. Thanks to all that responded and helped spread PITCH posters last week. We still need a few volunteers to help post them around Puget Sound; so we can have them in every yacht club and marine store from Olympia to Vancouver, BC. We've hit Bellingham, Anacortes, Everett and Seattle but still need help with Canada, San Juan Islands, Tacoma and Olympia. Just walk in with poster (tape & pins) in hand and ask the manager for permission and the location to post. If you are travelling to these towns and would be willing to put up some posters please contact me to coordinate!
    We have a stack of PITCH posters in the front BYC lobby and you are free to grab a few if you can post them in a place that potential entrants may see it, just make sure to let me know where it is so we don’t duplicate efforts.  Thanks! Randy Nulle 360-920-3178

We need signals boat drivers! You work on Tuesday from around 4:45 - 8PM, and it fun and a great way to make friends. Call me at 360 676 4263.  You can also click this link; this spread sheet will allow you to enter your information and availability. Thank you very much, I look forward to seeing you Tuesday Night!
--- Mike Poulos, Dinghy Fleet Captain 

BE 'IN THE KNOW'! You can follow what is planned for PacRim 2014 by going to PacRim2014.Com and subscribing to our official site by clicking on the Follow button in the upper right corner, a great way to keep up to date.
THERE IS STILL SPACE REMAINING in the final month of Learn-to-Sail. If you have a child, a kid-friend or a grandchild interested in learning to sail, there are still a few slots available in the August Sessions, including the popular "BYC Crusing Camp" with an overnight at BYC's Inati Bay Outstation. Visit for information and registration.
THE BYC YOUTH REGATTA is well into it's planning stages we are working towards making it a great event and if you would like to help with any of the numerous activities that we need volunteers for we could always do with more willing hands. Please contact Jerry Roloson,, who is running the event this year. Also if you have a junior sailor in the family, sign them up to race, this is our one big youth regatta of the year and Bellingham should be represented. Mike Powell - Youth Fleet Captain 310-877-7940360-306-8336
THE PITCH REGATTA is still two months off but has always been a great fundraiser for the youth fleet. If you have or know of any business that would be willing to donate a suitable item for the raffle please contact me at or Randy Nulle at
What a wonderful weekend! I want to thank everyone that attended the Commodore's Picnic on Saturday. The weather was glorious, the food fantastic, good company - a bay full of boats! Special thanks to Fleet Captain Neil Bennett and Steve & Monica Hayward for helping me with the shopping and food prep. The chicken was great - thank you, Neil. And many thanks to Monica for the guacamole and salsa. I had to return Saturday night for a special occasion on Sunday. I couldn't have done so without the help of those that cleaned up camp on Sunday - Neil & Michele, Steve & Monica, Clink Wilkes, Veronica Vernon, Rick Laursen, Jon Knowles, and a very special thank you to Tom & Sue Day for transporting all the gear (forgive me if I have left anyone off the list)! Thank you again for a great event!!!
    Don't forget it's election season. Please consider throwing your hat in the ring for Fleet Captain or Trustee. If you are interested please contact me directly.
Serving you from the Helm, Michele Bodtke, Commodore (360) 720-4155

Last week's photo was taken from the nature trail on Matia Island, SE corner, with Lummi Island in the distance. Dean Altschuler, Scott McEniry, Meredith Ross, and Marty Haines identified the exact spot, while Joe Coons, Al Callery, and Jamie Foti were close.
    Did you know that you too can submit a photo for the photo contest? This week we see a picture taken by one of our members -- and the spot certainly is not in the San Juan Islands! If you know the location, send your answer to That address is also where you can send your photos (any size, any format).

   Jib Sheet Editor this week is Joe Coons
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