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The Board meets the 3rd Thursday of every month

Oct. 18: Club Scrub
Oct. 25: Commodore's Ball!


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Mon: Football Night 5:30
Wed: Hamburgers/Brats
Thurs: Tacos/Carne Asada
Fri: Potlucks

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OCTOBER 14 - 20, 2014

MON: 13 Oct: Monday Night Football; WED: 15 Oct: 5pm Burgers and Brats; THURS: 16 Oct : 5pm Carne Asada; FRI: 17 Oct: FRIDAY@5! SAT: 18 Oct: Club Scrub in the morning; Bar open in the evening
MON: 20 Oct: Monday Night Football; WED: 22 Oct: 5pm Burgers and Brats; THURS: 23 Oct: 5pm Carne Asada;  FRI: 24 Oct: Bar and Grill open  SAT: 25 Oct: Bar open
It's this Saturday 18 October. This event, held in each Spring & Fall, saves the Club thousands in maintenance dollars when we all pitch in on various clean-up/fix-up tasks. When you come down on Saturday morning, you'll have a chance to team up with other Members and have fun working together on this common cause. I have a list of the things that need doing here, look it over and pre-pick what you'll do; bring tools you might think you'll need. And please, we need (as usual) a pressure washer or two to clean up our decks, deck furniture, and the aprons in front of the building. Thanks!  See you there. --- Joe Coons
COMMITMENT! That's the only word for Maya Allsop and Sharyn Bornstein who, unable to come on Saturday to the Club Scrub, have scheduled an early visit to de-spot the chairs on both floors bringing their own supplies. "We like to do our part", they said...and they will! Will you be there this Saturday at 9:00? Sure hope so...  --- Joe Coons
COMMODORE'S BALL - 25 OCTOBER!  90th Annual Commodores Ball will be a Celebration of Naval & Maritime History.  The theme will be "Master & Commander". Detailed information & formal invitations will be in the mail this week, but you can RSVP now from the BYC website.
    If you're able to serve the the Commodores Planning Committee, please contact Ann Knowles 360-303-5884;
BYC Says 'Fair Winds' to Harbormaster Chris Tibbe
Squalicum Harbormaster (and BYC member), Chris Tibbe, will slip the moorings off of his Harley on 17 October to join his lovely wife, Bronwyn in Newport Beach, California.  Good luck to you both in your new adventures!
New Editor Requests:  Just a reminder that your new editor is encouraging your suggestions, comments, and stories!!... What do YOU want out of your newsletter?  Frequency?  Content?  Send your thoughts to  --- PC Michele Bennett

Here’s what’s happenin’ at the bar & lounge this week:
Mon: MON NITE FOOTBALL w/ hot dogs and carnitas
Wed: Burgers ’n’ Brats
Thurs: Carne Asada and those tasty bean burritos by our own Chef Monica!
Fri: Fri @ 5 – bring an appetizer to share and visit with friends over a libation or two
Sat: Bar opens at 5
See you in the lounge!  --- Steve Hayward

505s to Join Wednesday Night Racing in 2015 
The new Bellingham 505 fleet will be joining BYC's Wednesday night racing program starting in April of 2015.  505s are a two-person planing monohull with a large symmetrical spinnaker and single trapeze that many consider to be the ultimate high performance dinghy.   The design originated in 1953 and the class has thrived world-wide through the decades since the boats are exciting, fun to sail, and perform well from 5-30 knots.  Large fleets are already active in Seattle and Vancouver, BC.  Check out the boat and class online (, come for a ride, and join in on the excitement! --Paul Pihl

NEXT TRIP: Hosting Sailors for the Round the County Race!
   It’s been a busy past week preparing for my first Board Meeting as Commodore.  I’ve been meeting with the Flag Officers, appointing committee members & chairs, and reviewing the priority list of things to accomplish this year. My wife, Ann and other great BYC Volunteers mailed out the invitations for the 90th Annual Commodores Ball on Oct 25th “Master &  Commander” – a look back at Naval & and Maritime History.  (RSVP on the BYC Web Site.)
    Highlights last week:  BYC’s Oktoberfest last Friday had a great and festive turnout.  Thanks go out to Marian Welsh for not organizing it (inside joke!), along with Laura & Jeff Vaughan, Vickie & Chris Olsen who helped prepare the Spaetzle  & Sauerbraten as well as grilled brats.  On Saturday afternoon, Jack Gerity and Lisa Megard celebrated their secret summer elopement in the lounge with good friends and members.   Congratulations to both!  Last weekend was the Puget Sound Sailing Championship at Shilshole.  Four BYC boats, Vitesse, Flying Circus, Blade Runner and Supernova, made the trip south for shifty-to-nonexistent wind.  That’s just the way it rolls sometime with sailing in the PNW.  Kudos to Corinthian Yacht Club Seattle for still making the event festive.
    Upcoming this week is a traditional Potluck Friday’s @ 5 - look for Steve Moore’s e-mail later in the week.  Club Scrub Saturday Oct 18th  - cleaning, dusting, patching, painting & fixing.  This is equivalent to “Spring Cleaning” at your home.  It’s pretty important that if there is only one thing you volunteer for, it should be the  Club Scrub.  If you can’t make it, there will be to-do list posted for things that can be worked on your schedule before Saturday.  
    Looking ahead a few weeks, BYC is hosting both the ISSA High School Single Handed Championships on Nov 1-2 and the ISCA College Single Handed Championship on Nov 7-8 on Bellingham Bay.  The top high school and college Laser sailors from around the country will be here in Bellingham, including BYC’s, Robin Lesh who attends M.I.T.
Have a great week!  --Jonathan Knowles, Commodore

Last week's picture was of Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe. Marian Henderson and Al Callery correctly identified the location, Rick Laursen suggested it was at a different high mountain lake.
    This week we see an obelisk honoring one of the great achievements of the 17th Century. If you know the location or the significance, send your answer to

   Jib Sheet Editor this week is Michele Bennett
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