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FEBRUARY 4-10, 2014

SAD NEWS: Past Commodore Arnold "Arnie" Rupke has died.  Arne, , was our Commodore for the 1986-87 Club year during one of it's last "booming" years when the Club Restaurant was one of only four "Better" places to eat here.  PC Rupke was known for his enthusiastic participation in the Club, especially at our social events; he was a serious salesman for the BYC and all it stood for, and although he had health issues during the last years of his life, he remained interested in the Club and its welfare, staying involved through the Blue Gavel/Past Commodore's organization. Our prayers are with his family as they deal with their loss. Services are being held tomorrow, Wednesday 2/5, 2 p.m., Third Christian Reformed Church in Lynden, 514 Liberty St.

WHAT A GREAT SEAHAWKS PARTY! The Seattle Seahawks are The XVIII Super Bowl Champions and it was a memorable day yesterday for each of us Seahawks fans!  We witnessed watching the 'Hawks win their 1st Championship in franchise history!  Our BYC was an awesome place to have a SB party; many thanks to our hosts, Neil Bennett, Jim & Angie Santosuosso and Tim Mumford!  BYC members commented that "this was the Superbowl party we've ever had!"
    The day began with our traditional Chili Cook Off with 24 entrees of homemade recipes of every unique variation. The winner of the coveted Silver Spoon Trophy was Mr. Moo's Green Chili, crafted by Neil Bennett. It nosed out ten other recipe favorites.  Slow cooked on a mesquite wood grill, Mr. Moo, grass fed in Everson, laid down an awesome base for herbaceous Hatch
chili peppers, tomatillo, onions and a lot of Adobo spice to waft into the noses and taste buds of the hungry pre-Super Bowl crowd. When asked for the recipe, Fleet Cap't Bennett was heard to reply, "I just made it up".  The praise should go to Mr. Moo...
    Thanks to Jim Santosuosso and his grilling mates, Andy Brown and Clint Wilkes for serving up that delicious Tritip Steak!  The baked potato bar and Caesar salad completed the dinner and left not a single guest hungry!  Many thanks, too, to everyone who pitched in a helping hand to make the party so much fun;  A special thank you to Missy Steffen for helping with setting up for the party and to Margaret Kassner for making sure all of our supplies were well stocked. Thanks to Steve Hayward and the awesome bartenders who did a fantastic job manning the bar and serving us great drink specials!  Thank you, Commodore Michele, dish washing queen, for all your help with cleanup!!  And to the others who helped with cleanups; the club was left neat and tidy thanks to all of you!
    Surprising us, Mike Allsop and Mark Santosuosso installed a new 65-inch flat screen TV in our BYC lower lounge! And on Saturday, Mark and the Task Team changed out the our cove lighting to Seahawks green.  Not to be forgotten: the generous contributors who purchased dinner tickets!  Without your contributions and support, a Super Bowl party of this caliber would not be possible!  The funds from the extra dinner tickets sold were donated to our BYC Junior Sailing.  The lucky Super Bowl prize winners were 1st Quarter-Neil Bennett; Half-time-Trudy Kelsoe; 3rd Quarter-Chuy Pena; End of Game-Virginia Santosuosso.
    Once again BYC has proven to be an awesome place to host great events!
LET'S CELEBRATE UNSUNG BYC HEROES: Last Saturday morning Task Team-ers Mark Santosuosso, Randy Nulle, Cathy Franklin, Phil Dyer, Dean Altschuler, Joe Coons, Mike Allsop and more (whose names we didn't have the sense to note) came down to the Club and pitched in for part of their weekend morning to help find an annoying air leak in our sprinkler system...and they did it in less than 45 minutes.  Then they rounded out the morning by helping with decorations for the Superbowl Party the next day.  Each time this kind of thing happens, we save the Club a ton of money and and we have fun getting to  know one another better. You can sign up for our "Task Team" list with a note to Joe Coons here.  You then will get notices of projects that need to be done, and you can volunteer for a task, or not!  It's entirely optional each time!
THE SURVEY RESULTS ARE IN: Thanks to all you who answered our survey about this Jib Sheet newsletter and our Roster! We've learned that you pretty much want us to keep doing what we are, and in general like the general content of each, reading or using nearly all of each publication. We are carefully reviewing your comments, and will try to follow up on each! --- Joe Coons
CLUB MEETING THIS WEDNESDAY!  A General membership meeting is this Wednesday Feb 5th at 6:00pm. Dinner special will be $1 dollar tacos, please bring a salad or dessert to share. This month's topic is "club finances". I won't get too far into the weeds but give you an overall picture of where the money comes from and where it goes. As a member of the club you want to have a general understanding this, and the general health of our club currently and into the future! Club opens at 5:00. Hope to see you there --- Michele Bodtke, Commodore 

FRIDAY AT FIVE THIS WEEK: Come on down for relaxed comraderie as usual...and bring something to share! 
THE BYC JAZZ SUPPER CLUB IS GETTING CLOSE! Sunday, February 16, reservations needed ASAP! The end of next week(!) is our next BYC Jazz Supper Club, with a great evening of Beatles Hits played as instrumentals by a first class piano, bass, and drums trio with a delightful supper menu included. The flat price of only $36 includes everything: supper, the entertainment, tax and tip! The menu choices include Shrimp, Beef and Veggie choices. Details are here. You can get your tickets from BYC.ORG. Roll down the coming event calendars to 2/16 and click on it. Reservations must be made on line and are limited to 75 Members and guests. Note: Tables will be reserved for parties of six or more.(Yes, the event will be over in time for Downton Abbey!)
GET READY TO CRUISE! In Preparation for our Anacortes Cruise (see below), Member Ward Naviaux, MD, an Emergency Room Physician at St. Joseph’s Hospital and avid cold (and warm) weather sailor, will offer a short presentation on cold weather illness/accident prevention and cure. It's set for Wednesday, February 19, 2014 from 6 - 7:00 PM. Please bring your favorite ‘keep warm’ item (hat, gloves, devices) for sharing and showing!
BYC WINE TASTING EVENT! In a little over two weeks, on Saturday, February 22, from 6-8 p.m. you can join BYC friends for a night of wine tasting and hors d'oeuvres. Tickets are sold through BYC website and are only $10.00 per person. Tickets are limited so don't delay! Roll down the coming event calendar to 2/22 and click away!
THE COOKBOOKS ARE DONE! Yes, the long-awaited new BYC cookbook, THE GOURMET GALLEY, is now available at the club. Lots of ideas for meals, including a unique offering for the bachelors among us that Phil Dyer contributed: Look it up! The Gourmet Galley is at the bar for only $10...and as a special promotion during this initial sale: you'll get a free copy of the old cookbook (Mates’ Favorites) for every four copies of the new Gourmet Galley you buy. Be sure to check the index for your your name or that of a BYC friend, and see what's been contributed ...also, Past BYC Commodores under whose administration the cookbook was prepared will sign your copy, doubling the value!

CAROL SNOWBALL WRITES, "Unfortunately, Bob had recent back surgery and has had some post-op difficulties! That means that I'm definitely going to need some help keeping up the Club landscaping.  Here's what you all who generously offered to help can do: On your way in to our Club for an event, just take a minute or two to clean up the butts and dead leaves, and keep it neat!  Thanks so much!" Hey, Carol, you keep our Club's landscaping so lovely, it's the least we can do!

ROOM FOR RENT: Our member Caron Marconis has a room for rent in the Barkley District with many features including a private bath at only $490/month. Sounds nice! Contact her at for details. [We will run ads like this for boats and boating stuff twice, and for other things once or twice, space permitting, as free service to Members. --- Ed.]

AHOY CRUISERS! Our first cruise of 2014 is coming up next month, February 28-March 2, at Cap Sante Marina, a beautiful Northwest marina. We encourage all sailors, power boaters and land cruisers to come! Folks who don't have a boat or don't want to bring it can still come! Friday night at 5 is "Happy Hour at the Party Barge".  Then our 1st-ever Chowder Cook Off will be on Saturday evening held in the enclosed party barge. Fleet Captain Neil Bennett will be cruise host. For those who want a little exercise, there's walking into town for shopping, visiting the local Anacortes Brewery and restaurants, or strolling the beautiful Washington Park surrounding the marina. Sunday morning we'll have a group brunch before we head home. Please contact Angie Santosuosso, BYC Cruise Director for questions, as well as to give her your boat information to reserve your slip at Cap Sante Marina. Contact her by either email or phone:  360-319-7863
THE NEXT CRUISE AFTER THAT is April 11-13. If you can’t figure out how to locate the schedule on the website, or you don’t know where some of these places are, or you just want to learn more about how much fun cruising with the BYC can be, join us Sat. March 8 at 6:00 PM for a cruising presentation by Angie and Neil…and maybe a couple of guest lecturers to boot.
WE'RE GOING CASHLESS MARCH 1!  The Board has eliminated cash as bar payment option, effective March 1. The only payment options will be charges to your member accounts or credit/debit cards! (Yes, we will have make special arrangements for the use of cash at the few days of our major regattas...but meanwhile our Members will be making our life much simpler & safer!). Last spring we began our Direct Debit payment arrangement, and nearly 100 members have taken advantage of it; cash use at the bar has decreased significantly, it's now the least-favored method!  As Commodore Michele told us at the November member meeting, "elimination of cash will greatly improve the efficiency of both the bar and the bookkeeping processes. Many other clubs have gone this route."  She was right.  It's saved us lots of time and chances for error!
    Now would be a good time to consider enrolling in the Direct Debit program if you have not already. Wary? Talk to friends who are using it. Enrollment Forms are available in the Ship’s Store or here. Don’t forget to sign the form and attach a voided check. Then just drop it in the top safe in the A-V closet, or ask the bar manager or bartender to do it for you.
     And as an alternative, if you would like to “preload” your member account, either a check or cash in multiples of $100 can be placed in an envelope with your name on it and deposited directly into the safe (no bills less than $20 please and absolutely no coins!)
    Thank you so much for your cooperation!  If you have any questions, please contact Mike Welsh at  ---- Steve Hayward


HOUSE EVENTS PLANNING MEETING!  On Wednesday, February 12, from 6:00-8:00, there will be an important meeting and you are invited!  If you have ever wanted to get involved with planning our BYC House Events, this meeting is for you. It is open to all BYC Members who are interested in helping plan fun events for the members. Wine and cheese will be provided by the Club. No reservation is required, just come on down to the Club! Questions, contact Michele Bodtke 360-720-4155 or Missy Steffen 360-661-7350.
WE WILL STILL NEED VOLUNTEER BARTENDERS to help Steve cover events, except now there'll be a pro on hand to help with your bar duties. Thanks, volunteers! Email Steve here.
BYC SUPPLY USERS:  If you use paper goods, plastic cutlery, disposable drinkware, napkins, paper towels, etc., you'll be glad to know that Member Margaret Kassner has taken over the buying & stocking of all this stuff for our Club!  That means from now on it should always be on hand...but that also means that you should talk to Margaret before buying anything on your own!  That way, we won't have three different kinds of forks, plastic cups or napkins in stock, but not enough of any one to do the job...a problem we've often seen recently! You can reach her at
I am still recovering from Sunday's Super Bowl and the spectacular win by the HAWKS --- What a game! It was exciting at the club with a room full of exuberant Seahawk fans!!! It was a great party. There are so many to thank - first and foremost Jim & Angie Santosuosso and Neil Bennett. These three did most of the organizing, and Jim was lead chef for the steak dinner.  Special thanks to all three of you for a great job. Thanks also to TIm Mumford and Roger Schjelderup for promoting the event and selling tickets. There are countless others to thank as well that helped with evening meal, that stocked paper goods, utensils, garbage bags, etc. Also to everyone that helped clear drink glasses and clean at the end of the day. Thank you all for pitching in!!!! Another huge thank you to all those who volunteering behind the bar - when you see these folks next, please say thank you to them. It was seamless service and a job done especially well. Here! Here! to Terry Tavelli, Scott McEniry, Joe Stefanelli, Melissa Patterson and to Steve Hayward for prepping and managing the bar. 
    The afternoon started with the annual chili cook-off and it was all we expected and more - so many entries (26)!! It was hard to choose. Thanks to all that crafted that 'special' Seahawk chili for the event. This year's winner was Neil Bennett with his Green No Bean Chili. Nice Job!!!
    Looking ahead, our first cruise to Anacortes is Feb 28-Mar 2; weekly racing starts in April; and then comes Opening Day May 3rd (theme "Land of Oz) which will be here before you know it. Keep you eyes open for notices about planning meetings. 
    Hope to see all of you at the club soon!  ---- Serving you from the Helm, Michele Bodtke, Commodore

John Van Haalen contributed last week's picture, taken in Ft. Bragg, California. John Gargett provided the only correct answer, although Dave Heaps suggested a similar location.
    This week we are in a very exotic location. If you recognize the site, send your answer to

   Jib Sheet Editor this week is Joe Coons
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