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A blue name badge means you're from out of town.  If you see folks with blue badges, ask them to join you! It's possible they may not know anyone...
Feb 14, Thu, Valentine's Day @ BYC
Feb 15, Fri, Membership Mixer F@5 (Story)
Feb 19, Tues, Marketing Meeting 5:30
Feb 20, Weds,  All Committee Chairs 5:30
Feb 22, Fri, 6PM Boater Education Pgm (Story)
Mar 2, Sat, Youth Sailing Meeting
Mar 3, Sun, Wine Club @5:30


2/18 on: 8A-4P Daily

Feb 15, Fri, F@5

Mar 16, Sat, St. Patricks Day Party
Mar 20, Wed, Education Night 6PM
Mar 24, Sun, BYC Jazz Supper Club 5PM
Mar 30, Sat, Langei-Taylor Mem'l 4PM
Apr 7, Sun, Club Scrub
Apr 13, Sat, Spring Dance
Apr 20, Sat, Zodiac Youth Sailing Fundraiser

This claims to be the World Sailing Record

Apple Specialists:
Autos:               Wilson Motors
Yacht Sales & Charters:
Canvas, Upholstery: 
Casino, Dining, Resort:
Catering Services & Facilities:
Commercial Internet & Network Integration:
Electrical Repairs
Electrical Repairs &
Supplies, Furnaces:
Engine Repairs &
Insurance, General
& Marine:
Special-T Sign & Graphics  
Marine Cooling Systems:
Marine Services:
Marine Supplies:
Outboards, Stern Drives,
Boats & Repairs: 
Printing Services: 

FEBRUARY 12-18, 2013....

THIS WEEK...see left listings too

FRIDAY @ FIVE THIS WEEK: You'll see the info here.  Come on down, and if you can, bring some goodies to share...
ALSO THIS WEEK: The Rosters are at the printer's!  Special thanks to Marian Welch and Jody Erickson for their help to me during the past couple of weeks.  But extra-special thanks to the dozens of advertisers who support our publications!  You can read their names down the left column...they not only pat for these projects, they also are so darned nice about it!  They even say "Thank you for the opportunity!"  Please, please, thank them the next time you see them...
    The Rosters should be in the mail early next week or before. --- Joe Coons
THERE ARE 204 BOATS IN THE BYC FLEET! At least, that's what Members have told us about, with 3 Motorsailers, 109 Powerboats, 91 Sailboats, and 1 Steam Launch.  Quite a fleet!

NEXT WEEK...see left listings too

 FEBRUARY 20: There will be a Committee Chair Meeting! At 5:30 pm Commodore Jody is holding this, please, if you are a Committee Chair, try to attend.
TIE ONE ON FRIDAY THE 27th! It will be our second TIE ONE ON EVENT with knot-tying, wine sampling, and fun.  Details are here
LONG RANGE NEXT JAZZ SUPPER CLUB MARCH 24: We had such a good time --- fine reviews --- and we have the Jennifer Scott Trio, so put it on your calendar.  No WSO, no Downton Abbey, a larger menu (and we won't try to  cook all those steaks simultaneously),better lighting on the band and a better listening environment is in store.  YET...the price will be the same!  More news coming. --- Matt Dennis & Joe Coons
HELP WANTED FOR OPENING DAY: Fleet Captain Mick Corcoran writes, "A plea if you will, for some volunteers to form the Opening Day Committee.  As you know this is one of the BYC “Big Events” to start off our boating season. If you can help out, your assistance would be much appreciated." Please contact Mick via email,  or on his cell: 319-5448. 
A REMINDER FROM A GREAT MEMBER & SPONSOR: Spring is right around the corner and it is time to start thinking about bringing your boat up to snuff. Top to Bottom can bring back your vessel's topsides, bottom and running gear so that you boat will look and perform up to it's fullest potential. They offer a wide range of services that include bottom painting, washing, polishing/ waxing, wood refinishing, zinc/ propeller replacement and in-water hard growth removal. Remember, barnacles and mussels on a boat's running gear and hull can increase fuel consumption and cause poor performance, so before you head out on that first cruise, call Top to Bottom for an underwater inspection and cleaning of propellers and running gear!
VESSEL SAFETY DECALS AVAILABLE! Get a courtesy Vessel Safety Check for the upcoming season!  All the details are here... 
A YOUTH SAILING REMINDER: Seventy letters were mailed to the participants of last summer's Youth Sailing Classes informing them of a get together at BYC on Saturday, March 2 and of the fund-raising cruise on the Zodiac Saturday April 20.  Anyone interested in either event can go to the website and scroll down the main page to get details of these events and RSVP for March 2 and/or purchase spaces on the Zodiac.  There are only 49 spaces on the Zodiac so I suggest you get your reservations in early.

OUR MEMBER APRIL SAKAHARA WRITES: "Some BYC members got inspired at a recent Friday's at Five to go hiking together on the weekend.  I was one of the photographers, they asked that I submit some pics to the Jib Sheet and invite other potential BYC member join in ad lib.  Mike & Maya Allsop hike very regularly and would be good point of contact for organization.  It was a great time and fun adventure."  [We have posted one of April's pictures here.  As soon as I learn how, I'll try to put up the gallery.]


    The days are getting longer and the Sun has been out a bit more, which gives us hope of an early spring and summer.  I am sure we are all ready for the sunshine and the pink trees.  This brings us to think of opening day of boating and what is up at the BYC this spring.
    Very soon we will have a Calendar card for all of our members.  We are still finalizing our schedule for the remainder of the year.  We have an action packed program coming your way for the spring and summer. This will include some old traditional events along with some new and exciting events coming your way.
    Soon also I will be contacting all of our committee chairs to invite them to a committee chair meeting on February 20 at 5:30 PM to make sure the details are worked out for the many programs that are scheduled for the remainder of the year.  If you are a committee chair please put this date on your calendar. We will discuss all of your needs for making our programs and events spectacular ones!
    Don’t forget the Days of Wine and Roses, and don’t forget your Valentine this week either.  Valentine’s Day is Thursday and I understand that Mark Santosuosso is bringing the bar to life that night.  Stop by and say hello!  Remember all the grand things your sweetheart does for you!  Also Friday @ 5 should be a barrel of fun.  I am sure Michele B and her team has a wonderful program planned for you!
    Until next week go gently and remember to invite your friends to come down and enjoy our club.
    Fair Winds and Following Seas --- Jody King Erickson


    This weekend several BYC boats and sailors are heading to Orcas Island for the annual Winter Classic race around Shaw Island, where foul weather gear and sometimes crash helmets and protective padding are needed both on and off the race course.  The following weekend BYC will be well represented again during Anacortes Yacht Club’s annual Foul Weather Race from Anacortes to Friday Harbor.
    As for our racing season we are scheduled to kick it off March 9th with the frostbite series.  The 2013 sailing instructions and registration forms are being finalized and will be placed on the website soon.  --- Bart Maupin, Racing Fleet Captain


Bishop Kevin Allen correctly identified last week's picture which was taken in Akureyri, Iceland. Jim Gibson and Mark Harding were close, both noting that the vessel is like the many whale watching boats that are based in nearby Husavík.
    This week we're in a different European country, here the water is a bit shallow for whales. If you know the location of this iconic building, send your answer to

Jib Sheet Editor this week is Joe Coons.
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